Meet Melissa, a Social Media Content Writer!

Earlier this year we introduced you to members of the social media team who contribute to the ma Blog. Recently, we added a new member to the team! I didn’t want to waste any time introducing her to you, as we already love her and know she’s going to be a great asset to our team. Melissa came to Market America less than two weeks ago and has joined us as a bilingual social media writer. She’ll be writing for SHOP.COM and MA Mexico social media sites as well as contributing regularly to this blog. Here’s what she had to tell us about herself: Read More

4 Tips for Effective Brainstorming

The ability to innovate is crucial to any successful organization and coming up with a successful plan is just the beginning of the journey. Brainstorming sessions allow employees to share, rate, and comment on ideas while also allowing them to come up with new ways to solve a problem. To help you company surface good ideas, take a look at these four tips before you get your creative team together for an effective brainstorming session! Read More Read More

From the Field: Tips for Overcoming Obstacles

We love featuring YOU on the ma Blog and on our other social media sites. It’s a nice change of pace from hearing from your corporate social media team every day! Each week, our Shop Consultant Spotlight feature allows us to showcase you and the incredible work you do with your UnFranchise® Business each and every day. Our “From the Field” Facebook album is another outlet to share your business success with the world! Every now and then we’ll upload your photos to this album, so make sure to send them in! Read More

Product Spotlight: New Lumière de Vie™ Handouts

Memorial Day weekend is only a week away and summer is just around the corner! With temperatures rising and the bright sun staying out longer each day, it’s time to step back, assess your skin care routine, and consider what you’re doing to refresh your skin after sun exposure. Lumière de Vie™, one of the newest additions to our offering of skin care products, is a line specially formulated to take care of all skin types to give you healthy, smooth skin. Read More

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