Who do you think you are? (VS Who are you, really?)

We all have an image of ourselves; a vision of who we think we are, or who we would like to be. We like to think that the world sees us the way we want them to see us. But how close are these impressions to the reality of who we actually are? Are you the person you think you are?

The following article, which appeared earlier this week in the Huffington Post, examines this self-image vs. actual image dichotomy. Especially with the constant desire to project ourselves a certain way on social media sites, we find we are constantly defining ourselves, explaining ourselves, and telling people what we are rather than showing them. Read More

The Mideast Regional Convention Starts Today!

The Mideast Regional Convention starts today, May 4 and goes through Sunday, May 6. If you have missed the updates on this exciting event, there’s quite a bit to look forward to during this incredible business building weekend.

Click HERE for more details.

JR explains what you can expect at the convention in this video:

Click HERE to watch.

For additional up-to-date information: http://www.mamideast.com/

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Spanish National Conference Call with Luzby Hernandez Sunday, May 6th

Expand your Market America business in Spanish with Luzby Hernandez, Field Development Executive and her special guests, experienced networkers, Maria and Roberto Solis from Mexico City, as they share the UnFranchise® Business opportunity with Market America in Spanish. Connect your Spanish speaking Independent Shop Consultants and qualified prospects, and grow your business into Mexico as well as the United States. Hear the newest update on the launch of Mexico and how to cash in on another incredible window of opportunity with your UnFranchise business to experience another level of financial success.

May 6, 2012 Sunday night 9 p.m. EDT
1-646-519-5800 Pin 0991 #
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Tips for Public Speaking

It’s called glossophobia (from the greek word glossa, meaning tongue, and phobos, meaning fear or dread) and it is the number one fear of most people, ranking above death, spiders, heights, AND the dark! That means that 3 out of every 4 people on the earth would rather die in the dark on a rooftop covered in spiders than give a speech.

Unfortunately, as a UFO there will be plenty of wonderful opportunities (or devastating obligations, depending on how you look at it) to get up in front of people and speak about your business, your products, and even your own experiences. But I’m here to tell you that it’s not that bad (and that’s not just because I was a Jr. Read More

Have You Used Google Translate to Expand Your Reach?

I remember my first Market America Convention quite vividly – and I think about it often. I felt so inspired and energized – I would be hard pressed to forget what an awesome experience it was! I think about that first convention frequently – mostly because that’s when the spirit of Market America family really clicked for me. I was truly struck by the incredible amount of diversity amongst our Independent Shop Consultants and UnFranchise® Owners – on all levels – age, interests, ethnicity, geographically and more. To me, it’s a true testament to an organization when folks from all walks of life can come together to build a team and work together to find success. Read More

Five Essential Tools for Entrepreneurs

I think it was Andrew Carnegie who provided the timeless business advice: Always carry a lighter and a pen, someone will always need either (or both).  As the face of business has changed, so have the essential items that one needs to have on-hand to ensure their personal success. Here are the five most important:

1. A smart phone. You may have resisted the pressure to convert to a web-enabled, email-integrated device up to this point. You may feel you don’t need to be constantly tethered to technology (or the people using it). But in a society where decisions, connections and sales are made at lightning speed, being able to interact in real-time could easily be the difference between success and failure. Read More

Tell SHOP.COM Why Your Mom is the Best and You Could Win an Awesome Prize Pack!

Does your mom rock? Take five and tell SHOP.COM all about it!

Give SHOP.COM a few words about why your mom is the best, and she’ll be entered to win one of 20 gift bundles from The Body Shop.


Because your mom is so special, SHOP.COM has even sweetened the deal:

Now, when you enter your mom in the contest, she’ll automatically be entered to win a gorgeous gift from 1800-Flowers.com!

A large bouquet of pink roses and lilies arranged in a chic modern cube, valued at $79.99.

All it takes is a few minutes, and you know you’ve got a great mom, so what are you waiting for? Read More

Puppy Love: ma Cares Artisan and Pet Adoption Fair

The Market America family gathered together this past Saturday for a fun-filled afternoon of music, food, arts and crafts, and adorable dogs at our first annual ma Cares Artisan and Pet Adoption Fair.

We had a great turnout for the event at our corporate office in Greensboro, NC – with friends, vendors, and rescue groups all here to help raise money for an incredible cause – The Patriot Rovers. This special group rescues dogs, and trains them to become service dogs for veterans suffering from PTSD and other conditions.

To find out more about Patriot Rovers, and to learn how you can help support this amazing group, read A Triad of Hope, in the April edition of Powerline Magazine. Read More

UnFranchise® Business Presentation this Monday in London

As we continue to grow in the United Kingdom, we want you to grow with us! Bring all of your prospects to an UnFranchise Business Presentation this Monday in London. Admission is free for you and your guests, and there will be space in the hotel for you to wrap with your prospects post-presentation. We hope to see you there!


UnFranchise® Business Presentation (UBP)

Monday 30th April, 2012

 7:30 – 9:30pm

Admission: FREE

Featured Speakers: Andrew Weissman, Executive Director of Field Development, Don Martin, Director & UK Special Forces Team, Country Manager, John Pincott


Thistle Westminster Hotel

Buckingham Suite

49 Buckingham Palace Road

London, SW1W 0QT

Tel: +44 (0) 0207 208 6992

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The Southeast Regional Convention Starts Today!

The Southeast Regional Convention starts today, April 27 and goes through Sunday, April 29. In case you’ve been missing the buzz on Facebook, here is some of what to look forward to at this amazing networking and development opportunity.

2012 Speaker Lineup* (click here for bios):

JR Ridinger, President/CEO
Jim Winkler, Vice President of Sales for Market America
Lydia Martinez, Director of Field Development for TLS
Lisa Kostka, Director of Sales for Motives
Lorin Sourbeck, Director of Sales and Field Training, nutraMetrix
Brian Corner, Director of Field Development, Internet Marketing and Sales
Sarah Rose Stacks, Field Development Executive of WebCenters

JR explains why this convention is worth your time in this video:

Click Here to Watch

For up-to-date information, visit our website: www.masoutheast.com

Host Hotel and Meeting Location:

Renaissance Resort at World Golf Village
500 South Legacy Trail
St. Read More

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