MAWC2012 Update: ShopBox and ma Network with Gene Wallace

“I love you!” an excited audience member shouts out when Eugene Wallace details the new tracking metrics for ma Network and ShopBox™. Gene replied, “We are doing this for you guys, trying to give you every tool possible for your business!” Has he ever provided us with some great tools!

Market America is leading the Social Commerce forefront with industry-changing tech tools such as ma Network and ShopBox. ma Network is a full shopping application designed to function on Facebook to take the user from shopping to a sale. With ma Network, you can search millions of products, view product details, check out hot deals, events and recommendations. Even more exciting, ma Network now provides you lead alerts to tell you when someone clicked on one of your product links!  We agree, the scream of “I love you!” was justified! Read More

Motives® has launched!

“Motives by Loren Ridinger is continuing to get bigger and better! In addition to the great announcements for Motives for La La and the Spring/Summer 2012 collection called Destination Beauty, Motives has launched! is the place to find all the hottest trends, the greatest looks and the latest news on everything in the beauty and personal care industry! proudly features all of your favorite brands, including Motives cosmetics, Fixx™ by Loren Ridinger, Cellular Laboratories, Matriskin and much, much more!

From celebrity looks to trendspotting to how-to’s using your favorite Market America products, is filled with great articles from the Motives team and news from our fabulous Certified Motives Trainers from all across the country. Read More

MAWC2012 Update: JR Inspires the Troops!

“The only way to fail is to quit or simply not to try.” –JR Ridinger

JR delivered yet another epic speech today at the Market America World Conference – filled with the passion and intensity that we’ve come to expect from our fearless leader. He touched on a wide range of topics, from the IBV Bonus Pool, to Priming the Pumps – and kept the crowd pumped up in the process! Here’s a quick summary of the topics JR touched on this afternoon:


When you are making lots of sales and IBV – it automatically creates a new revenue stream! It’s all about using the site – that’s why we created the IBV bonus pool – yet another stream of money! Read More

MAWC2012 Update: Powered by People!

The Market America events are all about group spirit, but that includes some very moving individual stories – and we had the opportunity to hear a very moving individual story tonight. Joanne Hsi, International Field President, introduced one of her mentees, breakout star and newly minted Field Vice President Stacy Tung from Market Taiwan.

Since her first convention in 2007, Stacy’s been paying the full cost to come on her team’s behalf, in order to save them money. But eventually, she says, “it was harder for me to communicate with my leaders as time went on. The belief is totally different after being here—I know they love this business and I love them, I want to be successful with them. Read More

MAWC2012 Update: Alice in Wonderland, Shop Buddy and Phase II

Marc Ashley brought down the house with his presentation on the Phase II developments for, introducing several new tools to make shopping through the portal even easier—and more profitable!

NEW: Shop Buddy, which will help you in finding deals on the Portal through all our partner stores. The Shop Buddy toolbar will stay with you – when you visit partner stores, it prompts you to log in to ensure you get your Cashback and IBV, and every current Hot Deal will show up in an expanding window to make sure you don’t miss out on great sales!

NEW: There’s a strong international contingent here at the Market America World Conference, and over the next 4-6 weeks, they’ll be getting their own exclusive international domains so that all countries have access to the portal. Read More

Taking Mobile Technology to the Next Level!

“If a company fails to adapt to the current climate they will become extinct” – Steve Jobs

Steve Ashley took the stage today to highlight the incredible things we’ve been working on for our mobile technology initiatives!

The mobile trend is coming whether you like it or not – and Market America and SHOP.COM are leading the pack when it comes to utilizing the latest mobile technology.

Mobile shopping is the future, and is one of the biggest upcoming sensations in commerce – Mobile sales are skyrocketing and we are poised to make the most out of this cutting edge technology!

We are committed to leading the social shopping revolution – and the ma Mobile app is central to this mission. Read More

Gloria Estefan Makes Special Appearance, Debuts New Video at MAWC 2012!

As if the 2012 Market America World Conference wasn’t exciting enough – Loren Ridinger and Andrew Weissman just introduced 7-time Grammy Winner – Gloria Estefan to the stage!

Gloria gave us the treat of a lifetime – sharing with us her brand new music video, Hotel Nacional – one full week before anyone else has the chance to see it! This is one experience that I will never forget!

Just one of the many perks of attending the 2012 Market America World Conference!

  Read More

Don’t Leave Miami Without Your Three Tickets to the 20th Annual International Convention!

We’ve got a great deal on tickets for our 20th annual International Convention. As a special bonus – For those attending the 2012 World Conference who purchase at least (3) three 2012 International Convention Tickets, you will receive two 100g bottles of Isotonix OPC–3®, one 300g bottle of Isotonix® Digestive Enzymes and your own ma WebCenter!  That’s a $441.85 value!

Visit the Ticket Sales Booth in the main concourse of American Airlines Arena for more information on this incredible deal! Read More

Day Two of the 2012 Market America World Conference is About to Begin!

I hope you took your OPC-3 this morning, because you are going to be hearing from Andrew Weissman, Loren Ridinger, Steve Ashley, Marc Ashley, JR, and Joe Bolyard – all before lunch! This is going to be one action-packed day!

  • Steve will be up first today – updating you on the latest mobile technology, and how it’s changing the face of commerce.
  • Up next will be Marc Ashley – sharing the cutting-edge advancements we’ve been working on for Market America / SHOP.COM
  • As if the morning wasn’t exciting enough – JR will be sharing with us the playbook for success.
  • After JR’s Playbook, Steve Ashley and Joe Bolyard will hit the stage to celebrate our Challenge winners!
  • Read More

Through your eyes: the sights and sounds of MAWC 2012!

Did you take any pictures, or shoot any video while you were at the 2012 Market America  World Conference? If so – we’d love to see them and share them with our readers!  Just send in your pictures and videos from World Conference, and we’ll put some of them up on our blogs. Please send them to! Read More

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