Celebrate National Chocolate Cake Day with TLS®!

Did you know today is National Chocolate Cake Day? Though some may consider it a day to indulge on unhealthy treats, it certainly doesn’t have to be! Read on for a delicious, low-glycemic recipe for chocolate cupcakes from TLS® Weight Loss Solution! href="http://blog.marketamerica.com/blog/celebrate-national-chocolate-cake-day-with-tls" class="read_more">Read More

SHOP.COM’s Holiday Central is now LIVE

The holiday shopping season is officially upon us! This year, eliminate the hassle of driving to dozens of stores or browsing from hundreds of sites and deals and simplify your shopping by doing it all in one place! We introduce to you, SHOP.COM’s Holiday Central! Find everything you need for a joyful holiday season with the click of a mouse and all in one place. Say no to brick and mortar and hello to click and order with SHOP.COM this year! Read on to check out our ultimate shopping guide.   href="http://blog.marketamerica.com/blog/shop-coms-holiday-central-is-now-live" class="read_more">Read More

Feature Marley Coffee® in Your SHOPBOX and Stack up the BV

Earlier this week, we announced our partnership with Marley Coffee®! We’re so excited to be able to offer our UnFranchise Owners Marley Coffee® in two popular varieties: the vibrant medium blend, Mystic Morning, and the rich and smoky dark roast, Buffalo Soldier.  href="http://blog.marketamerica.com/blog/feature-marley-coffee-in-your-shopbox-and-stack-up-the-bv" class="read_more">Read More

Open Your Door to Delicious This Fall with SHOP Groceries

Fall recipes bring out some of our favorite foods! Bring on the sweet potatoes, pumpkin flavors and casseroles galore! This year, we are extra excited to begin cooking our favorite fall recipes because ordering the key ingredients has never been easier! SHOP Groceries, one of the newest features to SHOP.COM, allows you to browse from hundreds of your favorite organic, ethnic, gluten free foods and bulk items and have them delivered right to your door. Read on to see what we are whipping up this fall with the ingredients we are ordering from SHOP Groceries! href="http://blog.marketamerica.com/blog/open-your-door-to-delicious-this-fall-with-shop-groceries" class="read_more">Read More

Snap into a new season with the Snap™ Pak

The first official day of fall is less than a week away! We are so excited for autumn to begin and cooler weather to arrive. A new season brings a shift in your daily schedule and is always a great opportunity to spend some time organizing and cleaning up your home. What better way to do so than with the environmentally friendly and efficient Snap™ Pak! This all-inclusive cleaning pack replaces numerous household cleaning products and is the compact solution for all of your household cleaning needs. Read on to learn more!  href="http://blog.marketamerica.com/blog/snap-into-a-new-season-with-the-snap-pak" class="read_more">Read More

See What People Are Saying About SHOP.COM Groceries

We’ve been enjoying the new SHOP.COM feature, SHOP Groceries, for just over a month now and we still can’t get enough! With this amazing addition you can purchase bulk items, your favorite organic and ethnic foods, snacks, beverages and more! SHOP Groceries has totally changed that way that we shop by eliminating the hassle of driving to the store, standing in long lines and running out of the items that we buy frequently! The convenient, easy and hassle free answer to our shopping needs is here and it is available right on your SHOP.COM portal! Read on to see what people are saying about SHOP.COM Groceries! href="http://blog.marketamerica.com/blog/see-what-people-are-saying-about-shop-com-groceries" class="read_more">Read More

Did You Know…All About Friction Free 3000™ Engine Treatment

For most of us, our automobiles are a huge part of our lives and an accessory that we rely on greatly. Americans today, on average, keep their cars for seven years. Car and truck maintenance has become an American obsession, creating a need for advanced technology in car care. Maintaining high performance and engine efficiency has become a major concern since this area represents the most costly repairs when a breakdown occurs. This week in our “Did You Know” series, we are going to learn all about protecting and preserving our engines with Friction Free 3000™ Engine Treatment! Read on to learn all you need to know about this must have engine treatment! href="http://blog.marketamerica.com/blog/did-you-knowall-about-friction-free-3000-engine-treatment" class="read_more">Read More

Shopping is Easy with SHOP.COM’s Preferred Partner Stores!

SHOP.COM prides itself on bringing you and your customer’s top name brands, the hottest deals and thousands of partner stores to choose from all while shopping from the luxury of your living room! You can find almost anything that you need through the most comprehensive shopping experience on the web that is SHOP.COM. As we are increasingly seeing, brick and mortar is becoming click and order! Whether you are new to SHOP.COM or a seasoned shopper, we all crave a good deal from the big name brands that we can brag to our friends about! Read on for a list of SHOP.COM’s preferred partner stores, making the process of purchasing your everyday needs that much easier! href="http://blog.marketamerica.com/blog/shopping-is-easy-with-shop-coms-preferred-partner-stores" class="read_more">Read More

April Showers Bring May Flowers

We are in for a rainy (but warmer :) ) month ahead! April always brings the rain that makes spring and summer such beautiful seasons, allowing the flowers to bloom and the green come out of hibernation from the harsh winter. Although it might be wet, April is a beautiful month, as long as you are prepared! Don’t get caught in the storms without the essentials during this rainy month. Read on for a list of rainy day essentials you can find on SHOP.COM! href="http://blog.marketamerica.com/blog/april-showers-bring-may-flowers" class="read_more">Read More

Spring Cleaning with the SNAP™ Pak

Happy first day of spring! If you’re like us, you’re starting to open up the doors and windows of your home, letting the sunshine in, and noticing the layer of winter that needs to be washed away! It’s no secret, everyone feels a little lazier during the colder months and some of the household chores go un-done. We’ll today is the day to put a stop to the dust bunny madness! Kick your spring cleaning into high gear and shine your house into a home with the SNAP™ Cleaning Product Line! Read on to learn why you need this ‘Pak’ of cleaning products in your life: href="http://blog.marketamerica.com/blog/spring-cleaning-with-the-snap-pak" class="read_more">Read More