Behind The Scenes: Where Does Your Mail Go?

Even though the internet has changed the way we communicate on almost every level, sometimes you just can’t get around sending a physical letter through the good ol’ Post Office. As an UnFranchise Owner, you’ve probably sent something through the mail at some point to our Market America corporate office. And no, I’m not talking about email or Facebook messages; we’re talkin’ good old snail mail! But have you ever wondered what happens to the mail you send to Market America or how it ends up in the right department? Here’s a fun peek behind the scenes at how – and who! – processes mail sent from YOU to our office! Read More

FREE WEBINAR THIS MONDAY 5/20/13: The Importance of Calcium

Calcium is one of the most essential nutrients our bodies need to function properly, and its benefits go beyond our bones.

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body, and while almost everyone appreciates its role in bone formation and bone health, calcium also plays an essential role in many functions in the blood and tissues. Read More

Local Seminars Near You Saturday, May 18 & 25, 2013

One of the greatest assets of being an UnFranchise® Business owner is the surplus of information available to you. Seminars hosted by successful UnFranchise® Business owners are a great outlet for gaining new perspectives and problem solving tactics. Don’t miss out on these opportunities that may be near you over the weekend to gain insight on building your UnFranchise®! Read More

Shop Consultant Spotlight: Gavin & Tanesha Westcarr

This week, our featured Shop Consultants are successful UnFranchise® Owners and Market UK Field Leaders Gavin and Tanesha Westcarr! Last Thursday we asked our Facebook audience what questions they would like to ask them about building a successful business from the ground up in the UK. Read on to see if they answered your question! Read More

Great Reads for Entrepreneurs

Whether you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur or are a seasoned go-getter, it’s always a good idea to seek advice from others in your field. Maybe others will have encouraging words for you as you begin to build your business. Perhaps someone else has a unique take on something you’ve been doing the same way for years! Here are our picks for the books you need to be reading as you further your career as an UnFranchise® Owner: Read More

Social Media Monday: Top Stories from Around the Web

By now you probably know that the Market America Social Media Team has a (healthy) obsession with social media! It’s our job to stay in-the-know and keep tabs on important social media news, developments, and site improvements. However, as an UnFranchise® Owner, staying up to date on all-things social media can be difficult if you want to get anything else done! That’s why we’ve compiled this list of noteworthy social media news from last week that is relevant to you and your business. Enjoy! Read More

SHOP.COM Saturday: A Look at the International Marketplace

While you probably visit your SHOP.COM portal every day, do you ever stop to think about our international SHOP.COM sites? SHOP.COM has a presence in all of our market countries as well as around the globe, thanks to the new GLOBAL.SHOP.COM. We sat down with Lisa Tufts to get a closer look on how the SHOP.COM team keeps everything straight between sites: Read More

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