Get Social During the Morning Session of MAIC 2013 Day 3

Welcome to the final full day of MAIC 2013! If you made it to Greensboro this year, we’re sure you can agree – this has been the most powerful convention so far! The momentum in the coliseum steadily increased as recording artist and new father, Duane McLaughlin, opened the day with an emotional and energetic live performance, bringing the entire room to their feet. Read More

Market America Welcomes a New Addition to the Family: DNA Miracles!

Not a dry eye could be found in the Greensboro Coliseum as beaming couple Duane and Amber McLaughlin took the stage to celebrate their new life as parents. So dedicated to their new roles, they broke into one of the largest marketable industries and created Market America’s newest addition: DNA Miracles™. DNA Miracles is an all-natural, non-toxic health and wellness infant care line. Read More

Simplification is the Key During Morning Session of MAIC Day 1

Welcome to the first day of International Convention 2013! Greensboro Coliseum might lose a roof by the end of the weekend if the energy stays this high! Loren Ridinger warmly welcomed a nearly full venue with a testament to Market America’s success and encouragement for the weekend and the journey to follow. Read More

Financial Feature: Retirement Becoming the Unattainable Goal

Trivia time: define the ‘American Dream.’ In a past life, the right answer would be something along the lines of the privilege of combining hard work and perseverance to create a life for yourself, a family, and assets for next generations, earning you the chance to spend your final years in complete leisure. Today, the American Dream is defined simply: a dream. Read More

Product Spotlight: Our Favorite TLS® Nutrition Shakes

Is your biggest obstacle in weight loss battling cravings and cracking under pressure? Getting fit and losing weight is hard work, but it isn’t all boring and glum! What’s the point of being in good health if you can’t enjoy it? With TLS® Nutrition Shakes, you can create delectable creations for meal substitutes and savory snacks. Read on to see the social media team’s five favorite recipes: Read More

La La Takes Over the International Beauty Show

As the premiere trade show for the beauty industry, the International Beauty Show showcases the biggest, best, and most influential brands available to fashionistas and beauty queens world wide. No surprise at all that our very own Motives Cosmetics and La La Anthony stole the show at this year’s event April 14-16! Read More

Five Apps for Students

Few things do we appreciate more than when people chase their dreams and accomplish their goals. For some of you, that may mean getting a degree in a specific area or continuing your education. Education is both rewarding and challenging, but the challenging aspect should mold you into a better person, not hinder your progress. Whether you just registered for next semester, are preparing for summer courses, or your children just received their acceptance letters, here are our best recommended apps for students to make life easier! Read More

Go Green with Products for Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! Though April 22nd has become a celebration of Mother Earth, you should be paying extra attention to the Earth every day! You live on Earth. Your food comes from Earth. Everything you touch, use, and need, from your phone to your tennis shoes, comes from a natural resources. The air you breathe is provided by the plants that grow from the Earth. It’s the only planet we get! Read More