Announcing the Launch of SHOPBOX on

Hosting a Motives® Online Party is now even easier through our new interactive tool, SHOPBOX®! You can now create your very own SHOPBOX that will allow you to share your favorite products and looks from the “Get the Look” section right on Facebook. It’s like your very own online store where you can host parties, and your friends can shop and check out right through your Facebook page.  Read More

Social Media Monday: Product Spotlight {Infographic}

As a UFO it’s imperative to be knowledgeable about Market America’s product lines and to spread the word and education your preferred customers!  How could you sell to your customers or answer questions without knowing the products inside and out?  Luckily, there is a tool for you to use…right on the Market America and SHOP.COM Pinterest accounts! Use these infographics to educate your customers – or yourself – about the Market America brands.

Let’s take a closer look at probiotics below: Read More

Special Conditions For The #ShoppingAnnuity Win

From toiletries to home decor, tools, groceries and more, we just can’t get enough of the shopping annuity! The possibilities for converting spending into earning are practically endless. Whatever you can not find in our extensive line of Market America branded products you can snag from partner stores through the SHOP.COM portal and earn while you shop. Read More

Product Spotlight: Isotonix Magnesium

The human body is composed of many minerals, one of the most abundant being magnesium.  A busy mineral, magnesium has many duties to fill as a support system to many functions in the human body.  With the innovative Isotonix Delivery System, you’re providing your body the magnesium supplement benefits it needs quickly and effectively. There are many benefits of including Isotonix Magnesium to your daily Isotonix cocktail. Click HERE to see our entire Isotonix product line sold on SHOP.COM. Read More

Stay Hydrated This Summer With PUREH2O™!

It’s no lie that it is hot, hot, HOT outside. If you’re like us, you look for every excuse to be outdoors during the warmer, longer days of summer. Whether your list of activities includes the salt water and the sand, mountain trails and campgrounds or just a backyard barbecue with your neighbors, it’s a scorcher out there! It is important to stay hydrated, especially during the summer months. The secret to doing just that: an ample amount of refreshing drinking water. Read More

TLS Summer Spotlight: TLS Detox Kit

For many people, summer tends to act as a push to become healthier.  Summer is the perfect chance for you take control of your body and health and kick any insecurities to the curb.  The first step is detoxifying your body of impurities and toxins.  Whether you’re considering jump-starting your weight loss goals, or you simply want to detoxify your system, read on to learn about the many benefits of TLS Detox KitRead More

Father’s Day Gift Guide for All Dad Types

Father’s Day is coming up fast (Sunday, June 21st)!  In our society, fathers don’t always share the same DNA as their children, often they are bonded by love.  Celebrate the father in your life this year whether it’s your husband, biological father, step father, or simply a father figure.  Any man that loves and guides a child deserves to be honored this Father’s Day.  At SHOP.COM, we know there’s different Dad types out there. We created a gift guide to help you find the perfect gift to suit the type of man he is.  Read More

National Cat Month

The calendar year is full of meaningful holidays, but a little known fact is it’s also full of quirky and sometimes bizarre holidays.  June is the month of many silly things, but interestingly it’s National Cat Month. If you’re a pet owner, you probably consider them your fur babies.  Years ago there was a stigma placed on being a cat owner- the dreaded crazy cat lady.  Luckily for cats, the stigma has died down and owning cats has actually become popular again. Read More

Getting Creative with Motives Custom Blend Powder

Tonight on you’ve got a great opportunity to learn from an incredibly successful UnFranchise Owner and Motives Trainer – Tiffiny Luong! Join Tiffiny tonight at 9:00pm for a great tutorial with Motives Cosmetics, and learn how to create custom blushes, bronzes, dewy looks, and body shimmer with Motives Custom Blend Powder! Read More

Top 5 Summer Motives Products

Summertime is just around the corner and for makeup lovers that can be a scary challenge.  Finding the perfect coverage to last throughout your all day escapades can be overwhelming.  Who wants to worry about their makeup smudging or melting away in the summer heat- or worse going sans makeup to apply sunscreen?  As always, Motives has just what you need to keep you fresh and radiant throughout the summer.  We’ve highlighted our top 5 summer Motives products to go on the top of your must have list. Read More