The Little Things That Count for Health

Even a cursory walk down the aisle of your favorite grocery store will broadcast the message: there’s a war on, and it’s against germs. Any cleaning product made for people, pets or floors that stands a chance had better kill them in record numbers, and when it comes to percentages anything less than 99.9% won’t be tolerated. In our current culture of antibacterial cleansers and the extensive (sometimes excessive) use of antibiotics in medicine, it’s definitely important to remember that not all bacteria are bad.

Recently there has been a huge public relations push to show that certain kinds of bacteria can help solve some of our most basic ailments. Probiotics–the collective name given to these various types of beneficial bacteria–have been used medicinally in Asia for centuries, and a lot of them can actually be counted among our best assets for overall health. Read More

New Life with Loren Episode 16 at Market America International Convention

SVP Loren Ridinger has a new Life with Loren episode available on YouTube! Our cameras followed her from rehearsal to the very end of what was an amazing weekend at the 2011 Market America International Convention in NC just a few weeks ago and now you can relive it all over again!

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Market America’s weekly increased cashback deals are here!

We’ve got this week’s fantastic increased cashback deals for you, ready to go! They expire one week from today, on Wednesday, August 24th so don’t miss out!

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Fixx Solutions Lash Extend – 15% cashback

VitaMind– 20% cashback

Transitions Chocolate Shake – 20% cashback

Transitions Vanilla Shake – 20% cashback

Isotonix Antioxidant – 20% cashback

Motives 7-piece Brush Set – 25% cashback


Fixx Solutions Lash Extend – 15% cashback

Motives 7-piece Brush Set – 25% cashback

Transitions Starter Kit – 20% cashback

Isotonix Vitamin K2 and D3 – 20% cashback


nutraMetrix Transitions Chocolate Shake – 20% cashback

nutraMetrix Transitions Vanilla Shake – 20% cashback Read More

Loren Ridinger shares her NY Fashion Week Essentials with!

Our SVP and top fashion influencer Loren Ridinger is featured on Shopbop this week! The popular online boutique (and one of Loren’s favorite partner stores!) approached Loren and asked her to share her must-have fall essentials for New York Fashion Week. You can shop her picks plus thousands of other items on at 5% cashback when you purchase through

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Convention Videos now on YouTube

The 2011 International Convention was an amazing, unforgettable event for all of us – that must be experienced to be fully appreciated. During the convention, we premiered several new videos, and now they’re all uploaded to YouTube! Feel free to share these videos with your friends!

Market America: Live the Dream

ShopBox / Integration

Live the Lifestyle with Motives by Loren Ridinger (Extended Version)

Motives: Fall Into Beauty

Simply MA Cashback

Yours By Loren

Yours By Loren: HSN Sizzle Reel

Unemployment Nirvana Read More

The Impact of MAIC

crowdThe Market America International Convention is a mind-blowing, unique experience, capable of having a profound impact on all who attend. MAIC is life-changing for the individuals who attend, but it also has a major impact on the Greensboro area in general. Market America’s International Convention injects over 20 million dollars into Greensboro’s economy, and has become vital to the economic growth of this city. Danny Thompson, a Greensboro City Councilman, had this to say of the event:

“Greensboro is committed to fostering an environment of healthy economic growth, and events such as the Market America International Convention are vital to that mission. The event not only showcases a remarkable local company, but also brings over 20 thousand visitors to the area each year. Read More

Mind-blowing Time-lapse Video of MAIC

The Market America International Convention is a spectacular event – and it takes a small army to pull off a show like this. Check out this mind blowing time-lapse video of the stage for MAIC. It really gives you an idea of what it takes to put this all together. It’s also great for anyone who missed this year’s MAIC. Enjoy!


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ShopBox Now Available for your personal Facebook Profile

shopBoxlogoAs announced last week at the 19th Annual Market America International Convention, the social shopping revolution has begun and Market America placing itself at the forefront of this movement. We are excited to announce the launch of ShopBox, a new way to combine social networking and shopping at the click of a button. ShopBox has already appeared on thousands of Facebook news feeds exposing Market America and its amazing products to hundreds of thousands of people.

There have been many questions with regards to functionality on Facebook and if this new technology would work on Facebook Profiles, pages or both. Currently ShopBox will only work with your personal Facebook Profile pages. Read More

Help us Support our Troops: Send them a Message!

troops2The Market America family was honored last week at the 2011 International Convention, when we were presented with a combat flag from the Green Berets of “A” Company, 1st Battalion, 3rd Special Forces Group, based out of Fort Bragg, NC. This flag had accompanied these brave soldiers as the fought in Afghanistan, and was given to us as a way of saying thank you. Market America had been approached by the OAR Foundation about providing the troops with supplements and energy-boosting products – and as a result we immediately began donating Torch Hydrate Replenishing Drink to the troops.

To support our troops is the duty of every American, and it was an honor and a privilege to do so in this instance. Read More

Thank You to Everyone who attended MAIC

crowdWe at Market America would like to thank everyone for attending the 2011 International Convention. We take great pride in this event, and love to see our Market America family – who travels from far and wide to witness the indescribable. There were so many exciting new things presented over the past few days, from the Yours by Loren Collection and our Partnership with HSN, to information on the SHOP.COM integration – this year’s International Convention was amazing. With new technologies and new products, Market America remains ahead of the curve.

We are Bigger, Better, Faster, and Easier – and it’s all because of you! Our army of entrepreneurs make us unique from any other company out there, and we thank you all for attending the 2011 International Convention. Read More

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