Product Spotlight: Our Favorite TLS® Nutrition Shakes

Is your biggest obstacle in weight loss battling cravings and cracking under pressure? Getting fit and losing weight is hard work, but it isn’t all boring and glum! What’s the point of being in good health if you can’t enjoy it? With TLS® Nutrition Shakes, you can create delectable creations for meal substitutes and savory snacks. Read on to see the social media team’s five favorite recipes: Read More

Southeast Regional Convention to be Streamed Live on MeetON

Last weekend we streamed the Northern Regional on MeetON for those of you too far away to attend! This weekend’s Southeast Regional will also be made available for audiences around the globe! Join us, only on MeetON: Read More

Building Your Business in Your Community

Whether you’re new to the business or a seasoned UnFranchise® Owner, you know firsthand that the best place to build your business is right in your community! But if you’ve been coming up short on leads and feel like you’re hitting brick wall when searching for new prospects, here’s some tips for shaking up your strategy to help you break through a plateau. Read More

La La Takes Over the International Beauty Show

As the premiere trade show for the beauty industry, the International Beauty Show showcases the biggest, best, and most influential brands available to fashionistas and beauty queens world wide. No surprise at all that our very own Motives Cosmetics and La La Anthony stole the show at this year’s event April 14-16! Read More

Five Apps for Students

Few things do we appreciate more than when people chase their dreams and accomplish their goals. For some of you, that may mean getting a degree in a specific area or continuing your education. Education is both rewarding and challenging, but the challenging aspect should mold you into a better person, not hinder your progress. Whether you just registered for next semester, are preparing for summer courses, or your children just received their acceptance letters, here are our best recommended apps for students to make life easier! Read More

Social Media Monday: Who Uses Social Media?

Here’s a tricky question: do you know who uses social media? If you answered, “I do!” you’re at least on the right track! But what I’m talking about is the demographic breakdown of who uses social media and which social media network they use the most.

Whether you’re an avid social media user or think that it’s a “waste of time because no one I know is on it,” this social media infographic created by the Pew Research Center and Docstoc is a worth a look: Read More

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