Product Spotlight: nutraMetrix™ Female Support Formula

Happy Friday and welcome to the newest weekly Product Spotlight! nutraMetrix™ allows health professionals of various backgrounds to better serve their clients and patients while also working toward financial freedom. Donna Ivery, a gynecologist and working mother in Titusville, Florida who has been practicing for 20 years, tells of her success better helping her female clientele achieve a better quality of life.

Donna’s experience as a health professional serves as an example of how you can leverage the ma® products to meet your customers where they are – as everyday people with normal health struggles to which YOU have the solution! See how Donna uses nutraMetrix™ Female Support Formula to keep her clients and their families happy.

MA: Who do you sell nutraMetrix™ Female Support Formula to?

DI: I am a gynecologist.  I sell Female Support to my female perimenopausal and PMS patients.  The clients are my patients, generally between the ages of 35-55, coming in for a visit with menopausal and PMS symptoms.*

MA: What aspects about Female Support Formula attract the most customers? What is the hook, line, and sinker that makes people fall in LOVE with Female Support Formula?

DI: The formula is not a hormone.  I offer it as an herbal formula to help with mild menopausal and PMS symptoms.* I tell my patients to try it for one month and if it does not help, we go to the next step in their treatment.

MA: Are there any times that provide more opportunity to sell Female Support Formula?

DI: Not really. I will start some monthly public speaking events and offer it, but it sells itself well.

MA: Are there any specific environments that produce the best sales? Do you use social media to sell nutraMetrix™?

DI: I am fortunate enough to have clients come to me with a need for the formula, but I anticipate setting up my salon and adjacent salons with a retail area featuring the Female Support and the OPC-3® Beauty Blend formula.  The combination of the two give women female health support, added B vitamins, added vitamin D, biotin and hyaluronic acid (for hair, skin and nails) in addition to the antioxidant and mood support.*

MA: Did you go World Conference in Miami? Have you ever gone to the conventions or conferences? What do you learn from them?

DI: I haven’t gone to any conventions yet, will start this month.  My priority in the next 2 weeks is to add at least 2 Independent Distributors so I can get activated!!!

MA: Finally, why do you love nutraMetrix™ Female Support Formula?!

DI: I personally use it.**  The non-hormonal formulation that helps stabilize mood and reduce hot flashes can’t be beat.  My sister is also perimenopausal and she is a different  person on it.  I think there are two main aspects to this product: it is non-hormonal and it works quickly, effectively with minimal side effects.*  I have several patients whose HUSBANDS call to make sure that no pills are missed!!

Are you a health professional selling nutraMetrix™? Is your success similar to Donna’s? What other questions might you have about nutraMetrix™ Female Support Formula?


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product(s) is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

**The persons sharing their stories are Independent Distributors of Market America products.

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