MAWC 2012: Amazing Media Coverage

This is absolutely spectacular news! We’ve experienced an amazing amount of press coverage for the 2012 Market America World Conference, Motives®, La La Anthony, Eva Longoria, Scottie Pippen, Gloria Estefan and all the other stars who took part in this amazing event. This is a truly exciting time to be a part of Market America and SHOP.COM!

This is your UnFranchise business, and your opportunity. Do you realize how big this is and how difficult it is to generate this much press and excitement?  Do you realize the monetary value of incredible media exposure like this?  This is your future, your deal, your business and your dream. Do you know what to do with this? Businesses dream of receiving exposure like this – have you even gone through them and looked at them? This is your job! This is what a UFO does!

This is about being a recruiter to expand distribution and your vertical reach. How would you use each of these? Which ones influence who? You must ask yourself: how can I use each of these to create a conversation on social media to stimulate interest in the UnFranchise business? How can you creatively use these to open eyes, benefit readers, get opinions, engage your audience, stimulate discussion, and brand yourself or MA and  Go through these and use them, even if it is just a few per day! You’d be amazed at the impact sharing these can have for you and your business!

Use them in person when speaking with people, in selective emails, email campaigns, your DRS, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and Ma®Network! This is a virtual content GOLDMINE! I would love to hear from you and how to use these!  Leave me a comment – and share your stories and results!


The following is a list of news, Internet and media hits for the 2012 Market America World Conference. This represents media hits for the period of February 2 through February 9, 2012.

 February 2, 2012


CBS 4 – Miami

Reality Star Lala Anthony Launches New Cosmetics Line





Kim Kardashian (@KimKardashian)

Supporting my beastie @lala at the Market America convention! Her & @LorenRidinger killed it on stage! So proud!

LaLa Anthony (@lala)

An amazing day! RT @iristian11: At the American Airlines Arena 4the new Motives for LaLa makeup line launch!

LaLa Anthony (@lala)

On stage at the @marketamerica convention launching MOTIVES FOR LA LA!Get urs at …

Kim Kardashian (@KimKardashian)

Now back at the Market America convention with @lorenridinger & @JRRidinger…. @ScottiePippen is on the stage! So motivational!

Jonathan Cheban  (@jonathancheban)

On way to AA arena to support my friends @lorenridinger and @jrridinger at the Market America convention! So Motivating and Inspiring!!

Latina Mag Promos

La La Anthony’s “Motives” and 5 Other Afro-Latina Beauty Products We Love!…

LaLa Anthony (@lala) RT @motives: @lorenridinger @lala talking #Motives #motivesforlala at #MAWC2012 breakout:

Larsa Pippen

Watching @scottiepippen rock the house @marketamerica’s world conference!

Larsa Pippen

RT @LorenRidinger: Its almost time!! Be financially free w @marketamerica let’s go Miami! Let’s show them how we do this!!!! #MAWC2012

Kim Kardashian (@KimKardashian)

Up early getting ready to support my girls at the Market America convention! So proud of all my hard working friends! #IndependentWomen

Eva Longoria

Me!!! RT @LorenRidinger: Who’s on their way to Miami for #MAWC2012? Lets rock the house!!!
LaLa Anthony (@lala)

This launch today has been amazing! People are loving the makeup line! Make sure u check it out at RT



Kim Kardashian backstage

Jonathan Cheban, Kim Kardashian, and Larsa Pippen

Eager MA conference attendees waiting outside the American Airlines Arena before the doors open.

An exuberant crowd can’t wait to get MAWC2012 started!

Duane McLaughlin, Amber Ridinger, LaLa Anthony, and Loren Ridinger

Singer and Conquer artist Mia Boostrom performs the Star-Spangled Banner

LaLa Anthony and the Motives for LaLa team

Scottie Pippen, basketball Hall of Famer, talks about how he uses Prime™ Joint Support Formula by Isotonix®

Loren Ridinger with Fat Joe, rapper and CEO of Terror Squad Entertainment

Loren Ridinger with LaLa Anthony at the Motives booth


February 3, 2012

 Major Publications




LaLa Anthony (@lala)

LADIES…Are U feeling naughty or nice? I’ve got a mineral lipstick for both from my MOTIVES for La La collection.
Gloria Estefan (@gloriaestefan)

Gloria welcomes the #MAWC2012 team to Miami w/a very special surprise.Thank u @lorenridinger & @jrridinger(G’s peeps)

Khloe Kardashian (@khloekardashian)

@lorenridinger @lala @kimkardashian @jonathancheban @angiemartinez @larsapippen @JOEYCRACKTS #mawc2012 I hate you all right now! So Jelly!!

LaLa Anthony (@lala)

RT: @lorenridinger: Watching the fabulous clip @lala #motivesforlala on CBS wow so great!!

LaLa Anthony (@lala)

Yesterday’s makeup launch was amazing!! Check out the line at Let me know what u think! RT

Heather Houle

RT @lorenridinger: OMG @marcashley1 is trending on twitter!! #MAWC2012 @MarketAmerica that’s how we do:)Awesome!



JR Ridinger and Dennis Franks in Blues Brothers regalia to convey how Conquer Entertainment helps artists achieve their dreams

President and CEO JR Ridinger makes an explosive entrance

COO Marc Ashley discusses phase 2 of the SHOP.COM integration

President and CEO JR Ridinger primes the pump and the audience to build their business

Gloria and Emilio Estefan with Loren and JR Ridinger backstage

Gloria Estefan surprises us onstage, debuting her new “Hotel Nacional” music video


February 4, 2012

Major Publications




Jennifer Lopez

@lorenridinger have a great day baby! Do ur thing!!

Eva Longoria (@EvaLongoria)

#MAWC2012 Are you an OPC-3 devotee yet? Why not?

Eva Longoria (@EvaLongoria)

On my way to the Market America conference! Just landed in Miami! I’m so excited to see everyone! Who’s there?! #MAWC2012

LA LA Anthony (@lala)

What a great day! RT @lorenridinger: Me and @lala checking out the @motives booth at #MAWC2012 @marketamerica



JR Ridinger closing MAWC2012 on an inspirational and motivational note

La La Anthony and Loren Ridinger strike a pose at the Motives booth

Loren Ridinger & Steve Ashley discussing the power of social shopping

Team Market America members backstage ready to tackle and score a victory against Team Amazon!

February 5 – 9, 2012

 Major Publications

  • Glamour Magazine – Girls in the Beauty Department


CNN – Lala Anthony Launches New Cosmetics Line


Viral In-house Video Clips

  • Gloria Estefan on stage at MAWC2012

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