Buy a Patriot Rovers T-Shirt and Support a Great Cause!

It’s often been said that dogs are man’s best friend, and for many veterans returning home from combat this couldn’t be more true. Many of our vets return home from service suffering from PTSD and other conditions that can have a devastating effect on their lives, but some groups are working hard change that – groups like the Patriot Rovers. Read More

The Power of Listening

As an UnFranchise® Owner, having the ability to listen is essential to the business. I don’t mean selective listening—like tuning out your spouse when they ask you to take the trash out or pick up the dry cleaning. I’m talking about the kind of listening that can take your business to the next level.

In the UnFranchise Business, there are two things you should listen to that will grow your business more than anything else—audios and your Preferred Customers (PCs) and prospects’ needs.

Audios are a great way to gain insight and inspiration from Market America’s leaders. From business building to motivation, there is an audio to fit every need. Listening to these useful soundbytes will also build your confidence and knowledge base  for your business. Read More

A Special International Convention Message from JR Ridinger

Great News – We’ve extended the deadline for #MAIC2012 ticket sales until Monday, July 23, 2012! We are beyond excited to see you there!

We’re also thrilled to share you this special message about Convention from our CEO, JR Ridinger.

Listen and enjoy as you get pumped up for MAIC2012—we’re bursting at the seams with new things to announce at Convention and we can’t wait to share them with you in August! See you in Greensboro!

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Loren’s World gets a Hot New Look!

Even websites love makeovers. Our designers have been hard at work over the last few weeks revamping the hottest place in cyberspace for everything a modern woman needs to know—from stylish looks, beauty tips, celebrity news, trend spotting, and even workplace advice for business prowess! Loren’s World is THE destination for the well-rounded, stylish and savvy femmes of today.

Be sure and check out the new look, and drop Loren a line to let her know what you think! You can find her on twitter, or just comment on her blog!

Click HERE to visit Loren’s World!

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Nonstop Growth in Mexico!

MA Mexico is growing with nonstop meetings and trainings! Maria and Roberto are passionate, relentless, and tireless builders and leaders.

The last two weeks were action packed with German Paez, Eddy Sarit, and Luzby Hernandez doing UBP’S, NDT’s, Basic 5’s, and ECCT”s. The Mexican people are so thankful for this opportunity, are anxious to learn and are so motivated to grow!

Mexico is a great place to build and grow – congratulations to everyone working hard to build the business in Mexico! Thank you to Eddy, German, and Luzby for your dedication to helping people realize their dreams. Please take a moment to read a quick message from Eddy Sarit, which speak to this point. Read More

A Powerful Business Building Message from Elizabeth Weber

Elizabeth Weber, International Field Chairman, Advisory Council Member and Million Dollar Club* achiever, has a special and personal message just for you.

Listen to Elizabeth’s incredible insights into what are the most important steps that you can take right now to move your UnFranchise® Business in a positive financial direction.

Because Elizabeth is the most successful Market America UnFranchise builder, click on now and listen carefully to how you can duplicate her actions and change your life.

*Any example of income shown for an Independent Distributor featured in this message are not intended to be representative of the earnings of any specific class of Market America Independent Distributors, nor are they intended to represent that any given Independent Distributor will earn income in that amount. Read More

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