Utilizing Twitter to Grow Your Business is Easier Than You Think

A couple of months ago, I wrote an article for the Powerline Magazine outlining a step-by-step guide for using Twitter to find success as an entrepreneur. Over the past few weeks I have been working diligently to grow my own personal Twitter following, while additionally putting those best practices in place for the Market America account. In a short amount of time, I have seen tremendous results, and I think you will too if you follow these simple tweeting tactics:


1. Jump in feet first. Twitter is simple and it’s free, so getting started is as easy as the click of mouse. Find twitter.com to create a personal [or business] profile. Read More

Pinterest Fix! Making sure items you pin link directly back to your portal and not SHOP.COM

Many UFOs are having the same issue: pinning directly from their portal does NOT direct people back to their portal, but to the SHOP.COM site, thus taking away the sale they would have made. This is caused by the fact that the images are not hosted in your portal specifically, but on the SHOP.COM website. As of right now, the fix requires one extra step, but it will ensure that you are credited with each sale made from your Pinterest pins!

To fix the issue, when you pin from your portal, follow these easy steps:

  1. Use the “Pin It!” button installed in your browser*, and select the image of the item you wish to PIN.
  2. Read More

Using Persistence and Accountability to Find Success as an Entrepreneur

In a company with a track record of success, there is great opportunity for each member to individually succeed. That success, however, hinges on each individual’s willingness to work for it, and work hard. With a pin level of Professional Coordinator, Heather Pilibosian has obviously put in a great deal of work to get where she is.

Recently, we had the opportunity to interview her, find out what drives her as an UnFranchise® Owner, and learn how she found her success.

How long have you been with Market America and what inspired you to become an UnFranchise Owner?

I am 34 years young and a graduate of The University of New Hampshire with a Bachelor’s Degree from the Whittemore School of Business and Economics.  I always told myself, in order to secure my financial future; I needed to be my own boss.  Having watched my parents pioneer their UnFranchise Business years prior, I always knew the company was both viable and profitable.  I began building my UnFranchise Business part-time.  Within the first year my part-time UnFranchise income matched what I was earning with my full-time job!*  At that point, I realized I was happily unemployable, and fired my boss! Read More

5 Questions with Executive Director, Al Yentsch

In a company literally powered by people, each person is an integral cog in the machine that makes Market America run—and run fast! Our UnFranchise® owners come from some of the most varied backgrounds and experiences possible, but they all have one thing in common: a passion for what they do. Combine that with a driving spirit to succeed and unwavering persistence and you have someone perfectly poised for Executive Director Status. MA recently had an opportunity to catch up with one such Executive Director: Al Yentsch.


How long have you been a Market America UnFranchise Owner?

15 ½ years

What products do you take on a daily basis? Read More

Why ma® WebCenters Will Grow Your Business, Fast.

Becoming part of Market America as a full time employee has been an exciting ride – and I have made it my mission to learn as much as I can about the ins and outs of UnFranchise® ownership – so that I can share that knowledge with our community.

Recently, I sat down with Jeremy Fennema, Director of Internet Services and Training for Market America, and I had one question: What’s a quick and simple solution for UnFranchise owners to see business growth?  He gave me the breakdown on why maWebCenters is the perfect solution for growing your business, fast.


Here’s what I learned:

For those new to the world of sales and product retailing, maWebCenters is designed as a turnkey business building solution for anyone – you don’t even have to know how to sell! Read More

An Introduction to Dana, Our Newest Social Media Team Member

As usual, things have been pretty exciting in the social media department. We have been busier than ever, which gave us the opportunity to bring another writer to the team.  I had the chance to sit down with our new addition, Dana Dillehunt, to get the full story on moving north to south, food photography and why she loves to write.

A hilarious photo snapping, puppy loving, creative spirit – Dana has brought a great energy and inspired ideas to the department – and we are thrilled to have her! READ below to learn a little more about Dana, her pets and why she’s passionate about social media.


AL: What did you do before Market America? Read More

National Conference Call with Five Successful Builders

Don’t miss the National Conference Call with five successful builders this Sunday, April 15  at 8:30 pm EDT!

Join Todd Laire (National Supervising Coordinator and Southeast Regional Director), Bobby Cannata (Executive Director and Million Dollar Club achiever), John Josetti (Director and Million Dollar Club achiever), Rick Tysinger (National Supervising Coordinator), and Tony Molinaro (Professional Coordinator) to learn how to make a quantum leap with your Market America UnFranchise® business.

They’ll discuss leveraging the billion-dollar product lines in the Online Shopping Portal, the Management Performance Compensation Plan, ma® Cashback, Market America University and the NMTSS. Get your organization, Go Nows and qualified prospects, and get on the phone and listen to this ˜LIVE’ National Conference Call to get the insights to growing your business over the next 30 days. Read More

An Introduction to Pinterest

If you haven’t yet used Pinterest, I’m sorry. No, I actually am apologizing to you (and to your partner, your dog, your kids, and everyone you know). I basically just stole your plans for the night. You see, Pinterest is a bit like Pringles: once you “pop,” you can’t stop.

What is Pinterest, you ask? Anything that exists in visual form (including text of famous quotes!) can be shared on Pinterest. For example: as you’re browsing the internet, you may come across items to redecorate your living room. Every time you spot an item that belongs in that space, one click “pins” it to your personal virtual bulletin board, for you to plan, and for everyone to see! Read More

A Big Night with Alejandro Sanz and the Spanish Dream Team

Loren and I had an incredible meeting with the Spanish Dream Team and UFO Alejandro Sanz & Raquel. The group represents an organization and following of 30,000 people joining Market America in Miami for a month of building and training!

Here’s a great shot of Alejandro presenting us with the Grammy medal for the album Paradise Express and Looking for Paradise. 

We were completely blown away. Ale is our best friend and we experienced the making of this song and album – but we never expected this. We were so humbled and honored! Read More

Creating Opportunity through Social Networking

The Social Shopping Revolution is taking the world of sales and marketing by storm. Customers are turning to their social networks more and more, for word-of-mouth recommendations and product reviews. They don’t want to waste time shopping for products they know nothing about – they want to hear about the experiences of others. Shoppers of the social media era want to be a dynamic part of the product experience.

Facebook has become an incredible tool for shoppers and entrepreneurs alike to find the right products at the right time, all while getting to enjoy the experience with their friends. All it takes for a business owner to skyrocket to success is a little innovation and interaction. Read More

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