Local Seminars Near You This Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spring has sprung success around the country! Every day we hear of new success stories and changed lives. Don’t miss the train – get involved with the most successful members of the business! One of the greatest assets of being an UnFranchise® Business owner is the surplus of experience and information available. Read More

Success with Call Workshops

It’s come up on stage at both International Convention and World Conference. Some of the best leaders in the field have instituted it as a fundamental, necessary practice for their organizations. It can mean the difference between slow growth and explosive success. What essential tool makes this kind of impact on an entrepreneur’s business? That’s an easy question to answer – and not just because it’s in the title. Read More

National Conference Call with Dennis Franks Sunday, May 20 @ 8:30 p.m. EDT

Dennis Franks, Executive Vice President and successful UnFranchise® Owner, will discuss how to expand the UnFranchise Business into Mexico and show you how to make your financial goals a reality. Learn what it takes to be successful with your Market America business and have your entire organization and all qualified prospects listen ‘LIVE’ as Dennis shares how to create a plan of action and place yourself on the path of financial success in 2012.

Don’t miss this call that will direct you, your team and prospects to the power building track for 2012 and expanding into Mexico. Now is the time to leverage yourself and the buying power of everyone you know with your SHOP.COM Portal and the millions of products that are easy to order online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no need to leave your home. Read More

Five Essential Tools for Entrepreneurs

I think it was Andrew Carnegie who provided the timeless business advice: Always carry a lighter and a pen, someone will always need either (or both).  As the face of business has changed, so have the essential items that one needs to have on-hand to ensure their personal success. Here are the five most important:

1. A smart phone. You may have resisted the pressure to convert to a web-enabled, email-integrated device up to this point. You may feel you don’t need to be constantly tethered to technology (or the people using it). But in a society where decisions, connections and sales are made at lightning speed, being able to interact in real-time could easily be the difference between success and failure. Read More

Five Tips for Building a Winning Team

When I was in college I rowed on a crew team. Interestingly enough, rowing crew is a sport that not only requires an incredible ability to power through tough times (like 4 a.m. practice), but additionally is the ultimate test of teamwork. If one team member has an off day (or even an off moment), everything is thrown off balance.

Sometimes, in my career, I think back to my days of rowing crew and I am reminded of the moments when I rowed on a team that totally jived. Being part of a winning team was an incredible experience, as we’d often reach a state of flow and I would literally feel like I was flying across the water. Read More