Conquer Entertainment artist, Justina, performing at NBC 10

This morning, you had the opportunity to experience a few stills from Conquer Entertainment artist, Justina. Now, we’ve got video courtesy of NBC 10.

Take a moment and click here to watch Justina perform her hit song, “As One,” a song written for their upcoming Babes Burnin’ Rubber concert to benefit breast cancer survivors and breast cancer research.

If you’re in the area near Millville, New Jersey this weekend, take a moment and stop by, as there will be a lot of great performers. For those that are unable to attend, please consider purchasing a ticket to the Babes Burnin’ Rubber concert, as a portion of the proceeds will go to help find a cure for breast cancer. Read More

Sneak peek: Market America to redesign homepage

Today has been an extremely busy day — it was announced that Motives® by Loren Ridinger will be hosting the Funkshion Fashion Week in Miami with Cavalli and Inca.  Also, early this morning, Conquer Entertainment® artist, Justina, performed on NBC 10. Well, it just got even better.

Below is a sneak peek of what the new web portal from Internet retailer, Market America will look like.  I’ve personally had the opportunity to try it out and I can tell you it is the best iteration of the web portal that I’ve ever used.

Sneak peek of the redesigned Market America homepage

While I don’t have an “official” release date yet (I’m thinking late next week), take a moment and pore over the above screenshot and leave a comment! Read More