Introducing the 2011 MAIC Blog!

We’ve been working hard on the Market America International Convention Blog for weeks and now it’s finally ready to introduce to all of you! The 2011 MAIC Blog is a one-stop resource that offers important before and after info as well as live updates during what is sure to be an EPIC event. And if you’re unable to attend this year, keep watch on the blog, Twitter and Facebook so that you don’t miss out!!


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5 Questions with Jeremy Fennema

Jeremy Fennema

Jeremy Fennema is the Director of Internet Services and Training. Flanked by his assistants, Gwen and Tracy, there are very few times during the day he isn’t within arm’s length of a phone and computer. Ask him a question about anything ranging from Market America business to home improvement and he’ll have an answer for you.  So we gotta ask…

Q.  How would you describe your role within Market America?

A. Primarily I head up the Internet Services and Financial Services divisions in Market America for all countries.  What that means is I mostly focus on growing the maWebCenters program in our main countries, USA, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the Philippines, as well as expanding that program to new countries like the UK and others; while I continue to develop maCapital Resources here in the US and Canada for Financial Services products.  It helps having an awesome team though, cause there’s no way we could get done what we do, without Gwen and Tracy here in the office making sure everything stays working. Read More

Tweeting about Convention? Use the official hashtag!

If you’re like us and can’t stop from tweeting your excitement about International Convention, then make sure to use our official Twitter hashtag –> #MAIC2011. Using the hashtag link gives people all over the world the opportunity to follow tweets about our amazing event and as always, the Greensboro Coliseum TVs will all show the live #MAIC2011 Twitter stream!

See you in two weeks! Until then, keep tweeting!

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This week’s Market America cashback deals!

We’ve got this week’s increased cashback for you listed below – hurry, because they expire next Wednesday on July 27th! Oh, and would you look at that… it’s the first time Fixx Solutions™ is on the deal!

market america paid to shop


Might-A-Mins Spectrum Multivitamin – 20% cashback

Transitions CORE – 20% cashback

Fixx Instant Line Vanish – 25% cashback

Isotonix Acai Advanced Energy – 25% cashback

Motives Compact Beauty - 18% cashback


Isotonix Maximum ORAC – 20% cashback

Fixx Instant Line Vanish – 25% cashback

Motives Compact Beauty - 18% cashback


nutraMetrix Isotonix Acai Advanced Energy – 25% cashback

nutraMetrix Might-A-Mins Spectrum Multivitamin – 20% cashback

nutraMetrix Transitions CORE – 20% cashback Read More

Submit your favorite photo from 2010 International Convention!

Take a trip down memory lane and send us your favorite personal photo from last year’s 2010 International Convention! Email your picture AND portal address (so we can link to it in the caption for you) by Friday, July 22nd to and keep an eye out for them on the Market America Facebook page next week!

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Motives by Loren Ridinger Name That Color Contest!

Here’s your chance to leave your (beauty) mark on the cosmetics industry! For the first time ever, Motives by Loren Ridinger is calling on their Facebook fans to help create a name for one of their new eyeshadows. The new shade is part of the Fall Flashback Palette and is set to be introduced to everyone in August at International Convention. If your name is chosen, you’ll not only be part of a legacy, but you’ll walk away with the entire Motives 2011 Fall Collection! Click here to enter and good luck!

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Increased cashback on Motives®, nutraMetrix® and more this week at Market America!

Market America loves sharing these increased cashback deals with you every week so be sure to pass them on and let your family, friends and customers in on the fun! Don’t forget, you only have a week to shop it up as this round will expire Wednesday, July 20th.



Motives® Blush/Bronzer Duo – 15% cashback
NutriClean® Probiotics – 22% cashback
Transitions™ Thermochrome Trial Pack – 20% cashback
Cellular Laboratories® Sunscreen – 18% cashback
Ultimate Aloe® Gel – 20% cashback


Motives® Blush/Bronzer Duo – 15% cashback
Ultimate Aloe® Gel – 20% cashback


nutraMetrix® Transitions™ Thermochrome Trial Pack – 20% cashback
nutraMetrix® NutriClean® Probiotics – 20% cashback
nutraMetrix® Cellular Laboratories® Sunscreen – 18% cashback Read More

Elizabeth Weber: Making History

While the nation was celebrating our 235th year of freedom, the Market America family had an additional reason to celebrate. Over the holiday weekend, it was confirmed that Elizabeth Weber became the first UnFranchise Owner to reach International Field Chairman! This is a truly remarkable accomplishment, and one that we are all very proud of.

When you consider that Elizabeth accomplished this remarkable feat during one of the worst economies in decades, it just goes to show that the American entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well – and still thrives in even the most challenging of circumstances. Entrepreneurs such as Elizabeth provide inspiration for others, and show that with the right work ethic and determination, truly great things are possible. Read More

Vitamin E tocotrienols provide cholesterol benefits.

Tocotrienols are members of the vitamin E family that have been proven to influence several aspects of health such as neurological conditions and free radical reduction. Over the years, tocotrienols have often been overshadowed by a more commonly known form of vitamin E – tocopherol. Though both forms share some health related aspects, research is finding that tocotrienols might have a greater impact on human health than previously believed. A recent study published in Nutrition & Metabolism (June 2011) reported that 6 months supplementation with tocotrienols was associated with an improvement in plasma cholesterol levels, decrease in advanced glycosylation end products (AGEs), and increased vitamin E levels and antioxidant enzyme activity. Read More

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