Eating Healthy This Valentine’s Day: A Full Dinner Menu

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day! Don’t you love how it creeps up, just when you thought you had your holidays covered? We trek a marathon of calories to New Years, then awaken with a firm resolve to leave the heavy dishes and cookies behind. We’re eating great, feeling great, and ready to win big in 2013 by entering the TLS Find Your Fit Challenge. Then, smack in the middle of February, the trick or treat of adulthood: Valentine’s Day. Read More

Social Media Monday: Getting Started With MeetON

Have you heard? JR Ridinger and Andrew Weissman are hosting a live event on MeetON tonight about our Global Expansion! But wait, what was that you just said? You haven’t registered for MeetON yet?! Then you’ve been missing out on all the excitement, my friend! This is the perfect time to register on the site! Here are a few tips and tricks to get you started. Read More

Shop Consultant Spotlight: Alice and Victor Chiou

This week, our featured Shop Consultants are successful UnFranchise® Owners Alice and Victor Chiou. I was fortunate enough to sit down with them during World Conference in Miami and talk about their road to becoming successful UnFranchise® Owners. After speaking with them for only a few minutes, it was clear to me that Alice and Victor are much more than just successful UFOs; they are dedicated mentors who are deeply passionate about helping others realize their potential, capitalize on their strengths, and achieve their dreams. Read More

Bongo International: The Revolution of International E-Commerce

Marc Ashley brought huge news to the stage last weekend with the announcement of the Emerging Markets Program, GLOBAL.SHOP.COM, and amazing SHOP.COM updates headed our way in the months ahead. If you had not realized it already, believe it now: we are a worldwide sensation! Read More

Join Me on MeetON Monday February 11th!

If you’re interested in growing your business on a global scale, then this is one event you will not want to miss! You have an incredible opportunity to meet with me, along with our Director of Field Development, Andrew Weissman, for a very special FREE MeetON session at 8pm EST on Monday night, February 11th. Read More

Product Spotlight: Autoworks™ Friction Free™ 3000 Engine Treatment

You know it, you love it, you sell it: The ma® brand, which reaches such a wide range of specialties and diverse consumers. As JR said last weekend at World Conference, in order to be successful in the business, you must be a product of the product – a walking example of how the ma® brand is crafted to perfection for optimal living standards.
Read More

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