MAWC2012 Update: Cutting-Edge Advancements for a Social Shopping Revolution

The crowd went wild when Marc Ashley took center stage to show off the many cutting-edge advancements for Market America and SHOP.COM in 2012. These new tools and benefits will help you get bigger, better and faster – ultimately paving the way to your financial freedom!


Advancement: Alice.Com is live right now – offering home shopping with more products and more convenience than ever before! With 8,000 different grocery products, your customers will never have to leave the house. Offering instant Cashback and more IBV, delivers all your favorite brands, direct to your door!


Advancement: Enhanced OneCart Program

The new enhancements to the OneCart program are just the beginning of a OneCart experience that will blow your mind! Now, with less affiliates and more direct brands, like Finish Line, Crocs, Ulta, Dell and Boaters World – just to name a few! OneCart offers your favorite products with a simple click of a mouse!

What does this mean for you?

Instant Cashback, higher Cashback and more IBV!


Advancement: We now buy direct from suppliers!

Offering the lowest prices and higher Cashback, buying direct from the supplier means thousands of electronics, thousands of office supplies and thousands of home consumables for you and your customers! With brands like Sony, Toshiba, Vizio, Cannon and JVC, finding the brand you want is really that simple!


Advancement: Cleaner navigation on SHOP.COM!

Online, we are now SHOP.COM, powered by Market America! The front page of SHOP.COM now features the ma Brands – front and center. Navigation has been simplified and means an easier, more user-friendly experience with all filtering moved to the left hand side of the screen. Live and ready, check out the improved SHOP.COM today!


The advancements for 2012 are phenomenal – with additional innovations such as Express Checkout, offering your customers a quick and easy shopping solution; a Free Shipping Program (that isn’t simply a marketing ploy), bringing free shipping to Market America product orders over $100; and an upcoming redesign to our suite of websites –, SHOP.COM and – all in the works! With more intuitive tools and a lowered learning curve for new members, the redesigns are tools to help you create your own social shopping revolution!


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