Your hard work is paying off: Market America ranks in the Direct Selling Top 100!

Just released today: the Direct Selling Top 100, as reported in the Wall Street Journal, and Market America ranks 25th! We’re honored  to make this prestigious list, and even more proud you, the dedicated Unfranchise® Owners, who work hard every day to make this possible.

This ranking is determined based on the company’s net revenue, before commissions are paid, and without any value-added tax.  And the numbers are exciting: the top 100 companies that meet this criteria are supported by a sales force 43 million strong! That means that more and more people are realizing the true power of entrepreneurship as this changing and uncertain economy forces people to re-examine their careers. Read More

Get your tickets to International Convention TODAY (or regret it tomorrow)!

We can’t believe it’s already time for International Convention again! If your calendar isn’t already blocked off for August 9-11, it’s time to get in gear because tickets are going FAST! Time is almost up for reservations (Gala tickets are sold out, but there are some regular tickets remaining), and this is one convention you DON’T want to miss.

The 20th Anniversary of Market America is a gigantic milestone in the company’s history, and we’ll certainly be making history this August. Don’t regret missing it when your tickets are only a click or call away!

And now there’s even MORE incentive: in honor of the 20th anniversary, we’ll be giving away some pretty amazing prizes. Read More

SHOP.COM Needs your Help to WIN the Social Madness Competition!

It’s time to rally around your portals and show the world what our people power is all about! Last week we had a tremendous showing of support for Market America in the’s Social Madness Competition – helping our brand to jump into second place. Now it’s time to step up and help support in this national social media contest!

VOTING for SHOP.COM is the perfect way to help support your brand and business – especially when you get your entire network to VOTE too! The first round ends this SUNDAY – so go online and vote TODAY to help SHOP.COM make it to the second round!!!

Help win the Medium Business category by following these simple steps below:

1) Visit the Social Madness website and select Greensboro / Winston-Salem / High Point (since this is where our headquarters is located). Read More

Market America Launches in Mexico with Tremendous Success

What a successful launch for Market America Mexico this past weekend — we are in yet another country! It was quite a turnout with many enthusiastic new Independent Shop Consultants. Carmelo Anthony, Duane McLaughlin and Amber Ridinger were all in attendance, helping to build momentum and motivate!


These are certainly exciting times for all of us and Market America Worldwide/SHOP.COM!  Our global community of entrepreneurs continues to grow as we duplicate the UnFranchise® business, our brands and our technology into new markets.

CLICK below to watch Eva Longoria introduce Market America to Mexico!

Read More

Learn to Expand your Business on the Next National Chinese Conference Call

Expand your Market America business in Mandarin Chinese and join James Kuo (Field President and Million Dollar Club achiever) with Emily Cheng (Advisory Council Member, Million Dollar Club achiever and Field Vice President), and Judd Hu (Executive Coordinator) as they share the Market America business opportunity in Mandarin Chinese.

Take advantage of this ‘LIVE’ national conference call and have your team members and qualified prospects learn how they can achieve financial success with the UnFranchise® System and ma® Cashback program. Learn about the billion-dollar product lines in the Market America Online Shopping Portal, the thousands of Partner Stores and how easy it is to evaluate the Two- to Three-Year Plan with Market America absolutely ‘FREE’ with no obligation. Read More

Get Out The Vote! Market America Competes For Top Honors in National Social Media Competition

Help us get out the vote! We need 1,000 votes TODAY to keep OPC-3 alive!

As entrepreneurs, we must always look upon the challenges we face as opportunities – and today I have an exciting challenge for all of us. Our company has entered’s Social Madness competition – which measures companies’ social media presence. This is a great opportunity for Market America to show the social media world what we’re made of!

At Market America, we live by our motto – Powered by People, and now it’s time to leverage our people power in the Social Madness competition! As the social shopping leader, we are in a unique position to capitalize off of this competition and to show them what people power is all about! Read More

Join Andrew Weissman at the London UBP Tonight!

The momentum and turnout of the recent events in the UK has been tremendous, and we will continue that trend with an UnFranchise® Business Presentation tonight! Andrew Weissman, featured speaker and Executive Director of Field Development, will be there to meet you and your prospects.


If you’d like to learn more about building your UnFranchise business in the United Kingdom, while generating ongoing income, join Andrew Weissman tonight at the Thistle Westminster Hotel for a special presentation that may change the way you do business!

We hope to see you there!

Thursday, 7 June – UnFranchise Business Presentation

7:30-9:00 p.m.

Location: Thistle Westminster Hotel 
49 Buckingham Palace Road, London, SW1W 0DT; Phone: 020-720-6992 Read More

Marc Ashley Speaks at the 2012 IRCE

The Internet Retailer Conference in Chicago is the nation’s largest E-commerce expo, with over 500 of the top vendors present. The expo is also one of the largest exhibitions of cutting-edge E-commerce technology in the world, giving those in attendance the opportunity to experience the latest and greatest e-commerce solutions first hand.

In addition to all of the great technology on display, over 175 industry experts speak at this incredible event – sharing their insights into connecting with customers in the digital age. One of this year’s featured speakers was none other than our very own Marc Ashley!


Marc had the opportunity to speak yesterday at the IRCE, and mesmerized the internet retailing world as he shared his insights about developing a cutting-edge e-commerce platform. Read More

The True Power of the Portal

This is an incredible testimonial showing the true power of the portal, and how important it is for you to step up and become a full service product broker, one to one marketer and Independent Shop Consultant for your preferred customers, friends and acquaintances. It’s all about helping them get the most out of their shopping experience!

This example shows the power of FREE SHIPPING and Cashback, and what they can do for your customers. It also shows the incredible power of our unique business opportunity, SHOP.COM and Market America products!

Take a look at this incredible example, and ask yourself: “What would happen if I did this with all of my customers, and got everyone in my organization to do the same?” All you have to do is get with the program and make it happen! Read More

Launching Today: the maCARES Website!

Now there’s a home on the internet for MACares: a charitable giving and fundraising organization! Visit the site regularly to learn about upcoming projects, and check in on ongoing volunteer efforts, like the Patriot Rovers, Victory Junction and

For more than a decade, Market America has been working to:

  • Provide disaster relief
  • Donate to the cause of disease prevention and intervention
  • Raise awareness and donations for organizations that assist abandoned and abused animals
  • Organize events to raise support for children that are less fortunate or struggling with illness
  • Assist a variety of non-profit organizations through donations
  • Send teams of volunteers to support community projects

We’re proud of the work we do to give back, and we’d love to have your support behind us! Read More

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