Behind the Scenes: Crafting Powerline

Ten months out of every year, a powerful tool shows up in mailboxes of UnFranchise® Owners across the nation. Powerline magazine, Market America’s publication for Shop Consultants, is the result of months of hard work here at ma Headquarters. We’re taking you behind the scenes and showing you just how this great magazine makes it to your home! Read More

Thanksgiving: The Perfect Time to Share Your Business

Thanksgiving brings families together to share in gratitude and thankfulness and, of course, to eat food! As an UnFranchise® Business Owner, this holiday is the perfect time to share what you do with those who matter most. How do you bring up the subject of business while at the dinner table? Read on for our tips: Read More

Stop Stress and Weigh Less!

Most everyone is familiar with the stresses of life these days — a Google search for “article on stress” yields a total of 131,000,000 results. Many of these are lists of events considered to be highly stressful, such as sudden changes in career, relocation of home or business, and changes in financial status. When engaged in business building, it’s very easy to easy to come across all of these at one time or another! Read More

Survive the Seasons: FREE WEBINARS featuring Coach Lydia Martinez

During the holiday season, most people attend tons of festive events — and nearly all of them center around fattening food and drink. Add in seasonal stress and zero time to cook healthy meals, hit the gym or relax to de-stress, and you have a recipe for physical disaster. Read More

Social Media Monday: Get to Know Instagram

The ma Blog Team LOVES to share our favorite tips and tricks for building your business – especially when it comes to social media. So, every Monday, we share some of the latest tips, and the answers to our most frequently asked questions. Today we’re giving you the story on a platform you may not be familiar with yet – Instagram. Read More

The Importance of Recruiting Motives® Beauty Advisors

When helping your team grow toward success, it may seem difficult to select an individual who can become a great Motives® Consultant. Have no fear! Recruiting a future Motives Consultant doesn’t have to be difficult – and it’s also an extremely powerful way to expand your business. Read More

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