Social Media Monday: 5 Simple Steps to Better Instagram Photos

We all know by now that visually appealing photos is what drives the success of Instagram. We’ve all been there, while scrolling through our feed and catching a glimpse of a photo that makes us click on that user’s page. What’s the secret to enticing photos? Well it’s no secret at all actually. Read on to find out how you too can catch your followers’ attention with five simple steps to taking better Instagram photos that will have your feed looking more charming than ever! Read More

Halloween Décor Online Shopping Guide

There’s something about Halloween that gives us a free pass to act like children. For starters, we maintain a permanent sugar high throughout the month of October and sometimes well into November. We Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 4.53.06 PMhave an excuse to go to work in elaborate and sometimes ridiculous costumes. And some of us even take the opportunity to deck out our homes with killer Halloween décor! No pun intended. Everyone loves that scary house on the block that kids tiptoe towards on Halloween night! And now you can join the fun with our shopping guide featuring the best online deals on Halloween Decor that will surely get you bragging rights til Christmas! Read More

Statement Making Beauty Picks for the Fall Season

The air is crisp, pumpkins are out and we’re spotting boots around town! That’s right guys, it’s finally feeling like Fall and we’ve got the intel on the hottest makeup trends you’ll want to try! It’s all about making a statement this season, from bold eyeshadows to fierce lips! Read on to see which Motives Beauty picks will have you looking stylish through the holidays! Read More

Join Forces With Motives and During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

We are happy to share that Market America, Motives Cosmetics and Isotonix are dedicating the entire month of October to helping spread awareness and honor the everyday superheroes who are affected by breast cancer each year. During this month, we have the privilege of joining forces with to help spread awareness of the importance of earlier detection to save lives! Read on to see what you can do to join us in our fight against Breast Cancer! Read More

Social Media Monday: Periscope for Business

It’s no secret that live streaming has become the new trend on social media! With several mobile apps available like Periscope and SnapChat, businesses are now engaging with their followers more organically than ever before. Periscope is a great way to remove the veil and allow your followers to get to know your brand better through the power of social media! Read on to see how you can use live streaming for your business. Read More

Enjoy Free Shipping from SHOP.COM’s Partner Stores

It’s no lie that we like finding a good deal and earning Cashback here at SHOP.COM. But what is sometimes even better than scoring that deal? FREE SHIPPING that is. Each of our partner stores hold a special place in our hearts…but the list of partner stores that offer free shipping might just be our favorites!  Read More

New 2016 MA World Conference Host Hotel

Have you heard the news? MA World Conference has a new Host Hotel! That’s right folks, the Hyatt Regency Miami will be hosting our Market America family for #MAWC2016! A luxury hotel with dramatic city views in the heart of downtown Miami’s financial district, it’s the perfect location to let the city know we mean business! Read More

Lumiére De Vie Spotlight

Since its launch, Lumière de Vie has become the number one selling skincare brand within Market America. In addition to the science and clinical studies behind the ingredients used to create the formulations, the main reason for its success is the amazing skin transformation achieved in a short period of time. Read more to see which super ingredients are producing these dramatic results. Read More

What You May Have Missed September 13, 2015

This week has flown by and somehow we seem ourselves in mid-September! If you’ve been busy like us with post back-to-school and Labor Day madness, then you may have missed some valuable blog posts. As always, we’ve got your back like Jansport! Catch up on all the important Market America | SHOP.COM related events and news of the week! Read More