What You May Have Missed: February 1, 2015

We have one thing on our mind this week: World Conference 2015. In order to prepare ourselves, as well as World Conference attendees, we’ve been putting together guides, packing lists and agendas! If you’ve been so busy this week preparing as well, you might not have had the chance to go over some of this material. Here is some key MAWC information that you may have missed: Read More

Introducing the Shopping Annuity Social Media Sites

The Shopping Annuity is a revolutionary idea that’s taking the world by storm as we empower consumers with the ability to convert spending into earning. It’s an idea whose time has come – that’s why we created it’s very own website, and now I’m proud to announce – it’s very own social media channels as well! Read More

Celebrating the Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

Today we celebrate a truly remarkable individual who broke down social barriers and helped our nation move forward together. Martin Luther King Jr. was far more than a civil rights leader, he was a champion of human rights whose message of equality has reverberated across the globe for decades, inspiring positive change throughout. King represented the very best aspects of humanity, and helped the world realize that we are all so much more than pointless racial and societal classifications. Read More

Internet Retailer Ranks SHOP.COM Social Media #46 on 2015 Top 500

Social media has rapidly grown into one of the leading areas of the digital marketing world. SHOP.COM® and Market America® have proven in the past few years that social media is key to the company’s success, as well as the success of our UnFranchise® Owners. This year, Market America’s corporate social media channels have seen a 73% growth and it is no surprise that Internet Retailer took notice of this success. We are excited to share that SHOP.COM has been ranked #46 among the Social 500 in Internet Retailers’ 2015 Digital Marketing Report. Read More

2014 Market America® Corporate Awards

Last month, everyone had such a great time at the corporate holiday party. The holiday party is always an event to look forward to at the end of each year and 2014 was no different! On top of an exciting night of music, great food, photo booth fun, a surprise money booth and a speech from our COO Marc Ashley, the winners of the annual company awards were announced. More deserving than ever the following employees rose to accept their awards. Read on for the list of the 2014 employee award recipients:  Read More

News Alert: The Shopping Annuity Breakthrough

The Shopping Annuity is becoming a movement and a revolution. The response and momentum has been remarkable and the most powerful happening in Market America since the introduction of the binomial MPCP, NMTSS, UnFranchise System and Thermochrome 5000 in the Mall without Walls. This is equivalent to getting into the business at the beginning again like people like Elizabeth Weber and other pioneers who led the parade and became millionaires in the process.  Read More

What You May Have Missed: January 10th, 2015

Now that the holiday season is winding down, we are hoping that you spent some time catching up on anything you may have missed over the past few weeks! Now is the perfect time to be getting your business in order for 2015 and planning your trip to MAWC2015 next month! In the meantime, if this week got away from you – catch up on all the important Market America | SHOP.COM related events and news you may have missed: Read More

2014 Was The Year of The Shopping Annuity!

There’s no doubt about it: 2014 was the year of the Shopping Annuity for our company and UnFranchise Owners worldwide! We talked about the importance of investing in your Shopping Annuity at major events like International Convention and World Conference, released YouTube videos showing you how to build your Shopping Annuity, launched a Shopping Annuity website, and even launched a #ShoppingAnnuity video contest! And that’s not to mention all the work YOU have been putting into spreading the word about the Shopping Annuity – phew! It’s enough to make your head spin. Lucky for you, today we’re sharing a 2014 roundup of some of our favorite #ShoppingAnnuity resources, videos, posts, and more! Read More

#ShoppingAnnuity Video Contest Update

A few weeks ago, our CEO JR Ridinger announced on his blog that he would be awarding a $1000 cash bonus prize to the individual who submits the BEST video to our #ShoppingAnnuity contest before 12/19, and to the team leader who submits the MOST Shopping Annuity – related content to us via email before 12/19. We received so many videos that picking a winner of the cash bonus prize (plus 5 additional individuals who will win tickets to MAWC 2015) has been excruciating, to say the least!  Read More