Growing Bigger, Better, Faster and Easier with Mobile Technology

Steve Ashley captivated the audience at International Convention by sharing one of his greatest passions – mobile technology. As one of the leading Internet retailers, Market America/SHOP.COM has not neglected this growing marketplace. In May of 2012, Market America released SHOP Mobile – an essential update to the ma Mobile app. Over 60,000 current users were able to access the newest application by simply enabling an update. Read More

Patriot Rovers and ma Cares Fight On

The stress of travel. The urgency of finding seats. The long nights of breakouts. The early mornings on the bus. All the pressures of convention melted away on Friday morning, when a half dozen golden retrievers and their owners took the stage, and Market America met the Patriot Rovers. Read More

MAIC Flashback: 2005 – Market America’s Name Continues To Grow Worldwide

2005 proved to be another incredibly powerful year in the history of Market America, kicking off with more global expansion and the launch of Market Taiwan. This was also a year of widespread recognition for the Market America brand—including features in several major publications including Ocean Drive, Success from Home, and Hola! Magazine! Read More

MAIC Day 2: Pictures From Our Tweeps

You can feel the energy and excitement here at Greensboro Coliseum as MAIC 2012 begins day 2. And of course, there are quite a few people sharing their personal stories on Twitter using the hashtag #maic2012. Take a look at a few of the pictures we’ve found on Twitter this morning, and feel free to share your thoughts, photos, and experience as well! Read More

MAIC Day 2: Technology, Growing Your Business and ma Cares!

Day 2 of MAIC 2012 will focus on technology, building your business and feature a special appearance from our friends at Patriot Rovers! Take a look below at the list of speakers and schedules and get ready for a fantastic day of learning!  Read More

Standing on Principle

Executive Director and newest Advisory Council member Donald Qi from Toronto is a demonstration of the success of Market America’s business principles. He started 8 years ago in Market America. “I never thought I would achieve this success without any business experience, with a young school-age child, but we made it on a part-time basis because we worked hard and smart,” he said.

But every success has a traceable reason and source. Donald and his wife came to Canada 23 years ago as students, with no money, but a dream for a better life. They received advanced degrees and found good jobs, but they struggled with debt and stress, and worked long hours at the expense of their health. Read More

Changing the Face of Health Care with nutraMetrix®

Health care is a hot topic these days. As regulations and requirements change in the healthcare industry, healthcare practitioners are struggling to keep up with skyrocketing expenses. Profits are shrinking, and that’s cutting into the amount of time that doctors can spend with patients in need. Patients are also looking for wellness solutions, but frequently can’t get the answers they need from overworked healthcare professionals. With the nutraMetrix program, Market America has tackled the issues revolving around health care head on.

By combining a financial business plan with a way to provide quality wellness solutions to patients, nutraMetrix is helping to solve the problems in today’s healthcare system. Since its inception, nutraMetrix has experienced exponential growth. Read More

maWebCenters—The Edge in Business Building

WebCenters brings the streamlined, business-owner oriented business plan that you know and love as distributors to small business owners of all kinds, by providing them high-quality websites and an opportunity to increase their own income outside their primary business.

Jeremy Fennema and Sarah Rose took the stage to introduce the 90 Day Fast Track, a challenging new program designed to amp up success in the WebCenters business. A beta test group of 20 people participated in the 12 week program, and by week 2, five had dropped out—“the business only works if you work it,” explained Jeremy.” The  9 people who finally completed the program and came out onstage, however, were able to announce huge results to the crowd: they generated $16k in profits and brought on 48 new business partners, $8,450 in other product sales, and showed 274 plans. Read More

My List and AutoShip: Making Shopping Simple

The 2012 International Convention has been a celebration of simplicity. The Market America Executive Team has been hard at work creating a simpler, more streamlined business for Shop Consultants and customers around the world. Vice President Kevin Buckman took the stage to discuss two easy-to-use tools, My List and AutoShip, that make SHOP.COM the superior social shopping experience.

“It’s a fabulous time to embrace the future,” Kevin announced when he took the stage. Part of what has made online shopping such an integral part of modern life is how easy it is to use. Market America is making it even easier with the My List tool, which will be migrating to SHOP.COM this September. Read More

Mastering Motives Cosmetics

Makeup may be all about bringing out your unique beauty, but the Motives costmetics business is all about duplication—creating people who can do makeup like you do, to do more for you.

The new Motives catalog streamlines the entire information and ordering process, by combining Loren and Lala’s lines, adding clearer instructions to help people find the colors that work for them, and including information about booking events. The websites (which are now free to all distributors!) have some great added functionality as well. First, a “Host an Event” function has been added to the website, so a hostess can sign up on your personal Motives page or simply request a party and be matched with a consultant. Read More

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