Healthy Holiday Dishes

Here’s something you already knew: the holidays are a dangerous time for healthy eaters! With temptation around every corner, it can become difficult to stay on track with your diet. We’re sharing some healthy dishes to make that will taste delicious and leave you feeling guilt free! We found all of these recipes on the TLS® Weight Loss Pinterest account. Check their boards for many more healthy ideas! Read More

Organizing New Contacts with Mobile PRM

The holidays are a busy time for shopping and we’ve certainly covered that here on the blog lately. But the holidays are also a prime time to meet new contacts at holiday parties and gatherings. Heading off to an holiday alumni event at your alma mater? Meeting your husband’s extended family for the first time? There are plenty of opportunities to network at the holidays! With Mobile Prospect Relationship Management (PRM), you can easily keep track of everyone new you meet! Read More

How to Build Your Business with Isotonix® Champion Blend Plus

Without a doubt, Isotonix Champion Blend Plus is one of the hottest products of 2012, but is your business properly taking advantage of this opportunity? If you’re working on setting your sights on interested clients, here are a few business building techniques that could turn you into a sales champion: Read More

Behind the Scenes: Crafting Powerline

Ten months out of every year, a powerful tool shows up in mailboxes of UnFranchise® Owners across the nation. Powerline magazine, Market America’s publication for Shop Consultants, is the result of months of hard work here at ma Headquarters. We’re taking you behind the scenes and showing you just how this great magazine makes it to your home! Read More

Thanksgiving: The Perfect Time to Share Your Business

Thanksgiving brings families together to share in gratitude and thankfulness and, of course, to eat food! As an UnFranchise® Business Owner, this holiday is the perfect time to share what you do with those who matter most. How do you bring up the subject of business while at the dinner table? Read on for our tips: Read More

Stop Stress and Weigh Less!

Most everyone is familiar with the stresses of life these days — a Google search for “article on stress” yields a total of 131,000,000 results. Many of these are lists of events considered to be highly stressful, such as sudden changes in career, relocation of home or business, and changes in financial status. When engaged in business building, it’s very easy to easy to come across all of these at one time or another! Read More

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