What’s Your Favorite Browser?

Just the other day I was struggling with Google Chrome, attempting to get it to work just as perfectly on my Windows laptop as it does on my Mac Desktop – and, honestly it just wasn’t happening.

Web pages were freezing up; loading slowly and just didn’t give me the same visual aesthetics as I am used to on my Mac. Finally, I decided, it wasn’t worth it – I’d never had any troubles with Firefox, and back I went.

Truth be told, I have tried them all – Safari, Firefox, Explorer, Google Chrome and Opera – I start to struggle with one and become curious if the others will offer more options or will operate at a faster pace. Read More

How to: Installing ma Toolbar

Want to stay connected with Market America regardless of what website you’re visiting? Learn how to install the ma Toolbar in your favorite Internet browser like Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari using these great how to videos.

ma Toolbar Features:

  • The ability to search Market America products
  • Quick access to Hot Deals
  • Quick access to ma Travel
  • Watch Market America videos on YouTube (without having to visit the site)
  • Receive email updates from your personal email account
  • Listen to ma Audios using the radio player

Installing ma Toolbar in Firefox:


Installing ma Toolbar in Internet Explorer:


Installing ma Toolbar in Safari:


If you’ve got questions on installing ma Toolbar, please email me at  internetmarketing@marketamerica.com with your specific questions. Read More