Social Media Monday: Top Social Media Stories on the Web

Happy Social Media Monday, UnFranchise® Owners! Have you ever thought, “man, I wish I could stay on top of all the social media news and most recent developments,” but don’t have enough time to comb through all the information on the world wide web? You’re in luck! For today’s blog post, we scoured the internet for the best social media-related news and posts that are relevant to you. Read More

Shop Consultant Spotlight: Jacki Blasko, Recipient of the 2013 Jerry Siciliano Award (Part 1)

This week our featured Shop Consultant is Jacki Blasko, successful UnFranchise® Owner and the recipient of the 2013 Jerry Siciliano award! Despite a jam-packed schedule, Jacki was kind enough carve out some time to talk with me about what it felt like to win the award and her experience as a UFO that lead up to that moment. Interested in finding out what it takes to be selected as a recipient for the Jerry Siciliano award? Read on! Read More

“You Must Go Slow To Go Fast”: An UnFranchise® Owner Tells Her Story

The most precious jewel in Market America is our family – the thousands of individuals awakening to a new life. We do everything we can to provide the best tools, advice, and news to help you build your business. However, on some days, the only thing that makes any sense is the real life experience of someone that walked the same path to success and knows how the soles of your shoes feel. Read More

Our Favorite Ways to Spend Cashback

Can we just take a moment to pause and remember that we belong to a company that PAYS us to shop? SHOP.COM not only has great products, partner stores, and special tools like eGifts and Trend Shops- it also offers Cashback!

Some of you may have reaped the benefits of your Shopping Annuity and are ready to cash in, and some of you may still have your eyes on the prize. Whether you’re spending or saving, here’s a few ways you can treat yourself with the Cashback you’ve earned: Read More

Product Spotlight: Snap™ Disinfectant Cleaner

You know it, you love it, you sell it: The ma® brand, reaching across a wide range of specialties and diverse consumers. As JR said at World Conference, in order to be successful in the business, you must be a product of the product – a walking example of how the ma® brand is crafted to perfection for optimal living standards. Read More

Lumière de Vie is a Global Success!

Lumière de Vie has only been available for a couple of weeks, but it’s already a hit worldwide! We’ve received questions on the Lumière de Vie Facebook page about how to use the products and which ones work best together and in what order. Now your questions are answered! Here’s a closer look at this amazing new skincare line: Read More

Eating Healthy This Valentine’s Day: A Full Dinner Menu

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day! Don’t you love how it creeps up, just when you thought you had your holidays covered? We trek a marathon of calories to New Years, then awaken with a firm resolve to leave the heavy dishes and cookies behind. We’re eating great, feeling great, and ready to win big in 2013 by entering the TLS Find Your Fit Challenge. Then, smack in the middle of February, the trick or treat of adulthood: Valentine’s Day. Read More

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