To Blog or Not to Blog?

The blogging movement is quickly picking up speed, especially as businesses realize what a valuable and powerful business building tool it can be. If you are not currently writing a blog for your UnFranchise® Business, it may be time to weigh the pros and cons and decide if blogging is a good fit for you! Read on for our list of pros that can help in making your decision to blog or not to blog. Read More

Fast Track to Success – 20 new Pin levels in 6 weeks

Fast track to success

Executive Director, Lisa Grant, Carlos and Abby

Wanted to share with you an excerpt from an interview that was done with Executive Director Lisa Grant. Her organization has seen tremendous growth under the Fast Track recently — most notably in the areas of nutraMetrix® and Transitions®.

Take a moment to read an excerpt (Adobe Acrobat required) from this interview and be sure to check out the full article in the upcoming August issue of Powerline®. Read More