The Global Impact of Using Social Media

Are you still on the fence about using social media to grow your Market America UnFranchise® Business? If so, take a moment and watch this great video which demonstrates  the impact that social media has had on our culture in just the past few years. You’ll be surprised at which users have the highest social media adoption rate — hint: it isn’t who you think!


Already using social media? Leave me a comment on tell me what  social media sites are working best for you as your grow your business.

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Christian Karasiewicz
Internet Marketing and Social Media Manager
Market America, Inc.

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One thought on “The Global Impact of Using Social Media

  1. It is a great tool to reach out people all over the world! I enjoy in facebook and I go in it mostly everyday. After I open my community page in less than 1 month, I already have 69 people to join my page.

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