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PrintMarket America strives to make a positive impact on our community, and we find that working with local charities and Non-Profit organizations is a tremendous way to help others in need. Giving back to others is crucial, especially during a time when our nation faces many economic challenges – that’s why Market America is working with The Greensboro Urban Ministry’s Pathways Center, to help those less fortunate.

The Pathways Center fills a critical role for the Greensboro community by providing a safe environment for those who are searching for a place to live. The center houses 19 families, and provides childcare and other services free of charge. The Pathways Center makes a tremendous impact on those they help, by going the extra mile to help them get back on their feet. Read More

Are You Ready for SHOP.COM?

shopOne week from today, Phase I of the SHOP.COM integration will go live – meaning that if your Web Portal address was, you will now also have access to Your customers will be able to shop from either portal, and their account information will flow seamlessly between the two portals. This upgrade will provide a substantial boost for our Shop Consultants and UnFranchise ® business owners – giving them the ability to tap into SHOP.COM’s millions of existing customers and grow their business like never before.

With a SHOP.COM url, our Shop Consultants and UnFranchise owners will be able to leverage the power of one of the most highly sought-after domains on the internet. Read More

5 Questions with Dennis Franks


You won’t find anyone as passionate about Market America as Dennis Franks.

As Executive Vice President of Market America, Dennis has traveled the world to help share his life story and help others find the success he has With Market America. He travels thousands of miles each year, working tirelessly alongside distributors and customers, promoting Market America to anyone who will listen. A typical day for Dennis includes a daily workout, and then on to the MA corporate headquarters (if he’s not traveling) where he gracefully moves from meeting to meeting with energy, intensity, and a fun loving personality that will put a smile on anyone’s face.

Trying to find time to catch Dennis for an interview can be a task in and of itself,  but we we’re able to corner him during a recent lunch break and squeeze in 5 questions. Read More

Experience MAIC2011 through These Magic Moments

Did you miss the 2011 International Convention?  Want to relive the incredible excitement generated at this incredible event? Check out what these attendees have to say about how Convention has affected their businesses and their lives:

I experienced my magic moment when I was sitting in the audience, watching JR run so hard on the hamster wheel. I looked around at the audience and there was a big group all in pinks shirts in the stands. They were riveted.

I thought to myself, “here’s this guy running to the point of vomiting to make a point of how lazy we can get with ourselves and our futures. Then here’s this group of vivacious and thirsty people that have this huge language and cultural barrier. Those issues don’t matter to them. They’re all in pink t-shirts and they all get it. Even though they don’t understand all the words, they get it. When I see this group in Miami, I’m going have to move over an entire section because they will have doubled or tripled in size, by sheer faith and trust in their leaders and Market America!”

I realized that all I had to do is go home, redo my Goal Statement, plaster it all over my life and move forward. I just have to get up and MOVE! Read More

Setting The Standards for Clean Water

The bottled water boom of the 90s is now, some 20 years later, past its peak. Increasingly, people are becoming aware that all of those plastic bottles do not just magically appear, and more importantly, do not just magically disappear either. In addition, numerous studies and consumer reports tell us that as much as 25 percent of those bottles contain essentially the same water as we might get from the tap at around 1/2oth of the cost.

As far as what does come out of the tap, the EPA has recently decided to turn things up a notch in that area as well, by including not only substances known to pose health hazards to Americans directly, but also substances that are believed to work as precursors to potential health concerns–in other words, the causes behind the causes. Read More

Market America Celebrates the Release of Duane McLaughlin’s Debut Album: Ready to Live

index_12-1Duane McLaughlin, chart topping Conquer Entertainment recording artist, held his “Ready to Live” album release event, on Saturday, September 10, 2011 at Chelsea Piers and aboard Utopia III in New York City. This weekend’s star-studded event celebrating the release of Duane’s debut album was hosted by Amber Ridinger and Market America, in conjunction with Conquer Entertainment and Ashley Events.

The festivities began at 6:00 pm when VIP’s, celebrities, editors, friends and family enjoyed cocktails before Duane hit the stage for a special performance at 8:00 pm.  Noteworthy attendees included Russell Simmons, Charlie Walk, Kelly Osborne, Angie Martinez, Omarion, Jacob Arabov, Benny Medina, Simon Huck, Brett Wright of Vibe Magazine, Jonathan Cheban,  Kylie Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick, as well as newlywed’s Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. Read More

Take the Fixx Men’s Survey for your chance to WIN!

Market America’s new, appearance-enhancing product line Fixx™ is holding a fantastic giveaway every week during the month of September! Just visit the Fixx™ Facebook page and take their quick “Men’s Survey” to be automatically entered into a random drawing to win a Fixx™ Prize Pack of four best-sellers, valued at $85.00!

There will be a total of 4 winners, 1 per week on 9/16, 9/23, 9/30 and 10/7.

Good luck!

fixxMensSurvey Read More

5 Questions with Gloria Smith

IMG_7491Gloria Smith has been a key ingredient in the Market America mix for almost 12 years. As Assistant Warehouse Manager, you can find Gloria running around the warehouse, checking on the productivity of various workstations, sending emails, and keeping everything running smoothly.  From early in the morning until the last package is off the line, Gloria smiles and keeps the product shipments moving. We caught up with Gloria to find out more about her role here at Market America.

How do you manage it all?

Well I worked on the assembly department for 11 years before I became Assistant Warehouse manager. To go from working with a small group to managing a warehouse full of people is a huge step. Read More

Motives by Loren Ridinger Celebrates Fashion’s Night Out

Today marks the third anniversary of the inaugural Fashion’s Night Out – a global event celebrating fashion and style, bringing consumers together with celebrities, models, designers, and editors. The initiative was started in 2009 with a partnership between American Vogue, the Council of Fashion Designers of America, NYC &Company, and the City of New York – and has since spread across the globe from London to Moscow, Paris to Sydney.

To celebrate Fashion’s Night Out 2011, Motives® by Loren Ridinger is presenting an exclusive online offer on many of your favorite products and colors. For an entire week, beginning today Motives® will premiere a Fashion Night Out 2011 Palette including two blushes and four eyeshadows – featuring jewel tones of Amethyst, Emerald, Sapphire and Pearls. Read More

Increased cashback deals at Market America!

You have until next Wednesday, September 14th to take advantage of these amazing increased cashback deals. Make sure to share the info with friends and family so they can shop their favorites, too!

market america paid to shop


Might-A-Mins® Spectrum Priobiotics – 20% cashback

Matriskin™- 15% cashback

Motives® Lashes – 18% cashback

Prime™ Joint Support Formula by Isotonix® – 15% cashback

Snap™ Laundry – 15% cashback


Motives® Lashes- 18% cashback

Matriskin™- 15% cashback

Glucosatrin – 20% cashback


nutraMetrix® Might-A-Mins® Spectrum Priobiotics – 20% cashback

nutraMetrix® Matriskin™ – 15% cashback

nutraMetrix® Prime™ Joint Support Formula by Isotonix® – 15% cashback Read More

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