Connecting with Market America at the 2010 International Convention

Looking for the latest news and updates from the 2010 Market America International Convention?

Be sure to connect with us in the following ways:


Visit Tweet Chat (link above) — we have a special room setup so that you can follow Market America via Twitter. When tweeting, remember to use the hashtag, #marketamerica in all of your tweets!

We’ll also use Facebook and Twitter for an upcoming Paid to Shop campaign, so be sure you’ve created these accounts so that you can take advantage of the power of social networking! Read More

ma Auctions makes a huge splash!

Yesterday, bidders got their bid on (and earned cashback) in a big way on ma Auctions, the premier online auction service from Internet retailer, Market America. So far, the response has been incredible, with thousands of visitors and hundreds of bids hitting the site in just the first few hours. Check-out some of the great deals that bidders have won!

Autographed Mickey Mantle 5×7 Color Wolf Litho

Compare at $499

Won at auction for $46.00

Helbros Men’s Silver Tone Bracelet

Compare at: $135.00

Won at auction for $16.00

Citrine Daisy Pendant in 18k Gold over Sterling Silver

Compare at: $79.00

Won at auction for $31.00

Gemstone Globe Red Jasper and Onyx Wine Stopper Set

Compare at: $150.00

Won at auction for $15.00


Maxam 2-Blade Trapper Knife

Compare at: $31.95

Won at auction for $1.00

If you missed out on these great auctions, here are some of the most popular auctions currently happening right now on ma Auctions. Read More

Power Profile video segments from Market America

Since Market America’s inception, individuals have earned over $2 billion in commissions and retail profits.  There have been hundreds of UnFranchise owners who have earned an excess of $1 million in commissions. We are in the process of capturing interviews on video of our Million Dollar Club members.

Check out these new short prospecting videos that are currently available online.  I think you will find them to be very useful in your prospecting/recruiting efforts.  You can email them or even post them to your favorite social networking sites (ie. Facebook, Twitter, ma Chatterbox) as viral marketing tools. Enjoy!

The Market America Attraction

Learn from individuals who have earned in excess of one million dollars in commissions and what attracted them to become an UnFranchise owner with Market America. Read More

How to: Access Market America's website to shop and earn cashback!

Many of you have emailed me, asking what the best way to access Internet retailer, Market America’s website is. It really depends on two things. Are you stationary — like at a laptop or are you trying to access the site from your mobile phone?

If you’re on a desktop, laptop or iPad, the best way is to visit

For those on the go that want to shop from their mobile devices, visit — note there is no “www” in the address — from your smartphones web browser.

Take a moment to view a short video on what screens you should see when shopping and earning cashback from your computer and from your smartphone. Read More

Listen to Market America audios on the ma Toolbar

If you’re serious about learning something, the key is to use repetition.  With that being said, learning about Market America and the power of the UnFranchise business plan requires dedication to sticking to the methods that you are taught.  Now, in addition to having your Market America mp3 player with you that is already loaded with great motivational audios, users who have the ma Toolbar from Market America installed, can now listen to these great tracks right from their web browser!

Simply click on the radio player icon and select “ma radio” from the list of available stations in the ma Toolbar.  Now, you can listen to motivational audios while you’re shopping online, paying bills or checking emails! Read More

nutraMetrix enhances existing web portal

If you weren’t already aware, the nutraMetrix web portal from Internet retailer, Market America just got a whole lot better.  The new site features a number of notable enhancements that will make being a nutraMetrix consultant even better.  Take a moment to look through the list of enhancements below and let us know what you think!

New enhancements to the nutraMetrix web portal:

  • Suggested search results
  • Premier partner and affiliate links now available
  • Quickly view product details and images
  • Search now includes an image preview
  • Ability to filter products
  • Comparison shopping
  • Products now show related products
  • Customer managers will now see BV and IBV when logged in
  • Auto-complete a search term
  • Free shipping (*on orders over $210.00)

Have you had a chance to experience the new nutraMetrix web portal yet? Read More

Sneak peek: ma Auctions

Next week should be chock-full of surprises. Wanted to take a moment though share with everyone a sneak peek of the ma Auctions program from Internet retailer, Market America.  This new program will not only let you bid on items starting at just $1, but you’ll also have the opportunity to earn cashback from Market America.

While I don’t have an official launch date (I would say Tuesday at the earliest), yuo can expect to have this new site available next week. Below are screenshots of the new site.

Market America Auctions homepage - bid, win, earn cashback

Market America Auctions email blast - bid, win, earn cashback

So what would you bid on first so that you can earn cashback? Leave a comment! Read More

Pine bark extract supplementation may ease the symptoms of hay fever.

A specific brand of Pine bark extract, Pycnogenol®, was recently evaluated for its potential use in alleviating some of the symptoms of hay fever. Hay fever or allergic rhinitis is one of  most common reasons for seeking medical attention and can often affect work and school performance. In the US an estimated 60 million persons, suffer from hay fever which is characterized with nasal congestion, sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, etc. A new study in Phytotherapy Research (June 2010), 39 adults were evaluated in a double blind placebo-controlled study. The supplemental group was given Pycnogenol 5-8 weeks prior to and during tree pollen season. Results with the Pycnogenol group showed a 35 % decrease in eye related symptoms, and a 21 % decrease in nasal symptoms. Read More

Giveaway winner announced for a VIP seat upgrade

Did you enter this week’s giveaway for VIP seat upgrades at Market America’s upcoming 2010 Market America International Convention? If so, please check below to see if you were selected as one of the lucky winners.

The winner of VIP seat upgrades at the 2010 Market America International Convention is:

  • Joan Whitten

If your name is listed above, please send an email to by Friday, July 29, 2010. Be sure to include your name, phone number and the name of the person you plan on bringing with you to 2010 Market America International Convention.

Congratulations! Read More

Artist profile – Duane McLaughlin

Musician and actor, Duane McLaughlin, is an artist on the move.  Over the past couple of years, he has taken his lifelong passion for singing and performing, combined with his deep spiritual convictions to impressive levels.

“I have made a spiritual commitment to use my life to make a positive difference in the lives of those I share this world with. I make my music to address the challenges we face today, so that we may cope better with those that come tomorrow. I am more than an artist, I am a messenger who will deliver.”

Take a moment and listen to a clip from Duane’s  song, “I Believe.”

[powerpress url=""]

Next week, Duane will be performing at the 2010 Market America International Convention and will have available the I Believe: Market America Concert Series, featuring four spiritually enticing songs (I Believe, Ready to Live, Conquer All and Almost There) available. Read More

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