Social Media Monday: Take Charge this Month with #AwakeEnergy!

Guess what? We are giving our most dedicated social media users multiple ways to win Awake Energy Shots! Over the new few weeks, we will be giving away Awake Energy Shots on Facebook and Instagram to followers who are creative and share their love of the energy-boosting product. Read on to find out how YOU can take charge! Read More

Social Media Monday: Tips from the #MAWC2015 Stage

There was a plethora of knowledge shared from stage at the 2015 Market America World Conference. We personally favored the social media presentation from Steve Ashley and Loren Ridinger. They shared everything from the types of content to share on the appropriate channel to the importance of hashtags, online parties, new contests and campaigns and more! Today we are recapping some of Steve and Loren’s main takeaways from stage. These social media tips are key for building your business and can be easily implemented into your daily routines in order to see maximum results! Read More

Social Media Monday: Top Social Media News Stories from the Web

There’s always something new and exciting happening in the world of social media! Whether it’s an article about building your brand or the latest social media feature, there’s always something new to read, learn about, or explore. Keeping up with all of the latest social media news can be a daunting task, so we’re here to help! Here’s a quick run-down of five up-to-date social media news stories you should know about. Read More

Social Media Monday: #MAWC2015 Took Over Social Media

Just like Loren Ridinger said on stage during the 2015 Market America World Conference, “Content is fire and social media is gasoline.” There is no stronger proof of this statement than from the social media success of this past weekend. Our official event hashtag, #MAWC2015, was not only a trending topic on Facebook two days in a row, but a fully viral hashtag. Our Market America UnFranchise® Owners and all MAWC 2015 attendees helped to take over social media from the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida.   Read More

Social Media Monday: Channels to Follow for #MAWC2015

The 2015 Market America World Conference is almost here, but the party is already in full swing on social media! Whether you’re tweeting using the #MAWC2015 hashtag, posting on Facebook about the upcoming event, or sharing photos on Instagram of you and your teammates traveling to Miami, Florida…you’re already contributing to the event conversation. But do you know which channels to follow to see the latest event info and get real-time updates from your favorite corporate team members? Lucky for you, we put together a list of all the accounts you’ll want to keep your eye on! Read on for a complete list. Read More

Social Media Monday: Helpful Tips from Around the Web for UnFranchise® Owners

Have you been wondering what you should be doing each day on social media to build your business? Should you been on Facebook before breakfast? Should you be tweeting 10 times a day? Does this photo belong on your Instagram account? There are so many questions revolving around the world that is social media. With World Conference on the horizon, are you wondering how to best optimize social media to raise awareness of the event and grow your business? Well, you’re in luck! Today we are sharing some of the top tips from around the web that our UnFranchise® Owners can benefit more from! Read on: Read More

Social Media Monday: Social Media Image Sizes Guide [Infographic]

When it comes to social media, visual content is an incredibly powerful tool that should not be ignored so today we are sharing tips on how to make the most out of your social media images.  While there are a million different ways to utilize photos, videos, and graphics on social media, each platform has specific sizes that can help you enhance your profiles and posts. Read on to find out what they are! Read More

Social Media Monday: Start Using the #MAWC2015 Hashtag to Build Your Business!

Have you noticed that our posts about World Conferece always include the #MAWC2015 hashtag? Now it’s time for YOU to start using it! Tagging your pre-event Facebook posts, tweets and Instagram pictures with #MAWC2015 makes it easier for other attendees to see your content and engage with you on social media. Not only that, but when you tag your posts with #MAWC2015, your friends who are not yet planning on attending the event can easily find out more about it – simply by clicking the hashtag!  Read More

Social Media Monday: Top Posts from 2014

We talked about social media a lot this year! From insider info about using Instagram to build your business to advice for posting top-notch #ShoppingAnnuity updates, we shared our top tips and up-to-date social media news with you every Monday of 2014. Today we’re taking a look back at our most popular social media Monday posts of 2014 – which one was your personal favorite? Read More