Getting Over Your Fear of Public Speaking

As an UnFranchise® Owner, you’re often called upon to step up and speak to other entrepreneurs, potential business partners, and customers. While you may not be on stage at World Conference or International Convention, a smaller crowd of people can still be intimidating. If you suffer from a bit of stage fright in front of a group, read on for tips on overcoming your nerves and speaking with authority: Read More

Mideast Regional Convention to be Streamed Live on MeetON

We’ve had two successful regional conventions this year and with the power of MeetON, we were able to let those of you at home tune in to hear from amazing speakers! This weekend, we’re offering the opportunity again at our Mideast Regional Convention. Don’t miss out! Read More

Financial Feature: Retirement Becoming the Unattainable Goal

Trivia time: define the ‘American Dream.’ In a past life, the right answer would be something along the lines of the privilege of combining hard work and perseverance to create a life for yourself, a family, and assets for next generations, earning you the chance to spend your final years in complete leisure. Today, the American Dream is defined simply: a dream. Read More

Conquer Entertainment® Spotlight: Building Your Business with Conquer

Have you heard? Conquer Entertainment®, our very own record label, is growing by leaps and bounds! Whether you’ve purchased music by Conquer Artists via your SHOP.COM portal or saw a live Conquer performance at one of our national events, Conquer Entertainment® is a an amazing business-building tool that everyone can use! To learn more about Conquer Entertainment® and how UnFranchise® Owners can use this brand to build their business, I spoke with Elsi Pacheco, Director of Events at Conquer Entertainment®.  Read More

Product Spotlight: Our Favorite TLS® Nutrition Shakes

Is your biggest obstacle in weight loss battling cravings and cracking under pressure? Getting fit and losing weight is hard work, but it isn’t all boring and glum! What’s the point of being in good health if you can’t enjoy it? With TLS® Nutrition Shakes, you can create delectable creations for meal substitutes and savory snacks. Read on to see the social media team’s five favorite recipes: Read More

Southeast Regional Convention to be Streamed Live on MeetON

Last weekend we streamed the Northern Regional on MeetON for those of you too far away to attend! This weekend’s Southeast Regional will also be made available for audiences around the globe! Join us, only on MeetON: Read More

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