Build Your Shopping Annuity This Holiday With SHOP.COM Trends!

Christmas is only one week away and we’re fast approaching the “last day to ship” for many of our Partner Stores. But just because you’ve *almost* finished your holiday shopping doesn’t mean you should stop building your Shopping Annuity! We’ve already talked about how you can use various SHOP.COM features like eGifts, SHOP.COM gift cards, and ShopBuddy to build your Shopping Annuity during the holidays. Today, we’re wrapping up our seasonal-themed Shopping Annuity series with a post about SHOP.COM Trends. Here are our tips for leveraging the SHOP.COM Trend Shop to promote your business and build your Shopping Annuity before the holiday season officially comes to a close.  Read More

Celebrating our Shopping Annuity Bonus Pool Winners!

Hitting the Shopping Annuity Bonus Pool is a great achievement for UnFranchise Owners and shows that you’ve adopted the Shopping Annuity Mindset. It’s all about having the UnFranchise DNA – and making it a habit to always purchase through your SHOP.COM portal. After all – if you owned a store that paid you to shop there you’d be foolish to shop anywhere else! Read More

Carl Eklund Hits Executive Supervising Coordinator with the Shopping Annuity

Carl Eklund has been an incredible ambassador for the Shopping Annuity, and has helped introduce this crucial concept to thousands of entrepreneurs. His round stable discussions with other field leaders like Elizabeth Weber and Rick Walliser have had a tremendous impact in helping get the word out about the Shopping Annuity. Read More

Video Update: Having Fun with the Shopping Annuity

The Shopping Annuity videos just keep pouring in! This is a great sign and shows that UnFranchise Owners around the world are really getting onboard with this incredible concept. Have a look below at some great new Shopping Annuity videos that show all the creative ways UnFranchise Owners have been replacing negative products with those that help build your Shopping Annuity. We’ve also included some great videos with Carl Eklund, as he talks with members of his team who’ve already hit the Shopping Annuity Bonus Pool. Watch these videos below and share them with your team to help inspire and motivate them to hit the Shopping Annuity Bonus Pool too! Read More

Build Your Shopping Annuity This Holiday With ShopBuddy!

Holiday shopping is in full swing, and there couldn’t be a better time than NOW to build your Shopping Annuity! Our UnFranchise Owners are provided with all the tools they need to leverage this massive tidal wave of seasonal spending, but knowing where to find these tools and how to use them is the key to success. Today, we’re sharing how you can save time, money and build your Shopping Annuity all at the same time with SHOP.COM’s ShopBuddy! Read More

#ShoppingAnnuity Contest Video Submissions

We launched the #ShoppingAnnuity Video Contest only a few weeks ago, and so far we’ve received dozens of incredible submissions from UnFranchise Owners all over the world! We are SO proud those who have taken the time to shoot a video and enter the contest by posting it to our Facebook page or tagging it on Instagram with our #ShoppingAnnuity hashtag. We already knew that you guys were seriously smart entrepreneurs, but we didn’t know that you’re also some of the most creative, funny, and theatrical people we’ve ever met! So, without further adieu, here are all the contest submissions we’ve received to date. Which one is your personal favorite? Read More

Social Media Monday: How to Submit Videos to the #ShoppingAnnuity Contest

A few weeks ago we launched the #ShoppingAnnuity Video Contest, and to date we’ve received tons of video submissions from UnFranchise Owners all over the world! If you have yet to send in your video, what’s holding you back? If you replied, “because I’m not totally sure how to submit a video to the contest – help me!” you’re in luck! Today we’re taking you through step by step how to submit a video via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and email.* All you have to do is choose an option that works best for you!  Read More

What You Need to Know: The Story, The Rest of the Story, and The Whole Story of the Shopping Annuity

So you’ve heard about the Shopping Annuity and the Shopping Annuity Bonus Pool and want to know more? Many people are excited and there’s been a huge “buzz” about it, but some people still have questions and confusion about how this program works. This is a good sign and is something that we will address right now! Read More

Build Your Shopping Annuity This Holiday Season with SHOP.COM Gift Cards!

For the 8th year in a row, gift cards at the top of the wish list for those who celebrate the holiday season. Lucky for you, SHOP.COM Gift Cards are easy to give, and help you build your Shopping Annuity in the process! Learn more about why you should pick up a SHOP.COM digital gift card for everyone on your holiday 2014 gift list: Read More

Build Your Shopping Annuity This Holiday With MyLists!

Are you still shopping for that picky relative that you can never find the perfect gift for? Don’t you wish that you had a list of their favorite items to choose from! Well, your wish is our command! The MyLists feature on SHOP.COM allows for just that! Read on to learn why you should make MyLists part of your holiday shopping! Read More