Tonalin® CLA: Get Best Results for Swimsuit Season!


The stated goal of virtually all Transitions™ customers is “weight loss”. Another very important goal, however, should be fat loss.

It’s usually taken for granted that this is more or less what they mean. There is, after all, nothing unsightly, unhealthy or undesirable about muscle. In fact, the more muscle someone has, the healthier they’re likely to be. What we are talking about here is a higher relative amount of muscle–in other words, a higher percentage–and a lower percentage of fat. Various ways of exercising and eating have been designed to help people reach this goal, and now a simple, all-natural supplement has been developed that supports this goal. Read More

Market America Updates Mobile Application

ma Mobile - online shopping in your pocket from Market America

For our mobile users, Market America has recently released an updated version of the Market America Mobile application for Apple iPhone and Google Android users. Not only does this application allow you to shop from Market America and earn cashback right from your mobile handset, but now you can even scan products and compare them to products available through Market America to check how much cashback you would earn as well as the current pricing on our site.  This new update includes the following enhancements.

New enhancements:

  • Barcode scanning
  • Call your shop consultant
  • Filter coupons
  • View products offering higher cashback

This update is available now, so go get it and start shopping and earning cashback from your Apple device and Google Android phone with Market America. Read More

What can be better than shopping online? How about earning cashback!

For most of us, rising gas prices have put a small dent in our wallets. Fortunately, there is a better way that will not only help you save money (because you’ll be driving less and shopping online), but also help you earn additional cashback on your purchases. The answer? Market America.

How would you like to save up to 50% cashback when you make a qualifying purchase? How about the ability to use a coupon and earn additional  cashback on everyday items like toiletries, birthday gifts and more that you’re already spending money on, but not earning money on?

Take a moment to check-out our latest cashback video below. Read More

Shake It Up for National Fitness Month!

National Fitness and Sports MonthWhether you’re trying to lose weight, add a little muscle, or just improve overall health, the four corners of fitness are:

  1. Yourself
  2. Regular Exercise
  3. Good Nutrition
  4. Proper Supplementation

Nothing more is needed, but none of these should be missing, either, and there really aren’t any substitutes. For example, while exercise does form one of these cornerstones, it is simply not possible to out-exercise a poor diet, and most people eventually find that nutritional supplementation is necessary for dietary support, while also aiding in the preparation for workouts and the recovery afterward. Both elements, working together, are what will bring the fastest results.

A key part of any solid nutrition and supplementation program is Read More

Live the Lifestyle with Motives!

Are you passionate about makeup? Do you love playing with cosmetics all-day long?  Live the Lifestyle you’ve always wanted thanks to Motives® by Loren Ridinger cosmetics!

Take a moment to watch our latest commercial.


Click here to get started living the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

Want additional makeup tips and information on our products? Connect with Motives by Loren Ridinger on Facebook and Twitter. Read More

"Share Your Success" using the ABC pattern for a chance to win!

Share Your Success Story with Market America

Throughout the entire month of March, JR Ridinger and members of the Corporate Team stopped throughout various cities in the United States, speaking with current UnFranchise® owners and their guests on the importance of building an ongoing income.  As the team moved from city to city, the excitement grew to a fever pitch, as more and more Market America UnFranchise® owners began to experience that billionth of a volt of energy.

Now it’s your turn to share YOUR success story with Market America and the ABC Pattern. Simply take a moment to answer a few questions on your success with the ABC Pattern and you will automatically be entered into a giveaway to win a $100 ma® Gift Card along with a 30 minute call from one of the Blitz Tour speakers! Read More

Weekly increased cashback offers from Market America

Earn cashback on purchases when you shop at Market America

It’s that time of the week again – yes, more increased cashback deals courtesy of Market America.  Here are this week’s deals on your favorite products from Market America, which we hope you’ll enjoy as much as we did picking them!  Remember to share these deals so that they can take advantage of the increase in cashback from Market America too!

Remember, these deals expire 5/25/11, so be sure to share them with your customers so that they can take advantage of these offers before they expire!

Increased cashback (United States):

Increased cashback (Canada):

Increased cashback (nutraMetrix®):

Read More

ma Jobs: Multimedia Video Editor

Now hiring!

We’re hiring again! Market America is looking to hire a full-time Multimedia Video Editor and Motion Graphic Artist.

Are you passionate about video editing? Do you get excited when the crowd erupts in applause at your trailer or commercial? We have a job for YOU!

This person will create and/or assist in all video and multimedia productions.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Planning
  • Scripting
  • Budgeting
  • Technical planning
  • Production
  • Post-production
  • Read More

Did you say FREE Snap™ products? Contest winners announced!

What a great response to MA Happy Home’s first product giveaway!  Thanks to all of you who entered our contest!  We received many great comments and testimonials on the multipurpose and concentrated benefits of Snap and some creative new uses for these versatile products.

I have my family using Snap products. It is amazing how much money you save. Since I can get multiple bottles out of one because it is concentrated, there is no way I can get a better product any cheaper. I Love Snap products.” – Alan Emery

I love the scent of the scouring cleanser and the “pink stuff” as my kids call the All-Purpose Natural Concentrate.  Not only are these products concentrated they also eliminate the need for over half a dozen separate products!

Read More

Market America International Convention coming soon!

JR Ridinger at the Market America International Convention

As many of you know it is a sold-out convention.  Market America is going into its 20th successful year in business and things are busting at the seams. Back in the beginning we used to talk about critical mass and the tidal wave about to crest and true to the words, it crested.

Well, the next critical mass tidal wave is building again through all of the new innovative technology that is our portal – the most powerful shopping portal in the world.  You simply need to be at the 2011 Market America International Convention (and bring any new people you’ll have between now and August). The information you’ll be receiving at this convention is far too advanced to try to explain to you if you didn’t attend. Read More

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