ma Jobs: Multimedia Video Editor

Now hiring!

We’re hiring again! Market America is looking to hire a full-time Multimedia Video Editor and Motion Graphic Artist.

Are you passionate about video editing? Do you get excited when the crowd erupts in applause at your trailer or commercial? We have a job for YOU!

This person will create and/or assist in all video and multimedia productions.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Planning
  • Scripting
  • Budgeting
  • Technical planning
  • Production
  • Post-production
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Did you say FREE Snap™ products? Contest winners announced!

What a great response to MA Happy Home’s first product giveaway!  Thanks to all of you who entered our contest!  We received many great comments and testimonials on the multipurpose and concentrated benefits of Snap and some creative new uses for these versatile products.

I have my family using Snap products. It is amazing how much money you save. Since I can get multiple bottles out of one because it is concentrated, there is no way I can get a better product any cheaper. I Love Snap products.” – Alan Emery

I love the scent of the scouring cleanser and the “pink stuff” as my kids call the All-Purpose Natural Concentrate.  Not only are these products concentrated they also eliminate the need for over half a dozen separate products!

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Market America International Convention coming soon!

JR Ridinger at the Market America International Convention

As many of you know it is a sold-out convention.  Market America is going into its 20th successful year in business and things are busting at the seams. Back in the beginning we used to talk about critical mass and the tidal wave about to crest and true to the words, it crested.

Well, the next critical mass tidal wave is building again through all of the new innovative technology that is our portal – the most powerful shopping portal in the world.  You simply need to be at the 2011 Market America International Convention (and bring any new people you’ll have between now and August). The information you’ll be receiving at this convention is far too advanced to try to explain to you if you didn’t attend. Read More

Take Up The Challenge During National Fitness Month!

For the month of May, we’re celebrating the highly important role that fitness plays in our health, wellness, appearance and outlook. Regular exercise paired with a balanced diet helps reduce the risk of major afflictions like diabetes and heart disease, as well as whittle down waistlines. Working out and eating right makes everyone healthier and happier!

For those who have not introduced a fitness program into their daily lives, now is the perfect time to begin, and for those who have, now is the perfect time to turn things up a notch…*

Make the transition to a healthier, fitter and trimmer way of life with the Transitions™ 3-week challenge! Three simple steps will give a big jump-start to all who take up the challenge on their way towards a firmer physique, and give a big boost to all those who’ve made fitness a part of their life. Read More

National Fitness and Sports Month is Right On Time

Walking is an important form of exercise for National Fitness and Sports Month

May is National Fitness and Sports Month, and it turns out this is a good thing for even more reasons than we listed in our first posting. When it comes to getting into a fitness groove, this is exactly the time of year that can help you find your rhythm.

Despite the time-honored tradition, it turns out that resolution-crazed January is actually one of the worst times to start up any kind of fitness routine–the fact is that short days can knock levels of serotonin out of whack, causing food cravings, while lower temperatures tend to keep people indoors and sedentary.

On the other hand, according to experts, one of the best times to get and stay fit is Read More

Did You Say FREE Snap™ Products?

Have you heard?

Market America Home & Garden is now on Facebook and Twitter. We are all about making happy homes and finding eco-friendly solutions to save you time & money when caring for your home, cars, pets and garden.

Follow Market America Home & Garden on Facebook ( and Twitter (@mahappyhome) to receive specials, promotions and the opportunity to enter contest giveaways.

And speaking of contests: It’s time to start our first one! We all know that the best way to be able to learn and share stories about the power of ecofriendly, multipurpose, concentrated Snap™ products is by witnessing their cleaning power first hand.

That’s why we’re giving away 10 FREE Snap products! Read More

Increased cashback happening now from Market America

Earn cashback on purchases when you shop at Market America

It’s that time of the week again – increased cashback deals courtesy of Market America.  Here are this week’s deals on your favorite products from Market America, which we hope you’ll love as much as we do!  Remember to circulate these deals with your customers, so that they can take advantage of the increase in ma® cashback from Market America too!

Remember, these deals expire 5/18/11, so be sure to share them with your customers so that they can take advantage of these offers before they expire!

Increased cashback (United States):

Increased cashback (Canada):

Increased cashback (nutraMetrix®):

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Get Moving In May with National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

National Physical Fitness and Sports Month –THIS month, for those who may not know–highlights the highly important role that exercise plays in our health, wellness, appearance and outlook. Participation in sports strengthens not only body and mind, but also community and friendship.

National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

Physical fitness–that is, regular exercise AND nutritious eating, practiced together, in balance–is truly irreplaceable; it forms the very cornerstone of health. Regular exercise and a balanced diet reduces Read More

Marc Ashley talks acquisition in The Business Journal

Marc Ashley featured in The Business Journal - Cover

Hope everyone is having a terrific week. Wanted to share with you an article that just crossed my iPhone – Marc Ashley, COO of Market America, was recently interviewed by The Business Journal on Market America’s acquisition of In his interview, he talks cashback, technology, and the future of Market America. Read More

Behind the scenes at Rally for Kids with Cancer

In case you had not heard, Market America won big at the 2011 Rally for Kids with Cancer. Not only did Market America Team #2 (Duane McGlaughlin & Amber Ridinger) win the Rally for Kids with Cancer Scavenger Cup, but Market America helped raised $125,000 to benefit kids suffering from cancer.

Take a moment to watch some of the exclusive behind the scenes footage from the event — I especially loved watching JR Ridinger and Eva Longoria swim with the dolphins!

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