Guest Post: Tips for Selling Products from Dr. Stan Pierce

This article was posted on behalf of guest blogger Dr. Stan Pierce, nutraMetrix® Director. 

With our clinic selling over $220,000 last year in nutraMetrix® sales, I often get asked “What is your secret?”  Although I don’t see them as secrets, there are vital components to selling nutraMetrix and Market America products.

First, you MUST be thinking of the right person.  A sale of anything is all about meeting the needs of another person.  If you are thinking of how the product sale will give you retail profit, or give you enough BV to push over for another commission check, or how you are trying to unload some extra product, the intent of your sale is wrong. Many customers pick up on this “vibe” and won’t go through with the purchase.  However, if you are genuinely concerned about the health of the other person and of meeting a real need that they have, then you will communicate with such love, passion, and conviction, that they will feel you care for them and be much more likely to try your recommendation.

Ironically, it is this same thought process that drives fear of sales. If you are concerned about what someone may think of you “selling” products, or if you are afraid that maybe they might say “no”, then you are only thinking about how the selling process affects YOU. But if you are truly focused on THEM and saving their health, then you won’t care about what they think of YOU. And if they say “no”, then you will realize they are not rejecting you, but rather your communication of the product.

Secondly, you need to be able to believe in the product. Belief is built through testimonials, either personal testimonials or from someone else you know. You must use the products faithfully so that you can have the conviction to ethically encourage others to do the same. Customers will buy a product because of your belief and excitement about the product well before they buy it because of the science behind it. However, get to as many product trainings as you can so that you competently explain how amazing our Isotonix® line is!

Thirdly, talk simple. The top 10 communicators in the world have a post-college vocabulary understanding but they communicate on a 4th grade level. You don’t have to sound smart and use big words to close a sale.

Lastly, point out the obvious. If someone you know is struggling with an unresolved health dilemma, then they are in need of a change. Remember, if someone continues doing what they have always done then they will have what they have always had. Verbally relate to their frustrations with their lost health, and then encourage them to make a change. Don’t overwhelm them with 10 Isotonix® recommendations. Just start with a few and let them experience the difference.

In summary, use the products yourself, learn how to communicate them with simplicity, point out the need for change, and then care enough about the other person to be bold enough to speak. They need what you have. So, get out there and change some lives!

Now it’s your turn! Tell us: how will YOU use Dr. Stan Pierce’s tips to help build your business? Post your answer in the comments below! 

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2 thoughts on “Guest Post: Tips for Selling Products from Dr. Stan Pierce

  1. Thank you so much and whatever Dr. Stan Pierce said is so TRUE.
    Passion, Sharing, Caring….. will help more people’s health in a good way NOT Selling….. I will continue to follow Dr. Stan Pierce footstep to do this MISSION and change many LIVES..
    God Bless all of us~

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