Marc Ashley Featured in Internet Retailer Article

Market America’s Chief Operating Officer, Marc Ashley, was featured in a recent Internet Retailer article that highlighted Market America’s advancements to its e-commerce platform.

The article, which comments on Ashley’s “expertise in e-commerce technology implementation,” discusses how Market America’s acquisition of SHOP.COM has facilitated the implementation of technological advancements for international expansion.

The article also promotes the Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition 2012 in June, at which Ashley is speaking.

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Market America and SHOP.COM Will Increase Tech Spending in 2012


In the world of online retail, technology is king. Investing in technology is what helps keep Market America and ahead of the curve, and leading the social shopping revolution. By utilizing cutting edge technology, we can deliver a shopping experience for our customers that is second to none.

Our SHOP Consultants lend a personal touch that makes our shopping experience unique, but the technology that drives our e-commerce platform is what helps us take online shopping to the next level.

In the past year, we’ve worked hard to develop and integrate a state of the art universal e-commerce platform – but this is only the beginning. As we move into 2012, we will also be rolling out new mobile and social shopping features that will help deliver an unparalleled shopping experience. Read More

ma Mobile featured in Internet Retailer

Market America upgrades ma Mobile app, adds backcode scanning

For anyone looking to curb their gas budget, Market America recently updated their ma® Mobile application for Google Android and Apple iPhone users. Already boasting 35 million products and a cashback program that rewards you with up to 50% cashback on qualifying purchases, this new mobile application adds in a neat little twist though – barcode scanning.

Now, anytime you’re out at your favorite retailer, you can simply launch the app and scan products to compare them with those offered from Market America. In addition, you can compare products against other retailers to see who has the best deal.

Recently, ma Mobile was also featured in Internet Retailer magazine. Click here to read what they had to say about our latest app. Read More

Market America acquires, plans technology upgrade

Intenet Retailer

Now that our acquisition of is complete, you’re all probably wondering what’s next, right? Merging two companies and integrating technologies can be a challenging task. Recently, Market America was profiled in Internet Retailer on our acquisition of and what this means going forward. More importantly, they covered our three-part technology integration plan — which we will be rolling out over the next couple of quarters to help with the integration and also help us to expand deeper into Europe.

The next couple of quarters at Market America should be very exciting – just think, all of the new features that you’ll be able to offer your customers when they shop via your web portal! Read More

Market America featured in January issue of Internet Retailer

Market America featured in January issue of Internet Retailer

Just recently, Internet retailer, Market America closed on their acquisition of Hot off the presses, Internet Retailer magazine recently featured Market America in their January issue, discussing the acquisition and what this means for retailing in 2011.

Luckily, I was able to get a copy of the article. To read the entire article, click here (PDF file).

How are you preparing your UnFranchise® business for 2011 so that you can take advantage of more opportunities to shop and earn ma Cashback? What’s your plan? Leave a comment!

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Updated About ma® PDF now available for download

Yesterday’s announcement about Internet retailer, Market America showing up in University textbooks in business and marketing courses further demonstrates how powerful the UnFranchise® business system truly is. For those looking to learn more about Market America and the products and services that we offer, I’ve provided a few PDF’s you can download to help you out.

If you’re an existing distributor, these are available under Downloads >> Sales Aids in your UnFranchise business account.

Get downloading!

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Market America Showing Up in University Textbooks

Wanted to take a quick moment and share with everyone an excerpt that appeared in a local University textbook in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Internet retailer, Market America. I’ve included an image below of the excerpt which is from the book, Leadership: Theory, Application, and Skill Development by Robert N. Lussier. How exciting!

Market America showing up in University textbooks

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Market America presents at the 2010 Performance Marketing Expo

Internet retailer, Market America, recently presented at the 2010 Performance Marketing Expo. Take a moment and check-out a short clip from super-affiliate, Market America talking about what methods they utilize to help manage thousands of partner store relationships on a daily basis.

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Market America named to Fast 50 in Triad Business Journal

Earlier this week, Internet retailer, Market America was named to the Triad Business Journal’s Fast 50. This is the 6th year that Market America has been named to the Triad’s Fast 50 list. Take a moment to read through our growth story from this past year and to see where we’re at and what countries we have our sites set on next.

Congratulations everyone for their hard work and dedication, as Market America continues to make things bigger, better, faster and easier for anyone looking to shop on the Internet!

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Market America and the gigantic octopus

At the 2010 Market America International Convention, President and CEO, JR Ridinger, demonstrated the power of Internet Retailer and product brokerage company, Market America.  In this video, JR Ridinger shows you how being a product brokerage company can help you enter into a number of different markets — without the excessive overhead often associated with each one.

Take a moment to watch this classic skit, as JR Ridinger compares Market America to a gigantic octopus that can offer entrepreneurs the ability to work across different markets and greater returns.



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