Product Spotlight: Prime™ Astaxanthin Cardio & Visual Vitality Formula

The countdown to MAWC2013 is closing it at 20 days and we can’t wait to see you there! Every year we hear of the most innovative and creative methods for selling the ma® brand. As a preview to the wealth of experience you’ll hear in Miami and to further your continuing success, we bring to you “tips from the top”: a weekly spotlight on which products are selling best and who is making the big sales! Read More

FREE Astaxanthin Webinars TOMORROW!

Happy New Year to our wonderful Market America/SHOP.COM family! The Market America product team is ready to help you get the new year off to a healthy start!

After receiving such positive feedback on our previous webinars on astaxanthin, the team has decided to host two encore LIVE webinars on this powerful anti-aging antioxidant. Join Elizabeth Benton, Director of U.S. Product Management, on Thursday, Jan. 3 at noon OR 8 p.m. EST to discover more about the amazing ingredient that’s changing the supplement industry and how it can take your wellness to the next level. Read More

Latest Buzz: Today’s Hot Ingredients

2012 has already had quite a buzz about the hot ingredients in the beauty and health industry. Be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for these popular ingredients which are popping up everywhere and are a great addition to any health and beauty regimen!

Prickly Pear

The Prickly Pear—officially named Opuntia and also referred to as Nopal—is known for it’s medicinal treatments in diabetes, toothache, rheumatism, inflammation, cholesterol, ulcers and gastrointestinal disorders. With essential vitamins—such as A, B1, B2, B3 and C—and several minerals—including calcium, iron, potassium and sodium—Prickly Pear is thought to be a natural detoxifier that supports the liver. Other uses for Prickly Pear include boosting recovery after exercise, treating minor cuts and sunburn, and helping manage adult-onset type 2 diabetes. Read More