Supercharge Your Shopping Annuity with the Everyday Essential Bundle from SHOP.COM

Last week’s World Conference showed you new ways to supercharge your business and fuel your Shopping Annuity like never before – and one easy way for you to do this is to take advantage of this amazing deal on the Everyday Essential Bundle from SHOP.COM! Read More

MAWC 2016 Stage Presentations Playlist

We can still feel the intensity and excitement from MAWC 2016 in Miami, Florida this past weekend. We are so thankful that 20,000+ UnFranchise Owners joined us for powerful weekend of innovative new products, business building tips, SHOP.COM enhancements and all things Shopping Annuity! One thing is certain, this past weekend was packed full of informative, inspirational, and uplifting presentations. We know how valuable these presentations can be for your business so if you missed out on the excitement for one reason or another, we’ve got covered. Check out the full playlist of the stage presentations from MAWC 2016: Read More

Day 2 Morning Session of MAWC 2016: Mobile Technologies, Shopping Annuity Technology Advancements, WebCenters, Daymond John

Day 1 of MAWC 2016 was incredible! Over 20,000 pumped UnFranchise Owners filled the American Airlines Arena with unbeatable energy. We had such a great time, it’s hard to imagine it could be topped, but of course it was! Day 2 morning session was jam packed with information and excitement. If you joined us in the arena or on you learned all about mobile technology enhancements, Shopping Annuity technology advancements, WebCenters, heard famous entrepreneur Daymond John talk about his new book that features Loren Ridinger! Take a look at this morning’s excitement in the recap below:

Mobile Technologies: Shopping Annuity App – Steve Ashley


Andrew Weissman started the morning off with a reminder to the audience to interact with us via social media so #MAWC2016 can trend on Twitter and Instagram 2 days in a row! Read More

Day 1 Afternoon Session of MAWC 2016: Motives Launches New Products, TLS Weight Loss and The Shopping Annuity

The morning session of day 1 started off with a bang. The afternoon session only added to the growing excitement. Take a look at what took place during the afternoon session, setting the stage for an incredible World Conference:   Read More

Download the Market America World Conference 2016 Agenda!

Can you believe it – the Market America 2016 World Conference is just two days away! We are so excited to learn all about about building our Shopping Annuity, we can hardly wait. As you and your team travel from all parts of the world to join thousands of UnFranchise Owners for the most powerful week of your life, we wanted to give you a sneak peek of what is ahead in a downloadable version of the #MAWC2016 daily agenda* and evening schedule!

We have some exciting things planned for these three days, with some amazing entrepreneurs,  in Miami, FL:



After downloading your agenda, be sure to share it with your team and business partners. Read More

Leverage UBP Videos for World Conference

How many prospects and potential business partners are you bringing with you to World Conference in a couple of weeks? The answer should be at least two. Do you remember when the crowd at International Conference 2015 began chanting “Get two, get two, get two?” The key to success in the UnFranchise business is growing your team to build a strong foundation that will result in residual income as everyone works together. Market America provides a plethora of resources for UFOs to use to learn and grow your business. Read More

Five Tips to Declutter Your Makeup in the New Year

Around this time of year, we start to see if New Year’s resolutions are sticking or long forgotten. It can be a challenge to reprogram habits and commit to a resolution and it’s not for everyone. Many opt to instead do a deep cleaning or organize clutter, whether it be inside pantries, gadgets, closets or even makeup vanities! Now is a good time to assess your makeup collection and get rid of any products not being used. Read on for five good tips on how to declutter your makeup in the new year! Read More

Tips for Building Shopping Annuity with Holiday Shopping

The Shopping Annuity is an important factor in your success as an UnFranchise® Owner. Making smart purchasing choices through your SHOP.COM portal not only saves you money, but it also contributes to building a strong business. The holiday season is the perfect time to build your Shopping Annuity, so make sure to make it a priority this year! As UnFranchise Owners, you all are armed with the knowledge and resources to be a smart shopper. According to ABC News, “the average American will spend $700 on holiday gifts and goodies this year, totaling more than $465 billion, the National Retail Federation estimates.” You’re already spending the money on gifts, why wouldn’t you convert your spending into earning? Read More

What You May Have Missed: December 13, 2015

If you’ve been as busy as we have with holiday shopping, Christmas parties, and end-of-year activities, you may have missed what’s been going on at the corporate office. Catch up on all the important Market America | SHOP.COM related events and news you may have missed below. Read More

In-Store Pick Up Saves the Holidays

With only 3 days until the start of Hanukkah and only 21 days left until Christmas Eve, it can be a pretty daunting time frame for online shoppers!  As avid online shoppers, we know what it’s like to rely on fast shipping and delivery to receive gifts in time for the holidays.  Whether you’re waiting on the perfect sale or the holidays simply snuck up on you, SHOP.COM is your shopping marketplace this holiday season.  Shop, save and earn while you build your Shopping Annuity and take full advantage of popular partner stores that offer convenient in-store pickup. Read More