What You May Have Missed: November 15, 2015

November is already flying by! It seems like just a couple of weeks ago we were greeted by 20,000 excited entrepreneurs at International Convention!  Between the holiday season and preparing for World Conference in February, things are hectic at the corporate office. If you’ve been as busy as we have, you may have missed what’s been going on the corporate office. Catch up on all the important Market America | SHOP.COM related events and news you may have missed below. Read More

Get Your Home Ready For Holiday Guests

One of the best parts of the holidays season is joining with family and friends to eat, drink and be merry! And if your home will be hosting any of the year’s festivities then by now your Pinterest boards probably look like they’re on steroids filled with recipes and decor inspo! After all, it’s no secret that hosting can be more overwhelming than merry! And really who can blame you? Entertaining is already not an easy job, then add the pressure of holidays and it’s enough to make any over zealous host go mad! Well pop open a bottle of wine and get comfy with your computer because from food to décor and everything in between, we’ve got just want you need to get your home ready for holiday guests! Read More

Did You Know…Ultimate Aloe

This week’s ‘Did You Know’ series features one of our most popular Market America products, Ultimate Aloe.  With such rave reviews on SHOP.COM, it’s no wonder why Ultimate Aloe is a top 5 customer favorite!  Unlike many other aloe vera products, Ultimate Aloe gel, juice and powder are made from whole-leaf aloe vera, providing more health benefits than products made from just one part of the plant.  Ultimate Aloe dietary supplements also bear the seal of the International Aloe Science Council, giving you confidence in the purity and aloe content of these products. An added benefit of maintaining good health as an UnFranchise Owner is earning Cashback, BV, and feeding your Shopping Annuity when you purchase any of the Market America products.  Read on to learn more about our three remarkable Ultimate Aloe products. Read More

Motives Mavens Product Spotlight

Motives Cosmetics brings you the highest quality beauty products in the market. Along with unbeatable products, Motives collaborates with some of the industry’s most adored online beauty experts we like to call Motives Mavens. Find out which Motives products are taking up the spotlight in our Mavens’ extensive makeup collections. Read More

Social Media Monday: #shoponSHOP for the Holidays

It’s that time of year again! You’ve began your holidays shopping list, you’re currently being inundated with shopping sales and a mini-christmas is being delivered to your door every other day when he mailman arrives. Although holiday shopping can get a little crazy, it is our absolute favorite time of year. We love checking off our own gift list, but what we love even MORE is seeing the deals that our loyal costumers are finding daily on SHOP.COM!  Read More

Combat Time Change With Isotonix

Some of us are still recovering from this past weekend’s excitement, and we’re not talking Halloween festivities either! That’s right, we’re talking time change! Although most of us are benefitting from the extra hour gained once our clocks turned back an hour, it does take time for our bodies to adapt to the change. Fortunately, Isotonix has just what you need to combat time change and keep you going business as usual. Read More

Take a Bite Out of National Chocolate Day!

Only serious chocoholics may realize that today is National Chocolate Day.  While there are many specific chocolate related holidays throughout the year, National Chocolate Day celebrates all forms of chocolate.  Celebrated annually October 28th, the holiday is conveniently celebrated just in time for Halloween.  Market America recognizes the national popularity of chocolate and incorporated the beloved flavor into a few of our nutritious products.  Read on to learn more about our chocolate products. Read More

Hauntingly Healthy Halloween Treats

Every year around this time, many of us run out to buy bag-fulls of Halloween candy for those eager trick-or-treaters. We’ve all been there, answering the door to a group of smiling witches, superheroes and princesses- of course we love being the house on the block with the best Halloween candy!  But what if instead of inducing kids with an intense blood sugar spike and potential dental cavities, we opt for healthier choices that will still give you bragging rights on the block! Read on to see our delicious and fun alternatives to Halloween candy that are hauntingly healthy yet will have your trick-or-treaters returning for more!  Read More

TLS 21-Day Challenge Check In

Many of our UFOs have made the commitment to take on the TLS 21-Day Challenge and we want to check in and give a shout out to those who have completed the challenge! We’ve been tracking your progress and have to admit- you guys are doing AMAZING! For those of you still debating on if you should join the challenge, read on for inspiring photos and great tips to help you get started! Read More

Using Product Information to Help Grow Your Business

This past weekend’s ma University Orientation and Product Symposium was a crucial event for any UnFranchise Owner who’s serious about their success. Arming yourself with the latest product knowledge can have a huge impact on your business, that’s why I’d like to take the time to share an awesome message from Big Al Yentsch, who has put together some great Market America product information for you! SHARE this with your team and help foster success by becoming a Product of the Product! Read More