Breakout Sessions – Thursday, February 2nd

6:45 – 8:15pm – Mandarin Speaking Distributor Coring | Joe Bolyard – (American Airlines Arena)

8:00 – 9:00pm – Prospect Relationship Management Goes Mobile | Andrew Weissman, Jim Winkler, Michael Brady – (Concerto)

8:00 – 9:15pm – Gain Success with TLS ® | Lydia Martinez (Symphony I/II)

8:00 – 9:30 pm – Jammin’ with Conquer 3.0 | Amanda Ridinger (Tenor)

8:00 – 10:00 – A Detailed Look at the New Products, Including Motives for La La | Tanya Smith, Kim Yow & more (Symphony III/IV)

9:15 – 10:45pm – Social Media 101 | Jason Burns (Concerto)

9:30 – 10:45pm – Commitment to Wellness with nutraMetrix ® | Lorin Sourbeck (Symphony I/II) Read More

It’s All About Simplifying

The American Airlines Arena was hyped BEFORE Vice President of Sales Jim Winkler and Executive Director of Field Development Andrew Weissman took the stage (after all, Loren Ridinger just welcomed everyone to the 2012 ma World Conference!), but what they had to share had the crowd on their feet. So what’s making it easier than ever to be a successful entrepreneur in 2012?


The UnFranchise Business Presentation has gotten a facelift, so it’s faster to present and even easier to understand. New key tools like the redesigned (and condensed!) Getting Started Guide, and of course the new Fast Track Kit, are making it simple, speedy and affordable to become a new Shop Consultant and start growing! Read More

TLS® Find Your Fit Challenge 2012

Lydia Martinez, TLS Director, announces a huge contest during the TLS presentation today at the Market America World Conference 2012 in Miami!

Who wants to win $10,000? With the new TLS Find Your Fit Challenge, you can win cash rewards and TLS merchandise. Two challenges will be running, an Individual Challenge and a Group Challenge.

The contest rewards participants for both body and life transformations. The goal is to create a healthier lifestyle, not only weight loss. Each participant will be judged on both their “before” and “after” photos and a 250-500 word essay detailing their experience!

Registration begins February 2, 2012 through March 1, 2012. The contest for both begins March 5, 2012. Read More

List of Speakers for Thursday, February 2nd


General Session – American Airlines Arena – 10am to 6:30pm

Welcome to Market America’s 2012 World Conference – Loren Ridinger

Simplify Your Business with the Latest Innovations – Andrew Weissman, Jim Winkler, Kevin Buckman

A New Era of Motives Begins: Motives for La La – Loren Ridinger, La La Anthony

Simple Strategies for Retailing & Recruiting – Dennis Franks

Built from Event to Event – Olivia Li

A Music Revolution with Conquer 3.0 – Amanda Ridinger

TLS Weight Loss Solution Innovations – Lydia Martinez

A New Generation of Entrepreneurs – Andrew Weissman , Jim Winkler

Revolutionizing Health Care with nutraMetrix – Lorin Sourbeck

Master the Web with ma WebCenters, iTransact & Distributor Recruiting Sites (DRS) – Jeremy Fennema

Build on the Newest Products – Tanya Smith

Succeeding with NPO & ma Capital Resources – Kevin Buckman, Jeremy Fennema

*Schedule subject to change Read More

Welcome to the 2012 Market America World Conference!

This event has the ability to change lives and to inspire others to achieve what they once though was impossible: financial and time freedom. To work for oneself and invest in your own future – without spinning your wheels in the 45 year rut – is a concept whose time is well overdue.

For twenty years our business has opened new doors for anyone with entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to improve their lives and the lives of others. To be sure, our global community of entrepreneurs holds an unbelievable power to change the world and change lives in the process. After all, It’s not just about the goals you reach, but the lives you touch. Read More

Howard Spector: The Man Behind the Curtain

It takes a talented team of highly-skilled professionals working in perfect harmony to pull off an event like the 2012 Market America World Conference. Since 1997, Market America has relied on Howard Spector and Ashley Events to coordinate events like our World Conference and International Convention.

With 11 semis fully-loaded with props and equipment, and over 150 people on hand, orchestrating a highly-technical event of this magnitude takes experience and savvy. So what does it take to pull off an event like Market America’s World Conference? We asked the man behind the curtain himself, Ashley Event’s owner Howard Spector…

First of all, could you tell us a little about yourself, and how you got involved in the event management business? Read More

Driving Directions

Miami International Airport to the American Airlines Arena:

View Larger Map

  1. When exiting the Airport, head south on Miad Circle.
  2. Take the ramp to your right.
  3. At the traffic circle, take the 3rd exit onto the NW 21st St ramp.
  4. Turn right onto NW 21st St
  5. Take the 1st right onto NW 37th Ave
  6. Slight left to merge onto FL-836 E toward I-395/I-95 (Toll Road)
  7. Continue onto I-395 E
  8. Take exit 2A on the left for NE 2nd Ave toward US-1/Biscayne Blvd/Arenas/Pac
  9. Turn right onto NE 2nd Ave
  10. Turn left onto NE 8th St. The American Airlines Arena will be on the right.

Miami International Airport to the Hilton Miami Downtown (Host Hotel)

View Larger Map

  1. When exiting the Airport, head south on Miad Circle.
  2. Read More

Miami and Ft. Lauderdale Airport Guides

Miami International Airport (MIA)

Concourse E features the main shopping area. Each concourse offers a duty-free shopping center, which is accessible by passengers with boarding passes.
Gift shops are found in Concourses C, E, and G.

Restaurants and Bars

All of the concourses at Miami International Airport terminal feature restaurants and bars. Popular eateries include Burger King, Pizza Hut Express, Budweiser Brew House, and Baked Potato Cart.

Internet Access

Data port connections are available throughout the terminals.

Foreign Exchange Desks

Currency exchange facilities are available at Concourses C and D.

Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs)

ATMs are located throughout the terminals, easily accessible by passengers.


Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport (FLL)


News agents and gift shops are available in all terminals.

Read More

Follow your Favorite MA Products on Facebook and Twitter!

As a distributor, you have many tools at your disposal to help you grow your business – and few of them are more effective than Social Media. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are great for interacting with your customers and finding new prospects – but they can also really help you get the word out about your business and the products you sell.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to participate in Market America and’s social media pages. Sharing our messages and engaging in the conversation is a great way to help spread the word about this amazing business, and it also helps you grow your business! Read More

Before You Go: Things You Don’t Want To Leave Home Without!

It’s time to start packing your bags for the 2012 Market America World Conference! A well thought out packing strategy can help you avoid leaving important items behind. With that in mind we have compiled a list of the Top 10 most important items you will need for MAWC2012.  Double and triple check these items against your luggage; it will give you peace of mind and help promote a stress-free travel experience.

Top 10 Don’t Forget at Home Items

  1. Your MAWC2012 Ticket – Check SEVERAL times before leaving that you have it! No entry without one!
  2. Comfortable Shoes and Clothes – Warm weather and a lot of walking will mean you’ll want to be as comfortable as possible both indoors and out.
  3. Read More

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