Congratulations to our Movers and Shakers!

moversandshakersMarket America is very happy to announce that two of our executives were honored last night by Business Leader Magazine. Brandi Quinn, Market America’s Vice President of Operations, and Tanya Smith, our Executive Director of Product Management and Web Merchandising, both received the very exclusive Movers and Shakers Award for their outstanding leadership, and community involvement.

The Movers and Shakers award is given to up and coming business leaders of the south – with only a handful of recipients each year. Brandi and Tanya are true leaders, and Market America benefits tremendously from their guidance on a daily basis. Each of these remarkable women deeply deserves this prestigious honor, and we couldn’t be more proud to be a part of their team! Read More

The Color of Hope

pink ribbon_fullWhen you see the color pink, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Pink can symbolize many things—love, self-worth, feelings of caring, acceptance—but for many it means hope.

Chosen for its strong connection with femininity, pink is the universal color associated with breast cancer awareness. You’ve probably already started to see lots of pink during the past week as businesses are gearing up for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

According to, one in eight women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of their lifetime, so it is no surprise that the nation as a whole has rallied around this campaign in recent years—25 to be exact. This is a disease that has the potential to affect every American in some way, whether it is personally or knowing someone who is battling the disease. Read More

The increased cashback deals at Market America this week are…

And we’re back with new Market America increased cashback deals for you this week! Offers end next Wednesday, October 12th so share with your networks and let them know before this amazing opportunity expires.

market america paid to shop


Snap™ Free & Clear Laundry Detergent – 15% cashback

Snap™ Free & Clear Fabric Softener – 15% cashback

TLS Tonalin® CLA – 20% cashback

Motives® Essential Lip Kit – 15% cashback

Motives® Noon to Night – 15% cashback

Cellular Laboratories® Face Mask – 20% cashback

Fixx™ Instant Line Vanish – 25% cashback

Fixx™ Lash Extend – 18% cashback


Curcumin Extreme – 20% cashback

Snap™ Free & Clear Laundry Detergent – 15% cashback

Snap™ Free & Clear Fabric Softener – 15% cashback

Cellular Laboratories® Face Mask – 20% cashback

Motives® Essential Lip Kit – 15% cashback

Motives® Noon to Night – 15% cashback

Fixx™ Instant Line Vanish – 25% cashback

Fixx™ Lash Extend – 18% cashback


nutraMetrix® Tonalin® TLS CLA – 20% cashback

nutraMetrix® Cellular Laboratories® Face Mask – 20% cashback Read More

Motives by Loren Ridinger featured on The Daily Buzz morning show!

We just got word here in the office that Motives by Loren Ridinger was featured on The Daily Buzz morning show last week! The Daily Buzz is a nationally syndicated television show that reaches over 1.2  million people every day and they love our Motives Shape & Sculpt Duo and Motives Collagen Core Lipstick for getting red carpet ready.

Pretty amazing, right? Watch the fantastic video clip of Motives on The Daily Buzz below and make sure to share it with your friends. We bet everyone is going to want to see this!

[youtube][/youtube] Read More

Marc Ashley Presents the NEW

The new and improved provides an online shopping experience that is second to none.’s intuitive search allows customers to comparison shop for millions of products, from over 2,000 stores, making it easier than ever to find the best deals out there. What makes it even better is the fact that you earn Cashback on eligible purchases you make – it’s amazing! From the hottest deals, to our award winning search technology, delivers an unrivaled shopping experience. Have a look at this great video, where Market America’s Chief Operating Officer, Marc Ashley, discusses the incredible features of the new and improved We just know you’re going to love it! Read More

5 Questions with Anthony Akers

Anthony AkersMany of you may know Anthony Akers as JR’s right hand man on stage, but he’s really a man of many hats. He started in 2000 as Market America’s Events Director – a role which quickly expanded to include areas such as Multi-Media, Creative Services, Public Relations, and Travel. In 2005 he was appointed Vice President of Communications. Prior to coming on board with corporate, Anthony spent five years as a distributor – an experience that provided him a unique perspective. We sat down with Anthony to find out more about his role with Market America:

What is it like to be on stage with JR during the skits at International Conventions and World Conferences? Read More

ma® Cares Assists The Servant Center

PrintHelping entrepreneurs realize their hopes and dreams has always been primary goal of Market America, but we hope to make an impact on those outside of the business as well.

Helping our communities is a critical endeavor – especially in a time when the economy is making it difficult for many people to make ends meet. Fortunately, there are organizations like The Servant Center.

The Servant Center is a remarkable group that strives to provide support and assistance to the homeless and disabled in Greensboro. From providing warm beds for disabled veterans, to their food pantry – The Servant Center serves a vital role in the Greensboro community – impacting lives in countless ways. Read More

Check out our latest Cashback Deals!

Market America has some great increased cashback opportunities! Offers end October 5th!

market america paid to shop


PureH20™ Countertop Water Filter – 20% cashback

Fixx™ Thick Hair Shampoo & Conditioner – 18% cashback

Isotonix® Resveratrol – 20% cashback

Transitions™ Tonalin® CLA – 20% cashback

Gene SNP™ Kit – 15% cashback

Motives® Invisiline – 18% cashback

Motives® Mineral Baked Eye Shadow Trio – 15% cashback


PureH20™ Countertop Water Filter – 20% cashback

PetHealth™ Pad & Paw – 10% cashback

Snap™ Heavy Duty Concentrate – 15% cashback

Transitions™ Carb Metabolizer – 20% cashback

Isotonix® Calcium Plus – 20% cashback

Fixx™ Thick Hair Shampoo & Conditioner – 18% cashback

Motives® Invisiline – 18% cashback

Motives® Mineral Baked Eye Shadow Trio – 15% cashback


nutraMetrix® PureH20™ Countertop Water Filter – 20% cashback

nutraMetrix® Isotonix® Resveratrol – 20% cashback

nutraMetrix® Transitions™ Tonalin® CLA – 20% cashback

nutraMetrix® Gene SNP™ Kit – 15% cashback Read More

Does Google+ have Facebook’s Number?


After announcing a series of major changes aimed at making its user experience more emotional, you would think that Facebook would be celebrating its domination of the social media universe.

Not so fast.

Google+, the new social network that also made big news last week by officially opening its doors to the public, experienced what some are calling unprecedented growth in just a few days’ time. According to the latest data from Experian Hitwise, visits to Google+ increased a whopping 1269% last week. And while that is a mere fraction of Facebook’s 800 million users, it seems as though the gauntlet has been laid down and the king of all social media finally has some worthy competition. Read More

Happy Birthday Marc Ashley!

marcOn this day, while Market America celebrates the launch of the first phase of our integration, we also celebrate something equally as significant. Today happens to be the birthday of Market America’s COO, Marc Ashley – a day that is very special to me. Marc is a driving force in this industry, and represents this company with integrity and passion beyond words. Marc has been with Market America since its inception, and his commitment, drive, and determination have only increased from that point. His utter selflessness is seen in his immense desire to help others achieve success. I count myself lucky to be associated with a person of such character and commitment as you, and know that this company, and all of the amazing UnFranchise® owners out there, benefit tremendously from your leadership and passion. Read More

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