Social Media Monday: Top Social Media News Stories from the Web

There’s always something new and exciting happening in the world of social media! Whether it’s an article about building your brand or the latest social media feature, there’s always something new to read, learn about, or explore. Keeping up with all of the latest social media news can be a daunting task, so we’re here to help! Here’s a quick run-down of five up-to-date social media news stories you should know about. Read More

Social Media Monday: 3 Common Mistakes Made by UnFranchise Owners

As members of the Market America social media team, we’re on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google+ all day, every day. In addition to posting great content and responding to comments, we spend a lot of time observing the conversation happening all around us. Throughout the day, we sometimes come across well-intentioned posts shared by our fans and followers that “miss the mark” so to speak. So today, we’re sharing three very common social media mistakes UnFranchise Owners make, plus tips for making a quick fix. Read More

Take Charge on Social Media with #AwakeEnergy

Market America is giving our most dedicated social media users multiple ways to win Awake Energy Shots! Over the new few weeks, the Market America Product and Social Media teams will be giving away Awake Energy Shots on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to followers who are creative and share their love of our newest health & nutrition product.

Here’s how YOU can take part: Read More

Tips for Creating Perfect Twitter & Facebook Posts

Social media was a major theme at International Convention this year, but your learning doesn’t have to stop there! Our goal is provide you with effective social media tips, tools, and education on our blog so that by the time the next event rolls around, you will be leveraging the power of online communities to build your business like a pro. So today, we’re going graphic to share our tips for creating the perfect Facebook and Twitter post–with social media infographics, of course! Read More

Get Social During the Morning Session of MAIC 2013 Day 3

Welcome to the final full day of MAIC 2013! If you made it to Greensboro this year, we’re sure you can agree – this has been the most powerful convention so far! The momentum in the coliseum steadily increased as recording artist and new father, Duane McLaughlin, opened the day with an emotional and energetic live performance, bringing the entire room to their feet. Read More

Social Media Monday: Facebook Graph Search Now Available for All U.S. Users

Big news UnFranchise® Owners! Graph Search is now available to all Facebook users in the U.S.! You may recall that the beta version of Graph Search was launched in January but was only available to a limited number of people. Here’s a rundown of what you need to know about this exciting new social search tool! Read More

Guest Blogger Leanne Vaillancourt: Building Your Business Using Facebook

Posted on behalf of guest blogger Leanne Vaillancourt.

I use Facebook as a tool to build relationships, share my passions, and get people interested in what I do. When I post an update, my goal is to simply make people curious and to get a conversation going. I use the private message feature on Facebook to build relationships, rekindle friendships, and to connect with others to see where they are in life. When I connect with someone who could potentially benefit from an aspect of my business, my goal is to set up an appointment to grab coffee with them and continue building our relationship in person. Read More

Social Media Monday: 10 Things to Stop Doing on Facebook. Right. Now.

If you use Facebook (and we hope that you do), you’ve probably witnessed your friends doing some pretty annoying or embarrassing things. But what if you’re the one who is committing serious Facebook offenses without even knowing it? Here’s our list of 10 things you need to stop doing right now on Facebook. Read More