Did You Know…All About Prime Astaxanthin Cardio and Visual Vitality Formula

There are many cardiovascular health supplements available on the market and choosing the one that is right for you is a lengthy and tough process. That’s why we are taking the time in this week’s edition of the “Did You Know,” blog series to share with you the health benefits from one of the leading cardiovascular supplements on the market, Prime Astaxanthin Cardio and Visual Vitality Formula. Read on to learn all you need to know about this cardio and visual vitality formula. Read More

Celebrate National Dog Day with PetHealth™

Today is National Dog Day! We love our furry friends here at headquarters like they are a part of our family. You wouldn’t skimp on the health of one of your family members, would you? Well, with the PetHealth™ line, you can promote good health for your pets as well! Read on to learn all about the unique health benefits your pooch can take advantage of with the PetHealth™ pet care product line! Read More

Build Your Shopping Annuity With College Care Packages!

Take it from someone who graduated college just 5 years ago; receiving a care package in the mail, especially within those first few weeks of freshman year, is one of the most amazing things in the world. Being in a new place, with new friends, and still trying to figure out the cafeteria/late night eating spots/food situation can be daunting. So what’s an UnFranchise Owner and parent of a college student to do? Put together a care package that will be the envy of all their friends, while building your Shopping Annuity, of course! Here’s some suggestions for what to include in your brown box, all of which are available on your SHOP.COM Portal. Read More

How to Host a Motives Online Party: Step-By-Step Tutorial

It’s only been a few days since Market America International Convention 2014 but we are still filled with excitement over all the new MotivesCosmetics.com features, especially the Motives Online Parties! We want to make sure that you know all the right steps to take to create your own party, shop with your friends and earn fab free products and discounts. Read on to see a step-by-step tutorial to host your own Motives Online Party: Read More

Day 1 Afternoon Session of MAIC 2014: New Motives Products, Additions to the TLS Line & Jamie Foxx Performance

There’s no doubt about it: the morning session of day 1 at MAIC 2014 was a hard one to top! Even so, the afternoon session was equally exciting and jam-packed with important information. Take a look at the following recap for a rundown of the events that transpired this afternoon. Read More

Fixx™ Solutions Launches New Product at Market America International Convention 2014!

Big news! We are so excited to tell you about a brand new addition to the Fixx™ Solutions family: Fixx Dry Shampoo! Never compromise beauty or sleep again with this amazing product. Read on to find out what we love about this product and its benefits:  Read More

Motives® Launches New Products at Market America International Convention 2014!

Today is the first day of Market America International Convention 2014 and Motives® stole the show with a gorgeous Motives Mavens presentation and new products announcement! Motives Brand Manager Kim Ashley and Motives Creative Consultant Maria Checa took the stage and shared new Motives products with the crowd. Read More

Win Big with PUREH2O at International Convention 2014

How PURE is your water? It is of utmost importance that the quality of not only our drinking water, but the water that we bathe in, is pure, clean and chemical free! That is why we created the PUREH2O™ Water Filtration System. Well, if you are attending the Market America International Convention 2014, August 7th -10th, you have a chance to grab some really great PUREH2O products…FOR FREE! Read on to see how you could win big with PUREH2O at MAIC! Read More

MAIC 2014 Travel Guide

In less than two weeks, over 20,000 UnFranchise owners will be packing up their suitcases, loading up the car or boarding the plane and heading to Greensboro, North Carolina for an exciting weekend of knowledge and business building! We’re already making a list of essentials to bring with us. We don’t want you to leave any of your event must-haves behind! Now is the time to place orders on SHOP.COM to ensure that everything arrives in time for your trip to Greensboro. Here’s our shopping list of MAIC 2014 essentials: Read More