Millionaires in the Making

I sat down with some of Market America’s up-and-coming success stories to demonstrate that you don’t have to be a seasoned veteran in the business world before you begin your path toward financial freedom. In fact, these young entrepreneurs took advantage of their youthful enthusiasm and have created an ongoing income that — based on their current rate of progression — will help them reach the million-dollar mark before they hit the age of 30!

Look for several of these exclusive interviews posted on maBlog in the coming weeks, and make sure to read about the ones featured in the upcoming August/September edition of Powerline.

Name: Heather Philo
Age: 30
Location: Portsmouth, NH
Pin Level: Master Coordinator
How long you’ve been with ma: 6 years

PL: You are being featured because most individuals at this stage in their lives are not thinking about going into business for themselves. Why did you decide to become involved with ma?

HP: As a child, both of my parents always ran their own traditional businesses. My brother and I realized the significance of writing our own checks and controlling the value of our time. However, when I finished school at such a young age, there was a lot of risk associated with being a business owner. But I knew I would never begin my career as a top executive in the corporate world. Therefore, I began from the bottom, building my resume and engaging in interview after interview. I did land an outside sales job and thought I was going to build my way to the top. I quickly realized the writing was on the wall and my job was never going to get me ahead of the game. Within six months of answering to a boss, commuting long distances sunrise to sunset in a dog-eat-dog environment, I was sure I needed to find something else. My mother, Bonnie Philo, had already begun pioneering ma and had matched her previous business income within the first two years. At the same time, my father, Scott Philo, partnered with her and also matched his income with his insurance business. They proved to me that ma was both viable and profitable.

PL: Did you have any concerns or apprehensions when you were considering this opportunity? If so, please explain.

HP: I didn’t have any concerns or apprehensions because of the overwhelming success stories I was witness to and the accomplishments of my own parents as Executive Directors and members of the Million Dollar Club. Plus, I began building my UnFranchise Business part time while continuing to work my full-time job. There was no risk, I just needed to take a leap of faith and take responsibility for my own success!

PL: How does it feel to know that you are on your way to earning $1 million through Market America?

HP: Over the past five years, I have never looked back. Market America has become my professional, ongoing, leveraged income stream. With the help of many mentors, including my own parents, Elizabeth Weber, as well as JR, Loren and the Corporate Team, I am on my way to financial freedom. There is no feeling like it, to also offer others an option – a plan B, a way to secure their financial independence. There is now a level playing field for all, regardless of background, age or wealth. Both the products and the personal growth have changed my life for the better. To truly have control of my time and have no one put a price tag on what I am worth is priceless!

PL: If you weren’t an UnFranchise Owner with Market America, what would you probably be doing?

HP: If I had not built my ma business, I would have probably started my own business traditionally and become a slave, working 80 hours per week tied to a huge mortgage. On the horizon, I will be getting married and looking forward to starting a family. I will now be able to spend quality and quantity time with those who I love, where I want, doing what I want. This business has truly been a blessing!!!

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0 thoughts on “Millionaires in the Making

  1. This is a wonderful story, however, for those distributors who were not mentored by parents who were field vice presidents or Elizabeth Weber or who didn’t come from an outside sales career, we need success stories of ordinary people who made it. Let’s hear more about those who made is with very ordinary circumstances. Thank you.

  2. Anonymous,

    I did not have Market America parents as mentors and my wife and I were just featured in the same exact blog last week. Maybe you should read the blog more before jumping to conclusions. Great Blog!!

    Ron Hill
    York, PA

  3. Anonymous,

    I did not have Market America parents as mentors and my wife and I were just featured in the same exact blog last week. Maybe you should read the blog more before jumping to conclusions. Great Blog!!

    Ron Hill
    York, PA

  4. Dear Anonymous:
    Thank you for the wonderful feedback…you make an interesting point. The Market America family is full of stories just like what you described — average people who found great success by implementing our proven business system.
    However, this particular series — as I stated in the introduction — has a common theme. I wanted to stress the fact that you don’t have to be a certain age to take control of your own future.
    If you would like more of a variety of success stories to read from, we have an entire site dedicated to it. Please visit for more testimonials.

  5. Great profile – and great job, Heather! I can’t agree with Anonymous’ concerns, because it’s obvious that Bonnie and Scott allowed Heather to determine her own direction. She tried the corporate avenue and found out first hand that it would not get her where she wanted to be in life. Her parents and Elizabeth are extremely successful, but they have no advantage over any other UnFranchise owner – they follow the exact same Basic Five that we are all taught. If you just make the decision to be focused, consistent and educated in this business, that is how you gain your advantage. I’m sure we’ll find that to be true through more of these great profiles.

    Chris Black
    Quincy, MA

  6. Hi all. I am the proud mom of Heather Philo, who was just featured in “Millionaires in the Making” on the MA Blog. You could certainly understand, I’m sure, how proud Scott and I are. You can also go to to read the stories of so many other young couples, such as David and Stacey Whited, Trinity and Cullen Haskins, Julie Scholl, Shannon Goodberry, Nicole and Jeff Parmley, to name just a few. Each story is inspiring and a success story onto itself. Hope this helps. Have a wonderful day.

    Bonnie Philo

  7. Hi Anonymous, I agree in part with you. I, too feel that when you’re surrounded with successful people it kind of rubs off on you and not all of us are as lucky to have the likes of Elizabeth Weber and other high profile people around us. My husband and I are surrounded by a bunch of dead heads above us and below us and it gets a little frustrating at times. At any rate, we’ll keep plugging away at this thing for a little longer.

  8. I would rather add that I think it is great that they highlighted Heather because I think there are MANY parents out there that are Unfranchise Owners no matter how successful they are. I could even bet further that they are FRUSTRATED simply because their ADULT children will NOT listen simply because their parents are in this business. This will give them hope. At one time I was one of those but now it is great because we do it together, my husband and I, my parents who brought us into the business and his parents. We are grooming our 14 year old and she was at International and LOVED it. She can hardly wait to turn 18 so she can start in this business…….. and why is when someone has to say something negative they have to remain anonymous…..

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