Market America updates ma® Widgets program – now more user friendly!

I’m excited to announce that Market America has updated the ma Widgets program. Now, it is much easier to add ma Widgets to your blog or third-party website. With ma Widgets, you now have additional opportunities to network and drive additional traffic back to your Market America web portal.

Why add ma Widgets?

  • Helps increase exposure of your favorite products to new customers
  • Allows users on other blogs or websites to search your web portal from their own website
  • Drive new traffic to your web portal
  • Increased networking opportunities
    • Know a website or blog owner? Ask them to add an ma Widget to their website! They’ll earn cash back in the process on purchases made through the ma Widget.
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Sneak Peek: Web Portal Toolbar and More!

Next week, get ready to see a few new enhancements to your Market America web portal.  First up — in order to improve our search engine optimization (seo) efforts, anytime someone enters your web portal name. For example,, their website URL will now change to  While it may not look like they’re still on  your web portal — rest assured, they are.

This leads me to the second update — which is a major update (and pretty exciting in my opinion). Now, anytime you or your customers visit your Market America web portal or any Market America affiliated site (Ex: nutraMetrix, mini-websites, etc…) you’ll begin to see a toolbar at the bottom (see pic). Read More

Official Paid to Shop Holiday!

Sure, Labor Day just ended. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t time for another vacation though. In case your forgot, today is a ‘paid to shop’ holiday! Anyone that has earned cashback from Market America should be sure and participate to help spread the word!

Get paid to shop with Market America and earn cashback

Anyone that is currently getting ‘paid to shop’ and earn cashback from Internet retailer, Market America, we would like for you to share your experience by tweeting out a message on Twitter and posting the following in  your status update on Facebook.

What to post:

Get #paidtoshop with @marketamerica and #macashback (insert web portal link)


I get #paidtoshop with @marketamerica and earn #macashback at (insert web portal link)

Ask me how to get #paidtoshop with @marketamerica and earn #macashback on your purchases (insert web portal link)



  • Today at 1:00pm
  • Tonight at 8:00pm
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Market America Gets Bigger, Better, Faster and Easier!

Just a few days after yet another monumental International Convention, and the excitement continues. I would like to thank and congratulate all 25,000 Customer Managers, UFOs and prospects who helped make this the most successful event in the history of the company. We must capitalize on the momentum that was generated — the time is now to make it happen! We have spent the past six months working diligently on the implementation of new technology, branding the most advanced products, and securing powerful partnerships all to keep you and your organization on the cutting-edge in such a competitive market.

The entire weekend was packed with vital information and product releases, so if you were unable to attend, there is plenty of stuff to learn — the first lesson is don’t miss 2011 ma World Conference! Read More

Christian Karasiewicz and Natalia Diaz release Social Media Manual

Are you confused by social networking and social media? Don’t understand the terms tweet and newsfeed? Christian Karasiewicz and Natalia Diaz announce the release of The Social Media Manual: A Guide on Using Social Media to Grow Your Business.  Many of the tips and techniques covered throughout this manual are geared towards beginners all the way up to the more advanced social media users.

Social Media Guide  by Christian Karasiewicz and Natalia Diaz

Take a moment and download The Social Media Manual: A Guide on Using Social Media to Grow Your Business from the link below.

Download: The Social Media Manual: A Guide on Using Social Media to Grow Your Business (PDF – 21 mb)

Connect with Christian Karasiewicz, Internet Marketing and Social Media Manager for Internet retailer, Market America

Connect with Natalia Diaz, publicist for Loren Jewels. Read More

How to: Share videos from YouTube

Over the past few weeks, we’ve received a number of questions on the proper ways to share videos that you see on YouTube.  Sharing videos is a great way to let your friends in on what it is that has been keeping you so busy.  It is also important from a social networking standpoint, because it helps spread information that you want to get out to the world.

How to: share a video from YouTube.

This week’s tip will teach you a few techniques that you can use to share videos that you like from YouTube (the proper way)!

  1. Sharing a link to a YouTube channel: If you’re a fan of a particular channel on YouTube, one technique is to share the direct link to that user’s channel.
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The Difference Between Success and Failure

The difference between success and failure is really simple. The individual who succeeds simply does what the individual who doesn’t succeed did not do, PERIOD.  Do you have tickets for the International Convention, and for the new people you’re going to want to bring? They’re just about gone.

The excitement has never been greater coming off of the NMTSS Blitz tour and into the International Convention. The ma Cashback program is soaring and there is a tidal wave of traffic, orders and growth. I sure hope you are sending the invite to everyone on your e-mail list and in your contact files (try using the share function on the Portal to share with your contacts through e-mail). Read More

Connecting with JR Ridinger and Loren Ridinger

My Market America family is getting bigger and bigger each day!  Just the other day, I mentioned the sell out dilemma with our events and how important it was to get your tickets before they are sold-out. Well, that same dilemma has also started trickling over into the social networking realm.  So much so that many of you are probably waiting on me to accept you as a friend. Unfortunately, my hands are tied because Facebook limits the number of friends I can have at 5,000 friends.

In lieu of this, I’ve setup a fanpage so that you can still connect with me — both at Market America and in my personal life. Read More

Connecting maChatterbox with Facebook

maChatterbox, Market America’s premier social networking hub just launched an exciting new feature.  Users that are already on Facebook can now pull their live feeds from Facebook directly into their maChatterbox account.

Not only does this make it easier for users to stay connected with all of their friends on both social networks, but it saves time in the process!

To connect your maChatterbox account with your Facebook profile, follow these instructions:

  1. Login to your maChatterbox account
  2. Select ‘edit my profile’
  3. Disable any pop-up blockers
  4. Look for the Facebook Connect icon — click it
  5. Enter your Facebook login credentials — wait for the next pop-up, it may take a moment to load
  6. Accept the four permissions that pop-up so that Facebook can connect with your maChatterbox account
  7. Once you’ve clicked ‘allow’ on the four pop-ups, you’re done!
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