What You May Have Missed: November 22, 2015

It’s officially the week of Thanksgiving and we know you’ve been busy preparing for the holiday and for a much anticipated Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping spree! With all the extra holiday madness,  you may have missed what’s been going on at the corporate office. Catch up on all the important Market America | SHOP.COM related events and news you may have missed below. Read More

Happy Birthday to Loren Ridinger!

We get this opportunity only once a year and we want you to join us in wishing our Senior Executive Vice President Loren Ridinger, a very Happy Birthday!

We are so fortunate to work with such an inspiring, passionate and driven entrepreneur who leads our corporate team and UnFranchise Business Owners to success! Loren has had a busy year and we want to highlight some of our favorite moments! Read on to see what exciting stuff Loren has been up to.

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Social Media Monday: News and Updates

As you’ve discovered by now, social media is forever evolving and updating their algorithms to meet the demands of our fast past lifestyles. Although we appreciate the efforts social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram make to perform at optimal functionality, it can however, be a a lot to keep up with. For your convenience, we’ve rounded up a few updates that you’ll be thrilled to know about! Read More

Get Your Home Ready For Holiday Guests

One of the best parts of the holidays season is joining with family and friends to eat, drink and be merry! And if your home will be hosting any of the year’s festivities then by now your Pinterest boards probably look like they’re on steroids filled with recipes and decor inspo! After all, it’s no secret that hosting can be more overwhelming than merry! And really who can blame you? Entertaining is already not an easy job, then add the pressure of holidays and it’s enough to make any over zealous host go mad! Well pop open a bottle of wine and get comfy with your computer because from food to décor and everything in between, we’ve got just want you need to get your home ready for holiday guests! Read More

Motives Mavens Product Spotlight

Motives Cosmetics brings you the highest quality beauty products in the market. Along with unbeatable products, Motives collaborates with some of the industry’s most adored online beauty experts we like to call Motives Mavens. Find out which Motives products are taking up the spotlight in our Mavens’ extensive makeup collections. Read More

Winter Beauty Must Haves

Winter can be one of the most beautiful times of the year! But the cold weather can bring on some not so pretty side effects like dry skin, chapped lips, pale skin and let’s be real, the “Winter Blues.” Luckily, our winter beauty must haves are just what you need to beat the cold season and keep you looking vibrant and beautiful, sans the blues!

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Combat Time Change With Isotonix

Some of us are still recovering from this past weekend’s excitement, and we’re not talking Halloween festivities either! That’s right, we’re talking time change! Although most of us are benefitting from the extra hour gained once our clocks turned back an hour, it does take time for our bodies to adapt to the change. Fortunately, Isotonix has just what you need to combat time change and keep you going business as usual. Read More

Five Books That Belong On Your Nightstand This Fall

You don’t have to be a book worm to appreciate a good read! Afterall, it’s the perfect weather to snuggle up in front of a crackling fireplace with a blanket and a book! Whether you’re into suspense, romance or self bettering, read on to see the best deals on five books that belong on your nightstand this Fall. Read More

What You May Have Missed: November 1st

Like you, we can hardly believe November is already here! It feels like just yesterday we were all in Greensboro for International Convention! If you’ve been busy and have had November creep up on you, then you may have missed some important blog posts this week. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up a few goodies for you to catch up on! Read on to see what you may have missed this week! Read More