Using a Facebook Page instead of a Profile to Grow Your Business

In the May 2012 issue of Powerline Magazine, we discussed the difference between Facebook Pages and Profiles, and we advised you to keep your business image and personal image separate by operating a Facebook page for your UnFranchise®. Here are some step-by-step instructions to get your business page up and running!

Log in to Facebook to view your profile. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page (this may take a while if your feed keeps refreshing, but keep scrolling).

In the bottom right, you should see a few options (About, Advertising, Create a Page, etc). Click on “Create a Page.” You’ll be taken to a page with several options, and my recommendation is for you to choose the “Company or Organization” option, as this is best suited to your needs. Read More

Creating Opportunity through Social Networking

The Social Shopping Revolution is taking the world of sales and marketing by storm. Customers are turning to their social networks more and more, for word-of-mouth recommendations and product reviews. They don’t want to waste time shopping for products they know nothing about – they want to hear about the experiences of others. Shoppers of the social media era want to be a dynamic part of the product experience.

Facebook has become an incredible tool for shoppers and entrepreneurs alike to find the right products at the right time, all while getting to enjoy the experience with their friends. All it takes for a business owner to skyrocket to success is a little innovation and interaction. Read More