#MAWC2016 In The News

The 2016 Market America World Conference was a magical conjunction of People Power and Star Power – with entrepreneurs from around the globe coming together to learn more about the UnFranchise Business while also seeing some amazing leaders like Daymond John, Fat Joe, and La La Anthony share their insights on success. Read More

MAWC 2016: Recapping a Powerful Event!

Fresh off the heels of the 2016 Market America World Conference, social media and UFOs everywhere are still buzzing with excitement about last weekend! MAWC 2016 was without a doubt one of the most uplifting and powerful conferences to date. With so much going on recently, it was incredible to witness over 20,000 UnFranchise Owners come together for their passion and beliefs. It was truly a magical weekend! We spent an incredible couple of days last week sharing new products, SHOP.COM enhancements, UnFranchise updates, and all things Shopping Annuity! If you didn’t have time to read our daily recap blog posts, or if you were unable to join us for the event, here’s a brief overview of what went on over the 3-day, life-changing event! Read More

Motives Get-The-Look Mardi Gras

Each year thousands prepare for what is known to be one of the world’s most festive events! That’s right, we’re talking Mardi Gras, also known as Fat Tuesday and Carnival in some parts of the world. Famous for over the top street celebrations, Mari Gras is a colorful time filled with elaborate costumes and masks dancing in parades and down crowded streets. And to get you Mardi Gras ready, we’ve got exactly what you need to Get-The-Look! Read on to get your Mardi gras look on.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 3.32.17 PM Read More

MAWC 2016 Stage Presentations Playlist

We can still feel the intensity and excitement from MAWC 2016 in Miami, Florida this past weekend. We are so thankful that 20,000+ UnFranchise Owners joined us for powerful weekend of innovative new products, business building tips, SHOP.COM enhancements and all things Shopping Annuity! One thing is certain, this past weekend was packed full of informative, inspirational, and uplifting presentations. We know how valuable these presentations can be for your business so if you missed out on the excitement for one reason or another, we’ve got covered. Check out the full playlist of the stage presentations from MAWC 2016: Read More

Social Media Monday: #MAWC2016 Trending on Social Media

The happenings of the 2016 Market America World Conference weren’t just heard inside of the American Airlines Arena or in the city of Miami, Florida for that matter. No. This event was heard all around the world! The 20,000+ entrepreneurs that packed the arena from wall to wall took over social media with the trending event hashtag, #MAWC2016. Market America executives and filed leaders continue to stress the power of social media, and there is no doubt that our UnFranchise Owners are listening! Not only was the hashtag trending on both Instagram and Twitter, but it was a fully viral hashtag, shouting the power of the Shopping Annuity across all social media outlets worldwide! Read More

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! With the New Year comes a fresh start and a chance to begin again. Make this most of this opportunity to take a step back on reflect where you are in life. What do you want to accomplish this year for yourself and your business? What are your goals for the coming year? How will you apply what you learned at World Conference to help make it happen? Read More

Thank You For Attending #MAWC2016!

What an incredible week we’ve had together in Miami for #MAWC2016! I must say with every passing event my passion and confidence in the UnFranchise seems to grow beyond the limits of reason. Being here with my UnFranchise family is an unparalleled and energizing experience for me, and one that I hope truly propels your business to new heights in 2016. Read More

Day 3 Afternoon Session of MAWC 2016: Shopping Annuity Technology Advancements and the Power of the UnFranchise System

What an incredible World Conference it has been. Looking back, there were so many favorite moments and powerful learning opportunities. Our 20,000+ entrepreneurs are always wide-eyed and open-eared, eager to learn from field leaders and executives. Here is a recap of what took place during the last afternoon session of MAWC 2016:  Read More

Day 3 Morning Session of MAWC2016: Loren Ridinger, SNAP, DNA Miracles, & The Jerry Siciliano Award


The American Airlines Arena filled with over 20,000 entrepreneurs for the third and final day of what has been one of the most powerful weekends in Market America history! The passion, dedication, and drive of each and every presenter and attendee has shined bright the past three days. Day 3 started off in full momentum and never slowed down! To honor and celebrate the Chinese New Year (Monday), the morning began with a Chinese Lion & Dragon dance performance. Read on to find out about the exciting presentations and announcements from the morning of day 3.   Read More