nutraMetrix Business exploding!

Market America is so excited about the growth potential of its nutraMetrix Division, which markets exclusively to health professionals. Distributors everywhere are seeing tremendous growth through selecting nutraMetrix as their major in the Market America University.

It all starts with a 3-day Corporate Nutraceutical Consultant Training, and inviting health professionals to a high-caliber continuing education course. As we learned from the stage presentations and breakouts at the Leadership Convention, our businesses are exploding through the health professional market. And the best is yet to come, as we work as teams of Nutraceutical Consultants across America to build. Check out the nutraMetrix Division at!

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0 thoughts on “nutraMetrix Business exploding!

  1. Leadership was incredible and the NutraMetrix Presentations were one of the highlights of the event. The corperate leadership of the NutraMetrix division continues to provide first class support for all the NC’s. The NutraMetrix opportunity has absolutely changed my business for the better. Keep up the great work!

  2. i love this program so much, too. but i have no much knowlodge for this. don’t know where to find the professionals. The renovation is amazing awsome!!!!

  3. The nutraMetrix Division has evolved so much over the past year. I literally can’t sleep at night when I think about where we are going.

    If it has been a while since you have been to NC training, I highly suggest that you attend another one in the near future. The trainings have completely changed over the past 12 months and they keep getting better and better.

    Don’t forget, if you really want your nutraMetrix Business to take you to the top… the corporate team has just added a nutraMetrix Moving Up Seminar in September. Book your tickets early. It is sure sell out quickly.

    I can’t wait until you see the wonderful tools that the nutraMetrix Team has been working on for you over the last several months. You will be so impressed by all the new marketing materials, presentations and sales aides! These items are definitely going to help you grow your business. The developments announced at Leadership School were just the beginning…

  4. Amy-

    The nutraMetrix Moving Up seminar was announced at Leadership School during the nutraMetrix presentation on Thursday morning and then again during the “Doctor’s Panel” presentation on Saturday. They had flyers available about the moving up seminar at the “Moving Up” booth.

    Don’t worry if you missed it… you can get more information by sending an email to with Moving Up Seminar in the subject line or by calling the corporate office.

    The seminar will be on September 27-28, 2008 in Miami.

    Brandi :)

  5. I was on the fence, deciding if I should take the next step this year and major in Nutrametrix, but after hearing the presentation at Leadership and talking about the expected growth this year in this field alone . . . I can’t wait to get started!

    Jennie Fuentes
    St. Louis, MO

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