FEATURED: Friction Free™ 3000 Engine Treatment

The latest testimonial comes from the father of one of our Independent Shop Consultants, Aaron Grass, who encouraged his dad to test out our Friction Free™ 3000 Engine Treatment during an East Coast road trip this month. Very impressed, Aaron’s father sent him an email explaining what this product had done to increase his miles per gallon:

 “As you know, before I left your house this morning, I dumped the 8 oz. container of Friction Free 3000 in the crankcase of my 2008 Lexus 350. You may also be aware that this car has 80,000+ miles on it and that it is an automatic 4WD vehicle. For the most part, the average mpg that I get is around 21.1 mpg on a trip – much less around town.  We drove from Berwick, ME to Carlisle, PA today. I am able to check the average mileage with the onboard navigation system. I was anxious to see if the FF 3000 would make a difference in my mileage.

I checked after the first hour and about each hour thereafter. The average mpg increased every time I checked it. When we arrived here in Carlisle this afternoon, the average showed 24.8 mpg. I was impressed. It also seemed to me the engine performed better and ran quieter than usual. I’m happy with the performance I got today.”

If you’re interested in testing out some Friction Free, it’s available HERE along with more incredible products from the AutoWorks™ line.

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