The Importance of Recruiting Motives® Beauty Advisors

When helping your team grow toward success, it may seem difficult to select an individual who can become a great Motives® Consultant. Have no fear! Recruiting a future Motives Consultant doesn’t have to be difficult – and it’s also an extremely powerful way to expand your business. Read More

Managing Your Money with Holiday Purchases

We’re mere weeks away from the holidays and the busiest shopping season has begun! While its fun to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of buying gifts for family and friends, don’t lose sight of your monetary goals and budget plans! We’re here to offer some tips that will help you keep the holidays from robbing your bank accounts! Read More

Launching Success: Carmelo Anthony & Champion Blend Plus

We’ve been spreading the word about basketball star Carmelo Anthony’s partnership with Isotonix Champion Blend Plus. Now, with our latest video, Carmelo Anthony: Isotonix Champion Blend Plus – Launch Party, Market America is giving you a behind-the scenes look at the hottest party of the season. Read More

Product Symposium 2012: A Recap

Last weekend, many made the trek to Ocean City, MD for the 2012 Product Symposium! It was a time of learning, networking, and even a few surprises! The three day event brought members of the Market America family together to go in depth about our products, as we heard excellent presentations from our Scientific Affairs and Product Management staff. Read More

Behind The Scenes: Planning Powerline

Ten months out of every year, a powerful tool shows up in mailboxes of UnFranchise® Owners across the nation. Powerline magazine, Market America’s publication for Shop Consultants, is the result of months of hard work here at ma Headquarters. For the next few weeks, we’re going to take you behind the scenes and show you just how this great magazine makes it to your home! Read More

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