Our Favorite Motives® Beauty Trunk Show Themes

Motives® Beauty Trunk Shows are like a pop-up store right in your own family room where you can have fun with your friends while trying out the hottest new colors from Motives® cosmetics. They are great ways to introduce the Motives® brand to new customers, while giving a hostess the chance to earn great product. Take a look at some of our hosts and customers favorite beauty trunk shows that you can put together with your team:

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Top 5 TLS® Weight Loss Solutions Products for Beach Season

We are just over 12 weeks away from summer and who doesn’t want to be bathing suit ready? Did your New Year’s resolution of dropping a few pounds fade as your hectic schedule took over? Well it is never too late to jump back on the train to a new you with TLS® Weight Loss Solutions! Staying fit and trim starts with the right diet, proper exercise and a positive attitude! But even the most motivated of people need a little help from time to time in order to reach their weight loss goals. Read on to learn about our top 5 TLS® Weight Loss products for beach season!

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Spring Forward with SHOP.COM’s Home Advisor!

Have you taken the Home Advisor for a spin yet? What better time to visit your virtual home then during spring cleaning! Build your Shopping Annuity with this simple, interactive tool that will help you save time and money while finding eco-friendly products that will enhance your daily life! Read on for everything you need to know about using the Home Advisor. Read More

Press Coverage of the 2014 World Conference

Each morning at MAWC, Andrew Weissman, Executive Director of Field Development, shared social media reminders and announcements with the crowd. Not surprisingly, our group of 20,000 plus entrepreneurs drew some attention in Miami! If you’re encouraging business partners or friends to join you in Greensboro for International Convention in August, give them a glimpse of this incredible press coverage: Read More

Social Media Monday: #MAWC2014 was a hit on social media!

WOW! What an amazing 3 day event it was in Miami! World Conference and the official hashtag, #MAWC2014 went viral! This just proves what Loren Ridinger and Steve Ashley were saying on stage is true!  “Do you guys understand how powerful social media is? We have been given a free tool to use to help us create a million dollar business!”

To show you just how powerful social media can be, we’re spotlighting the hashtag’s success and sharing some of our favorite posts, tweets and photos from celebrities, the executive team, our amazing UnFranchise® owners and social media followers! The numbers don’t lie! Read More

MAWC 2014 Travel Guide

In less than two weeks our social media team will be landing in Miami, Florida; ready to take on World Conference 2014! We’re already making a list of essentials to bring with us. Don’t leave anything behind! Now is the time to place orders on SHOP.COM to ensure that everything arrives in time for your trip to Miami! Here’s our shopping list of MAWC 2014 essentials: Read More

SHOP.COM Saturday: Partner Stores Update

We’ve been super busy this week at SHOP.COM getting ready for Christmas!! Can you believe that the big day is next week? Check out everything that has happened at SHOP.COM over the past week from increased Cashback, hot deals, giveaways and a Holiday Extra Giving Cashback Event! After Christmas, we are going to have even more incredible opportunities for you to save! So, take advantage of the amazing shopping experience available with SHOP.COM and our partner stores as you head into the New Year! Read More