Our Yours by Loren for HSN favorites

We are only six days away from watching Loren Ridinger launch the Yours by Loren jewelry line on HSN! Her family at Market America and SHOP.COM couldn’t be more proud; all of us are so excited for Loren’s live show on December 12th and we know just how hard she has worked over the last year to bring you the very best with this stunning collection. To show our support of Loren and Yours by Loren for HSN, I asked everyone to take a quick break and pick their favorites from the Yours by Loren pre-sale (twist my arm!).

TELL US: Which Yours by Loren for HSN piece is your favorite? Read More

SHOP.COM Holiday Testimonials


We all know that shopping online can save you time and money – especially during the busy holiday season. Why wait in line for hours when you can get the same products online from the convenience of your own home! The best part is, with our comparison shopping technology and Cashback program – our customers always find the best deals at SHOP.COM! We constantly receive emails and letters from happy customers who want to share their shopping success stories, and now we’d like to share them with you! Here are just a few testimonials from happy SHOP.COM customers:


Roger Rose

I needed to buy a part for my car, so I called my local auto parts store. Read More

Vogue Hosts Spectacular Art Basel Event at The Ridingers’ Estate

Since 1970, artists from around the world have flocked to Basel, Switzerland for what has been referred to as “the Olympics of the art world.” Art Basel is an international festival which features works from some of the world’s most respected art dealers – and is considered the largest art show in the world. Since 2002, a sister exhibition has been held in Miami – Art Basel Miami Beach. In its own right, Art Basel Miami Beach has emerged as one of the most prestigious events in the world – with over 40,000 attendees each year! Some have even proclaimed the Miami festival has surpassed the original.

To mark the culmination of this year’s Art Basel Miami Beach, Vogue Magazine held their annual “Evenings in Vogue” event at Loren and JR Ridinger’s estate in Miami this past Saturday night. Read More

In Loving Memory of Cindy Eng

1We were saddened to hear that our longtime friend and Market America business partner Cindy Eng passed away in Danshui, Taiwan on October 27, 2011.


Cindy Eng started her UnFranchise business in the fall of 1996 when she was working at a bank in Arlington, Texas. We still vividly remember when she and her husband Herman attended one of our home business briefings in our early days of kicking off the UnFranchise business. Cindy showed her support early on by becoming a Shop Consultant shortly after the business briefing. Her support meant so much to us as we were trying to get the business off the ground.

Click here to view or download a special memorial to Cindy Eng. Read More

Don’t Miss this Week’s National Conference Call!


Join Sam Pitts as he interviews Brian Corner, who has recently joined Market America in Greensboro, NC as Director of Field Development for Internet Marketing and Sales and brings 20 years of experience in the direct marketing industry!

Invite your organization and qualified prospects to join this national conference call. Hear the excitement from Brian as to why the Unfranchise® model is the best business opportunity for financial success and to learn about the multiple income streams from the Management Performance Compensation Plan including, retail profits, BV, Management bonuses, IBV and MA® Cashback.

Listen to Brian explain WHY Market America is truly the opportunity of a lifetime, WHY making your new goals now for 2012 is vital to your success and how to create an on-going financial plan for you and your family. Read More

Loren Ridinger Makes Her Huffington Post Debut!

Loren Ridinger has always been a visionary and a trendsetting entrepreneur – providing a great deal of inspiration for all of us at Market America and SHOP.COM. We are fortunate enough to benefit from her knowledge and guidance on a daily basis – and now a brand new audience will have a chance to learn from this remarkable leader.

We’re proud to announce that Loren will now be sharing her thoughts and insights as a regular contributor for the Huffington Post! She will write a monthly column for this distinguished online news website and blog, touching on a wide range of topics from fashion to finance.

Loren’s debut Huffington Post article is now live and discusses various ways to throw a holiday party on a sensible budget. Read More

This week’s increased cashback offers!

‘Tis the season for holiday shopping! With the holiday season officially underway now that Thanksgiving has passed, don’t forget to check back here every Wednesday for the latest Market America increased cashback deals! You don’t want to pass up this kind of gift, do you?

market america paid to shop


Stealth Radar Shield – 15% cashback

MochaTonix® – 20% cashback

Bliss™ Anti Stress Formula – 25% cashback

Motives® Boxed Beauty - 20% cashback

Fixx Stem Cell Serum – 15% cashback

Isotonix® Activated B-Complex – 18% cashback


Stealth Radar Shield™ – 15% cashback

Motives Boxed Beauty™ – 20% cashback

Fixx Stem Cell Serum™ – 15% cashback

Isotonix Advanced B-Complex™ – 25% cashback


nutraMetrix® Mochatonix® – 20% cashback

nutraMetrix® Bliss™ Anti-Stress Formula – 25% cashback

Isotonix® Activated B-Complex – 18% cashback Read More

Important Videos for any UFO

ma - shop

As an entrepreneur, you need every possible advantage in the business world. Utilizing all the tools at your disposal is critical to your success, no matter what field you are in. As a Market America UnFranchise Owner, you’ve got some incredible tools at your fingertips. Among them are these powerful videos, which highlight the amazing features we’ve developed as well as the benefits using of Market America and SHOP.COM to do your online shopping.

You can find these videos on the Market America YouTube channel, as well through your portals in the Social Media Toolbox. Each one of you should not only be familiar with these videos, but also sharing them regularly on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Read More

SHOP.COM is your Source for Cyber Monday Deals


Recession? What Recession? This year’s Black Friday marked a historic day for retail, with an astounding 11.4 billion dollars in sales. According to comScore, online sales in particular saw a huge jump, as retailers sold $816 million worth of Merchandise online this past Friday. That’s an increase of 26% over last year’s numbers.

Clearly, people are recognizing the benefits of shopping online, and are flocking to online retail sites to claim the best deals of the year. All signs are pointing to a record-breaking Cyber Monday – with nearly 123 million shoppers poised to shop online today – which represents a 15% increase over last year.

As recent trends indicate, online shopping is here to stay – and what better place to cash in on the holiday deals than SHOP.COM? Read More

Find Amazing Deals with MA Auctions

With MA Auctions, consumers have a great way to shop and save on new and unused items with a $1 starting bid, and no reserve auctions. MA Auctions offers consumers incredible savings on a wide assortment of Fine Jewelry, Watches, Consumer Electronics, Accessories, Collectibles, Sports Memorabilia, House and Home Items, Sporting Goods, Tools, and much more. From watches to luggage, there’s something for everyone at MA Auctions.

Unlike some services, MA Auctions’ customers never have to purchase individual bids – each bid you place is what you will pay for it if you win the auction. The best part is you can bid with confidence because MA Auctions stands behind everything we auction with satisfaction guaranteed. Read More

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