We Want to Hear from Gen Y!

Generation Y is changing the face of the worldwide marketplace, and helping lead the social shopping revolution with the UnFranchise® Business System. With the Gen Y Challenge in full swing, Market America has been seeing more and more members of this social-centric generation becoming entrepreneurs and UnFranchise Owners. We want to hear from you!

Why did you decide to become an entrepreneur with the UnFranchise Business System? Are you paying off student loans, or are you a millionaire in the making? How did you discover this chance to make your American Dream come true. Share your stories with us at TellUs@marketamerica.com. Your story could be featured in an upcoming issue of Powerline magazine!

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2 thoughts on “We Want to Hear from Gen Y!

  1. I decided to become an entrepreneur with Market America for a few reasons. First, I have credit card debt and a few other debts that I’ve incurred a few years ago from business expenses from the business I use to have with an Insurance company, and some entertainment costs as well. I learned to budget the hard way and I’m still paying for it now. The Second is that with this business, the skys the limit. I have big dreams and I know that a regular job with a 45 year plan won’t help me get there. I want to be able to earn as much money as i can to have the power to be able to fight hunger and help as many families as possible. People have dreams and I want to help them realize that dreams can become a reality. People were not created to limit themselves. This business can help unlock one’s true potential. This is the future of Entrepreneurship.

  2. ((in short)) Well I started MA in 1999 ( 18yrs old), and was off to a good start reaching executive coordinator with in 6 mo. Unfortunately I had some disastrous drama in my organization in peoples personal lives that also effected my personal life, which aided to the shift in my focus. Long story short, I had remained stable and waiting for the timing to be right again, well its been ten years and I called my upline mentor Lorgie Lundgren and asked her how do I get the motivation back? I know the business and know there is nothing better out there, I just cant get my mind in the right place, she replied “what did you do in the beginning?, you listened to adios, you watched videos you read..est, start doing this every week it will come back” Fortunately for me when I stopped working my business, MA did not stop growing ! ……. More power then before, I am back on the fast track, and happily said VERY MOTIVATED!! Thank you MA !!!

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