Take Action and Succeed

Market America is about more than top quality, cutting-edge products. The unique UnFranchise® Business System offers the opportunity for entrepreneurial individuals to implement a proven business plan and create lasting success. When Executive Vice President Dennis Franks stepped onto the stage, his energy and enthusiasm for this business were contagious. He shared some of the most powerful ways to grow a successful business with the excited International Convention audience. Read More

MAIC 2012 Friday Night Breakout Schedule

Day Two of the 2012 Market America International has been incredible! So far today, we’ve seen some amazing presentations from Marc Ashley, Steve Ashley, JR Ridinger, and Dennis Franks. The fun continues tonight at the Koury Convention Center, with three breakout sessions. Here are the details for tonight’s breakouts: Read More

The Shopping Annuity – Converting Spending into Earning

Time is the most precious commodity that we all have, so what would make you spend thousands of dollars and travel hundreds of miles just to spend three days sitting in a chair? Having the opportunity to learn from JR Ridinger of course!

JR hit the stage on Day Two of MAIC2012 with the passion and energy we’ve grown to expect from our fearless leader, sharing his vision of success with over 20,000 fellow entrepreneurs. JR’s desire for improving the lives of others was on full display today, as he shared one of his most important keys for success – The Shopping Annuity.

JR spoke about the importance of identifying the negative products in your household – meaning the products that take away from your shopping annuity. Read More

Changing the Face of Online Shopping with SHOP.COM

“If people do not see the power of this company, they are missing something,” shared Market America’s Chief Operating Office Marc Ashley when he took the stage. The much-anticipated integration of SHOP.COM is finally here. Marc wasted no time sharing this incredible news with a captivated audience at International Convention. Read More

Growing Bigger, Better, Faster and Easier with Mobile Technology

Steve Ashley captivated the audience at International Convention by sharing one of his greatest passions – mobile technology. As one of the leading Internet retailers, Market America/SHOP.COM has not neglected this growing marketplace. In May of 2012, Market America released SHOP Mobile – an essential update to the ma Mobile app. Over 60,000 current users were able to access the newest application by simply enabling an update. Read More

Patriot Rovers and ma Cares Fight On

The stress of travel. The urgency of finding seats. The long nights of breakouts. The early mornings on the bus. All the pressures of convention melted away on Friday morning, when a half dozen golden retrievers and their owners took the stage, and Market America met the Patriot Rovers. Read More

MAIC Flashback: 2005 – Market America’s Name Continues To Grow Worldwide

2005 proved to be another incredibly powerful year in the history of Market America, kicking off with more global expansion and the launch of Market Taiwan. This was also a year of widespread recognition for the Market America brand—including features in several major publications including Ocean Drive, Success from Home, and Hola! Magazine! Read More

MAIC Day 2: Pictures From Our Tweeps

You can feel the energy and excitement here at Greensboro Coliseum as MAIC 2012 begins day 2. And of course, there are quite a few people sharing their personal stories on Twitter using the hashtag #maic2012. Take a look at a few of the pictures we’ve found on Twitter this morning, and feel free to share your thoughts, photos, and experience as well! Read More

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