Market America Distributor Featured on Cover of Time magazine

For the February 25 issue of Time, Market America Distributor Julie Court was featured on the cover of the popular magazine, which is circulated to more than four million people worldwide. Julie, who is a sixth-grade English teacher in New York City, was photographed for a story entitled “How to Make Better Teachers.”

Check the ma blog again soon for an interview with Julie where she describes what it was like to be on the cover of Time, her thoughts on the problems facing educators today and why she became a Market America Distributor.

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0 thoughts on “Market America Distributor Featured on Cover of Time magazine

  1. I am very interested to read the future interview. I commend all of our teachers for all the hard work they do day in and day out for the future of the world; our children. I do however realize how underpaid they are. I’m guessing an additional stream of income was needed and she chose Market America as the vehicle. Good choice.

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