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One of the highlights of the 2012 Market America World Conference was Marc Ashley’s exciting announcement regarding our new partnership with Alice’s click and drag shopping interface makes shopping online for grocery items easy and fun – and the best part is over 4,000 items from are available for AutoShip through the home shopping list! Don’t waste time and money waiting in line at the grocery store – let do it for you! is live right now – offering more products and more convenience than ever before! From toilet paper to toothpaste, your customers will never have to wait in line for household items again! Offering instant Cashback and more IBV, delivers all your favorite brands, direct to your door!

With, you’ll save time and money, PLUS you get free shipping on orders over $40. Our customers have been raving about! Have a look at some of the customer reviews, and leave us a comment and tell us what you think about one of our newest partner stores,


Average customer rating for 

 “like an online Costco but no annual fee!” Date: 2/7/12

“SIMPLY AMAZING!!!!!!” Date: 2/6/12

“Great site. Virtually all your grocery items in one spot. No need to buy in bulk, free shipping, shop from home and you can earn cash back!!! Getting paid to buy the things your already’s really a no brainer. ” Date: 2/6/12

“Awesome site to do my shopping!” Date: 2/6/12

“Amazing! So much stuff I’m already buying at the supermarket that now I can have delivered right to my door. This makes things so much easier. ” Date: 2/5/12

“Awesome selection of products! I will never go back to the other guys!” Date: 2/5/12

“Love the product selection and free shipping!” Date: 2/5/12

“Great store, now I do not have to go to the Grocery store any more. Thank you ALICE.COM” Date: 2/5/12

“We shopped @ a few times. Best Service & Fast Shipping. Unbelievable! we can get cash back when we shop @ next time. That’s Awesome. We love it.” Date: 2/4/12

“Wow cannot beat this.” Date: 2/4/12

“Yay! Get groceries, paper goods and all kinds of things delivered from one store in one cart! Love this!” Date: 2/4/12

“This is so convenient everything you could need is now on command.” Date: 2/3/12

“Woooo love the convenience, variety, and FREE shipping for orders >$40!” Date: 2/3/12

“I have never enjoyed going to the store, parking, pushing a cart around, and loading the trunk while keeping watchful eye. This is a fantastic solution! THANK YOU!” Date: 2/3/12

“excellent prices, environmentally friendly products I normally buy. I love the cashback feature and the free shipping!” Date: 2/3/12

“Very convenient!” Date: 2/3/12

“We’ve shopped at in the past and will do most of our shopping here in the future. Shipping is free and arrives here in New York in just 3 days. The Cash Back and AutoShip is an amazing addition to an already awesome way to shop for everyday items. Thank you for joining the family :)” Date: 2/2/12

“Awesome!!!” Date: 2/2/12

“Wow!!!!! Let the shopping begin. Its time to take online shopping to a new level. We welcome with open arms. ” Date: 2/2/12

“ has an amazing array of everything you need for your home! And they have a great free shipping program! ” Date: 2/2/12

*The persons sharing their opinions are Market America Independent Distributors and receive a financial benefit from the sale of products through  

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3 thoughts on “ is a Hit!

  1. Like a dream came through! I live in Ny and hate taking train and carrying bags, too much work! My friend is a single, busy mom, she can do her home shopping while wacthing the child!

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  3. I use this to help out my parents by shopping for them even when I am in another state. Great way for me to know they don’t run out of key products and food

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