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We’re having so much fun with MeetON and we hope that you are, too! Did you see our post a few weeks ago with steps to set up your very own MeetON account? MeetON is the future of social streaming- a unique outlet where you can interact with people all over the globe in a fun environment!

If you’re navigating MeetON for the first time, it can be daunting to sift through all of the channels. Here are our picks for which channels to keep an eye on for important and helpful information from the corporate team:

SHOP.COM Marketplace
Check in often with the SHOP.COM Marketplace channel as they bring you exclusive information about the biggest savings and hottest deals on the web!


Health and Nutrition
The Health and Nutrition team updates regularly with great videos and live sessions with important information about creating and sustaining optimal health.


Watch the Beauty channel for great tutorials from the Motives® girls as well as helpful training videos.



TLS Weight Loss Solution
The Spring Find Your Fit Challenge is in full swing and the TLS Weight Loss Solution channel is a great place to get information about TLS products as well as tips for living a healthier lifestyle.


Don’t miss the latest recurring feature on the nutraMetrix channel: Wellness Wednesdays.



MA Social Media
Of course we have to give our social media team a shot out! Watch our channel for tips on making social media work for you and your business.




Which MeetON channels do you visit on a regular basis? Comment with your suggestions to new viewers!


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4 thoughts on “MeetON Channels to Watch

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  2. On several occasions, my partners hav identified that not all of the MeetOn videos provide a clear view. A lot of distortion – but it seems that the audio is okay. Please check or review the video before it is published to our partners.

  3. Where are the Meeton channels? I’m logged in over there. I see categories but I don’t see channels. The only way I know how to get to them is this email update.

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