Keeping Up Momentum with New Products

World Conference 2013 is already two months behind us, but the energy coasting through the teams makes it feel like we only just left. Are you still riding the wave? Thousands of distributers returned home from Miami with fresh momentum and new products to leverage their sales and relationships. The excitement that comes from large events is profound, but the true grit happens when the grace period ends. When the momentum and energy begins to fizzle, you should be igniting a new flame: Read More

Social Media Monday: 10 Things You Need to Stop Doing on Twitter. Right. Now.

Last week we talked about common Facebook offenses in our post “10 Things You Need To Stop Doing on Facebook”, so this week we’re talking about Twitter! And while we don’t want to point fingers… we’ve noticed people committing some pretty bad Twitter offenses lately. So let’s get straight to the point and get real about the 10 things YOU need to stop doing on Twitter…right now! Read More

Product Spotlight: Selling the Perfect Spring Look with Motives® Products

Spring and summer bring several reasons to celebrate: cookouts, spring formals, proms, graduation parties, and often many weddings.

With access to the leading beauty products on the market, spring is the perfect time to leverage sales and build your brand! Pay attention to the beauty plights that warm weather brings, from skin care issues to lasting makeup, and offer alternatives! Assemble your own customizable kit of beauty products to wear, show off, and sell to your envious peers! Here are a few of our favorites to get you started. Read More

Five Apps… From the Social Media Team!

We brought you our most recommended apps for all occasions: traveling with kids, fitness, photo editing, etc. We even brought you the king of mobile, Steve Ashley’s favorite apps. As professionals whose lives depends on efficiency and knowing the next big thing in technology, wouldn’t you like to know what the Social Media team’s favorite apps are? Read More

Join Me for MA University Orientation & Product Symposium!

Market America presents the first ever West Coast MA University Orientation and Product Symposium June 8th & 9th in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona! This is a two-day seminar that focuses on providing a total overview of the MA University and its majors offered to UnFranchise® Owners along with an in-depth product education on the most popular ma® branded products offered through SHOP.COM. Read More

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