Five Apps for Traveling Smoothly

It’s that time of the year! We made it through the holidays, re-upped on skills and tools at World Conference, and see only amazing developments in the future. How will you reward yourself for your hard work? If you are anything like us, you have the perfect getaway in paradise planned in your head. Now is the time to plan spring and summer vacations, so here are our favorite apps for your perfect trip.

Kayak: So you’re ready to vaca, but completely clueless on where to start. Download this app right this second. Enter your destination and dates, and Kayak finds the most affordable prices and itineraries. Kayak searches through multiple hotels, airline itineraries, and even combines airlines to bring you the most sensible trip. Forget the stress of searching, Kayak does the work for you! This app is available for free in both the Play Store and the App Store.


TripIt: Meet your virtual travel agent. After you book your trip on Kayak, forward all of your travel arrangements – flight, hotels, car rentals, dinner reservations, etc. – and TripIt organizes everything into one itinerary. TripIt also provides maps, weather forecasts, and nearby attractions. No more searching through emails, carrying around dozens of reservations, or trying to remember the time of your business dinner. TripIt has you covered. This app is available for free in both the Play Store and the App Store.


Goby: Goby “fun feed” is the universe’s gift to your social life at home and on your journeys. Goby operates very easily, linking with your Facebook feed, and recommends the best events and hottest spots nearby.  You can add venues to your fun feed so that you never miss an upcoming event or search categories for fun surrounding you so you have plans every day and night! If TripIt were your responsible travel agent, Goby is your fun and spontaneous tour guide! This app is available for free in both the Play Store and the App Store.


AroundMe: So Kayak gets you where you need to be, TripIt makes sure you show up, Goby makes sure you have fun, what else do we need? How about something for those “Oh no!” moments? You know, when you need to find an ATM ASAP or the nearest drug store ten minutes before you jump on the train. As long as you download AroundMe, you’re set! AroundMe breaks local services and businesses into categories so that you can always find the nearest anything! AroundMe will save your day when vacation disaster looms on the horizon. This app is available for free in both the Play Store and the App Store.


Postagram: All this ground breaking technology for your perfect trip making you nostalgic for the good old days of obscurity? Postagram is the best of both worlds, combining traditional photo sharing via mail with the new age technology of Instagram. With Postagam, you can take photos of your journeys or upload photos from Instagram, convert them into post cards, and send them to family and friends from your phone for $0.99. Keep it simple and send home something tangible with the luxury of your smart phone. Watch a sweet video demonstrating it here. This app is available for free in both the Play Store and the App Store.


So, GO! Plan your dream trip and make sure you TELL US all about it! Better yet, SHARE which apps work best for your travels in the comments below!

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6 thoughts on “Five Apps for Traveling Smoothly

  1. Thanks for sharing these apps! I plan on taking a vacation in the next couple of months, but I’m not too sure where I want to go yet. I will start planning soon though and I will make sure to have these apps downloaded and ready to go before then! Some of these will even come in handy for the business trips I take for my job at DISH, so I’m excited to try them out! One of my favorite apps to bring along on any journey I take is DISH Anywhere. I’m a TV junkie so it’s essential for me because it lets me watch all of my shows from home, live or from off my DVR, anywhere I go in the world. It’s fantastic for those boring moments on any trip too, but really I just love the fact I can keep up with my shows no matter where my phone and I go! :)

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