ShopBox Now Available for your personal Facebook Profile

shopBoxlogoAs announced last week at the 19th Annual Market America International Convention, the social shopping revolution has begun and Market America placing itself at the forefront of this movement. We are excited to announce the launch of ShopBox, a new way to combine social networking and shopping at the click of a button. ShopBox has already appeared on thousands of Facebook news feeds exposing Market America and its amazing products to hundreds of thousands of people.

There have been many questions with regards to functionality on Facebook and if this new technology would work on Facebook Profiles, pages or both. Currently ShopBox will only work with your personal Facebook Profile pages. Our development team is team is currently working on a solution to extend this functionality to Fan/Business Pages at a later date.

Also, since the program was created with Flash, there have been some issues ShopBox working properly on mobile devices that run on Flash, including the iPhone or iPad. We apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused and are working toward trying to make this available to all mobile devices in the future.

Please follow the MA Blog as well as the Market America Facebook and Twitter pages for future announcements and updates on this exciting new technology.

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19 thoughts on “ShopBox Now Available for your personal Facebook Profile

  1. Thanks JR,Loren and marketamerica corporate team for giving us this great tool! I love it! I’ve already set it up and published those ten great products that I love so much on my facebook.

  2. 2011 World Conference in Greensboro was great! Along with, ShopBox, the social media revolution inclusion in ma’s bag of tricks is BIG. Thanks to the Corporate Team, you rock! -Haley-

    • Hi Elsie! At the moment, you can get ShopBox through ma Network on Facebook. Just log onto Facebook and access the maNetwork app. You can browse products and add them to your ShopBox by clicking the “ShopBox” button beneath them. I hope that helps!

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