UnFranchise® Business Presentation this Monday in London

As we continue to grow in the United Kingdom, we want you to grow with us! Bring all of your prospects to an UnFranchise Business Presentation this Monday in London. Admission is free for you and your guests, and there will be space in the hotel for you to wrap with your prospects post-presentation. We hope to see you there!


UnFranchise® Business Presentation (UBP)

Monday 30th April, 2012

 7:30 – 9:30pm

Admission: FREE

Featured Speakers: Andrew Weissman, Executive Director of Field Development, Don Martin, Director & UK Special Forces Team, Country Manager, John Pincott


Thistle Westminster Hotel

Buckingham Suite

49 Buckingham Palace Road

London, SW1W 0QT

Tel: +44 (0) 0207 208 6992

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The Southeast Regional Convention Starts Today!

The Southeast Regional Convention starts today, April 27 and goes through Sunday, April 29. In case you’ve been missing the buzz on Facebook, here is some of what to look forward to at this amazing networking and development opportunity.

2012 Speaker Lineup* (click here for bios):

JR Ridinger, President/CEO
Jim Winkler, Vice President of Sales for Market America
Lydia Martinez, Director of Field Development for TLS
Lisa Kostka, Director of Sales for Motives
Lorin Sourbeck, Director of Sales and Field Training, nutraMetrix
Brian Corner, Director of Field Development, Internet Marketing and Sales
Sarah Rose Stacks, Field Development Executive of WebCenters

JR explains why this convention is worth your time in this video:

Click Here to Watch

For up-to-date information, visit our website: www.masoutheast.com

Host Hotel and Meeting Location:

Renaissance Resort at World Golf Village
500 South Legacy Trail
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National Chinese Conference Call with Min Liu this Sunday, April 29 @ 9:00 p.m. EDT

Don’t forget to join Min Liu, Senior Executive Field Vice President and Million Dollar Club achiever, along with special guests, Wei Ju Tsao, National Supervising Coordinator and Michael Chen, Professional Coordinator as they share the Market America business opportunity in Mandarin Chinese.

Invite all your team and qualified prospects to learn about the multiple billion-dollar product lines, the Management Performance Compensation Plan, thousands of Partner Stores, Cashback and much more, including new insights into the growth of Market America and SHOP.COM. Learn why the Two- to Three-Year Plan is so easy to work part-time while creating a full-time income. Enjoy the America Dream with time and financial freedom!

Expand your business in Mandarin Chinese and watch your UnFranchise® businesses grow like never before. Read More

Important Updates for Our Business Building Seminars!

Are you ready to grow your business like never before? We’re holding two epic Business Building Seminars in June! The first seminar will run from June 1 – 2 in New York City, and will be hosted by Paul Carlotta, Kevin Buckman, and myself. I’ll also co-host the second Business Building Seminar on June 3-4, with Paul Carlotta, and Steve Harris.

These seminars are the perfect opportunity for you to learn the best tips for growing your business – but you better get your tickets soon. Seating for these seminars is limited, and seats are going fast!


To find out more information about these incredible events, and to get your tickets TODAY, visit the Market America Events page. Read More

Five Tips for Building a Winning Team

When I was in college I rowed on a crew team. Interestingly enough, rowing crew is a sport that not only requires an incredible ability to power through tough times (like 4 a.m. practice), but additionally is the ultimate test of teamwork. If one team member has an off day (or even an off moment), everything is thrown off balance.

Sometimes, in my career, I think back to my days of rowing crew and I am reminded of the moments when I rowed on a team that totally jived. Being part of a winning team was an incredible experience, as we’d often reach a state of flow and I would literally feel like I was flying across the water. Read More

Avoiding Springtime Skin Blunders

In this month’s issue of Powerline, I had the chance to write about some tips and tricks for having beautiful skin all season long. Just in case you missed this article in print, check it out here on the ma Blog! Don’t forget to discover more informative articles in the digital version of the Powerline Magazine.


With the rising temperatures and outdoor activities that accompany the onset of spring, it is important to give some thought to skin care. Warmer weather and time spent outside typically means more exposed skin – thus, we must take the time to make sure our skin is ready for springtime. Pamper your skin for a beautiful spring look with these tips and recommendations:

Moisturizing Magic: Cold outdoor air means layers of clothing, electric heat and low humidity, which equals dry, dull, older-looking skin that hasn’t seen the light of day in months. Read More

Win Yours by Loren Jewelry and Help a Great Cause!

The Artisan and Pet Adoption Fair will kick off this Saturday morning, April28th from 10am-2pm at Market America’s Corporate Headquarters in Greensboro, NC. With more than 50 vendors and eight rescue groups set to attend, the fair has already been featured on the radio and we expect quite a turnout!

The best part is, 100% of the proceeds from sales at the ma Cares booth will be given directly to the Patriot Rovers- a group dedicated to training service dogs for American veterans suffering from PTSD and other conditions.

In addition to the vast array of lovely donations received for the artisan fair, Loren Ridinger has donated a Yours by Loren piece to be the featured raffle item of the day. Read More

The Future of Social Security is Fragile – Do You Have a Plan B?

A recent article published by CNBC, highlighted the fragile future of Social Security, and touched on the fact that representatives believe the program will become insolvent by 2033 – three years earlier than expected.

In response to this controversial piece, JR Ridinger brought the uncertainty of the 45-Year Plan to light with an informative and insightful blog post, Will Social Security Be There for You?

I had the chance to sit down and read this article, with the additional opportunity to think for a moment about all that is at stake. What if social security isn’t there for me? Do I have a plan B?

Click here to read this thought-provoking article. Read More

Mother and Daughter Team Up to Find a Healthy Lifestyle with TLS®

The 2012 TLS Find Your Fit Challenge is just one of the many ways that Market America is helping people change their lives for the better. In April’s Leaderline, I had the pleasure of sharing the story of a mother and daughter who have teamed up and committed to living healthy lifestyles. By supporting one another, they’re hoping to improve their lives and win the grand prize of $10,000.

Don’t forget – the winner of this Challenge will be announced at the 2012 International Convention!

Margaret and Rebecca Wolf are a mother-daughter team from Chicago, IL. Together, they have teamed up to tackle the TLS® 2012 Find Your Fit Challenge and compete to win $10,000. Read More

New audios: Grow your UnFranchise® Business in the Southeast

Listen to Sam Pitts and Ricky Tysinger and hear their personal message to you. When you click on and listen, you will understand ‘WHY’ they are so excited about the most powerful upcoming event in the Southeast Region! It will Change Your Life.

Click to listen to Sam Pitts

Click to listen to Rick Tysinger


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