Social Media Monday: Following People on Facebook

If you use Facebook, you know what it means to send and accept a Friend request. But do you know what it means to follow someone on Facebook? If you’re unfamiliar with this term and want to know more, read on! 

Is following someone on Facebook the same as friending them?
Following someone on Facebook is not the same as being friends with them. Why? Well to start, you don’t have to send them a request to follow them; once you click “follow”, all of their public updates will start showing up in your news feed. While they may choose to follow you back, doing so is not required in order for you to follow them.

What are public updates?
These are photos, statuses, and any other content you to post to your timeline so that everyone (i.e. the public, which includes people you are not friends with) can see it.This includes your Facebook followers. Keep reading to learn how to post a public update!

Why would I want people I am not friends with to follow me and vice versa?
To connect with more people, sell more products, and increase your chances of being contacted by potential prospects, of course! If you choose to post public updates and allow people to subscribe to you, you must be selective about what you post. I wouldn’t suggest posting anything too personal, i.e. personal information (duh), photos from your family reunion, or info about your kid losing his first tooth. Instead, keep your public posts strictly business-related. For example, photos of your favorite Market America products, an inspiring quote that motivates you to build your business, or a photo of you holding your extra tickets to the 2013 International Convention. This makes it so when people who aren’t connected to you view your public profile, they can get a better idea of who you are, what you do, and have enough information about both if they want to reach out to you.

How do I set my profile so that others can follow me?
Click “Settings” (the gear icon on the navigation bar at the top of your profile) and select “Account Settings” (see below). In your account settings, select “Followers”.

In your Follower settings, select the check box next to “Turn on Follow”.

Voila! You now have changed your settings so that people can follow you!

It should also be noted that once you turn on this setting, someone who sends you a friend request that you do not accept (by clicking the “Not Now” option on the request) automatically moves them to your list of followers.

How do I post a public update?
There are two ways to do this: the first is to change the audience setting of your post before you post it on your timeline. For example, let’s say you just finished crafting an incredibly witty/funny/awe-inspiring status update that you want to post to your timeline as public. Before you click the “Post” button, click the dropdown menu that resides directly to the left of it.

Select “Public”, click “Post”, and you’re done!

The second way you can post a public update is by changing the audience of a post that has already been posted. To do this, click on the icon next to your name on your post, then select from the drop-down menu the audience you would like to set your post to. Your choices are Public, Friends, Friends except Acquaintances, Only Me, and Custom, but right now let’s just worry about Public and Friends.

Understanding how to switch back and forth between audiences on a post that has already been posted is very useful! Why? Well, maybe you posted something as public you would rather have as private so only your friends can see it, or posted something only your friends can see that you would like your followers to see, too. You have the freedom to change the settings at any time.

How can I check to see how many people are following me?
To see who is following you, click on your Facebook profile (not your news feed), and scroll down to your “About” section right below your profile photo on the left. At the very bottom of your About section, you will see your follower count (see below).

What questions do you have about following people on Facebook? Post your questions and comments in the section below! 

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12 thoughts on “Social Media Monday: Following People on Facebook

    • Absolutely! People love content that they find valuable, so posting public content like this is helpful for getting noticed :)

    • The trick to getting followers is being active on social media, posting great content, and adding value to your online community. Think about who YOU find interesting enough to follow, and try to emulate that through your public posts and online interaction. There is no magic bullet, unfortunately. The key here is to stay consistent and be interesting (which is not as hard as it sounds!) and sooner or later people will start following you.

    • You are correct; to see who is following you, you must first be looking at your Timeline (don’t click the “About” tab). However, your follower count is listed in the About section ON your timeline in the upper left-hand corner :) Sorry if we confused you!

  1. Hi Courtney,

    As a new Unfranchise business owner how can I get support from your social media team to build my business using social media platforms? Thanks.


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