ma Mobile featured in Internet Retailer

Market America upgrades ma Mobile app, adds backcode scanning

For anyone looking to curb their gas budget, Market America recently updated their ma® Mobile application for Google Android and Apple iPhone users. Already boasting 35 million products and a cashback program that rewards you with up to 50% cashback on qualifying purchases, this new mobile application adds in a neat little twist though – barcode scanning.

Now, anytime you’re out at your favorite retailer, you can simply launch the app and scan products to compare them with those offered from Market America. In addition, you can compare products against other retailers to see who has the best deal.

Recently, ma Mobile was also featured in Internet Retailer magazine. Click here to read what they had to say about our latest app. Read More

Market America Updates Mobile Application

ma Mobile - online shopping in your pocket from Market America

For our mobile users, Market America has recently released an updated version of the Market America Mobile application for Apple iPhone and Google Android users. Not only does this application allow you to shop from Market America and earn cashback right from your mobile handset, but now you can even scan products and compare them to products available through Market America to check how much cashback you would earn as well as the current pricing on our site.  This new update includes the following enhancements.

New enhancements:

  • Barcode scanning
  • Call your shop consultant
  • Filter coupons
  • View products offering higher cashback

This update is available now, so go get it and start shopping and earning cashback from your Apple device and Google Android phone with Market America. Read More

How to use QR Codes at ma World Conference

At our upcoming 2011 ma® World Conference, we’re planning a push into using QR Codes. If you’re unfamiliar with QR Codes, QR Codes are similar to barcodes — they are a code that can be scanned using your smartphone, which then directs you to a website, a photo, a PDF, etc…

In anticipation, I’ve created a few how to videos to help get you started with using QR Codes prior to ma World Conference.  Please take a moment and watch the video for your respective smartphone. I’ve also included a sample QR Code for you to practice with beforehand, which takes you to our upcoming Valentine’s Day specials from Market America when scanned. Read More

Market America launches Android app!

Ever since we launched Market America mobile for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch, a number of people have been asking — when will Market America mobile be available for the Droid?

Today, we’re excited to announce what we consider to be our best mobile app — Market America mobile for the Google Android platform.

To download the new app, simply visit the Android marketplace and search “market america” to download and install our latest app where you can search, shop, save and earn cashback on your purchases!

Market America Mobile for Google Android

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New Updates to Market America Mobile

This week, Market America, Inc. rolled out a number of exciting new updates and enhancements to the Market America Mobile app for your Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad from the Apple iTunes App store. These new enhancements will make browsing, shopping and earning ma Cashback on your purchases easier and faster than ever!

Notable updates and enhancements:

Color Wheel


  • Now when you select a product that offers multiple colors (like cosmetics), you will be able to access a wheel displaying all available colors for that product with the flick of  your finger!

Ability to register new customers


  • Are you a Personal PC?  Now you can login to your UnFranchise® account and register a new customer from virtually anywhere!
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Market America Mobile Available on Apple iTunes

Market America has launched its first mobile application for the Apple iPhone and the iPod Touch.  This new mobile application is available through Apple iTunes and is available as a free download.

With Market America Mobile, you can now search and shop directly from your Apple iPhone or iPod Touch device with ease.

Click here to download Market America Mobile (must have Apple iTunes installed) or search “market america” from the App Store on your Apple iPhone or iPod Touch.

Note: A WAP version for Blackberry and other mobile devices will be launching in early February.

If you can’t wait, click here to purchase an Apple iPod Touch or iPhone from the Apple Store. Read More