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Are you experience terrific results with the ma® Cashback program from Internet retailer, Market America? If so, we want to hear your story!

Share your story and experience with! Your stories can help educate and encourage customers to use to do their holiday shopping — while saving them money in the process. Help others get paid to shop — e-mail today. Your stories could be published in the November issue of Powerline!

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9 thoughts on “ma Cashback Testimonials

  1. I recently purchased a Dell laptop batt through the prices were competitive but it got really good when I went to the partner store Abucus 24/7. The price was the same but they pay 27% cash back! I got $18.90 back on a $69.00 battery! I went back and got 6 ink cartridges for $75 after $25 cash back, WOW!

  2. We have redirected our buying habits and we LOVE ma ca$hback! In very little time with our comparison shopping I was able to search for the item I wanted to purchase – “Toshiba Desktop External Hard Drive” – I was so happy to see the item which sold for $129.99 was on sale for $89.00 and Free Shipping (7-14 business days). I placed the order online through our Web Portal on 5-28-2010 at 7:17 a.m. At 10:18 a.m. I received a Thank You email from and at 2:35 p.m. on the same day I received an E-mail that my order had shipped. Not expecting my order for 7-14 business days I was ESTATIC – less than 24 hours later the next day while conducting a New Distributor Training at our home the doorbell rang and United Parcel Service Deliveryman handed me my package from Everyone was so impressed – no more Brick-and-Mortar just Click-and-Order. The best part is that we earn money back on every purchase we make.

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  4. Went to Best Buy (My cell phone is dying and I need to replace it), picked out my replacement phone and the accessories that I need. I then went home, logged into my Market America account and purchased my Phone, my Zagg protective screen, the accessories, a case for my sons IPOD Touch through my web portal, and selected pickup at store. I then went back to the store, grabbed my goodies, took my new phone to the Mobile phone section of Best Buy, they programmed it for me, put on my protective screen and I was good to go! The lady that helped me asked why I did it this way, and I replied because I get cashback on all of these items. She asked what I paid, I showed her, and she will now be a Market America customer – THAT WAS EASY!

  5. I placed a $57.53 order with saving $19.20. I also received free shipping and 2% cash back.
    I compared the price of one of my favorite products, Crest Whitestrips, with competitors Walgreens, Target and Walmart and it was not only the least expensive but had an additional $5.00 off coupon.

  6. I needed to find a sconce for our upstairs hallway. I did a general search on the portal for wall sconces and got over 60,000 items. I sorted by price and got it down to 10,000. I then sorted by vender and chose Target. I found a sconce I liked for $49.99. It happened to be offered at 2 partner stores so it gave me an option to compare. I clicked the compare button and up popped the Target $49.99 sconce and the EXACT same one for $21.27 from a more obscure vendor ( I got my sconce for less than half price and I got my cashback too!! Whoo hoo.

  7. Shopping for my sisters birthday I saved 50% and free shipping at Catherine’s. I purchased several tops totaling $216. and paid $108.00 delivered. It’s the 72 hr sale only found online!!!!

  8. The cash back program is the short cut everyone has always looked for in the 2-3 year plan… I have sponsored more distributors in a week than I ever did in 6 months with MA. This truely is the most powerful business on the planet! Just follow the system and use the tool MA has provided! Pay it Forward!

  9. I had been putting off buying a car battery ,one day I was on my portal looking at the hot deals, Advance Auto was running a special ,spend over $85 and save $35, I ordered my car battery and chose store pick up,by the way instalation is free,the battery cost $71 after discount plus I got 4% cash back.
    My other favorite thing to do is to buy Home Depot egift cards, it gets sent to your email with in an hour and gives 3% cash back, i’ve been using this alot lately for my remolding projects…..

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