2013 Jerry Siciliano Award Recipient: Jacki Blasko

Loren and Marty Weissman moved the arena this morning as they reminisced on the legacy of integrity and love that was the Jerry Siciliano, “the Godfather” of Market America. Market America is global, but is nonetheless a family, and without the members of the small family from the beginning, we would not be here today. His light hearted demeanor and never failing charisma laid the foundation for the business building tools that brought thousands to fill the arena this weekend. Read More

Alejandro Sanz Rocks the Stage For a Surprise Performance at MAWC 2013!

After the last topic at the arena this afternoon, thousands stayed in the arena after hearing rumors of a special appearance by a multi-Grammy winning artist this evening. It’s a good thing they stuck around, too, because none other than the legendary Alejandro Sanz took the stage! Read More

Scottie Pippen, MeetOn, and Other Exciting News Brings Arena to Their Feet at MAWC 2013 Afternoon Session

What a DAY! We can hardly believe we even packed all of the amazing presentations into one day! This morning Marc Ashley and JR blew our minds with groundbreaking global technology and the afternoon topics packed in even more! Here’s a recap of the afternoon’s speakers: Read More

Emerging Markets Program and Global Unification Headline Morning Session of Day 2 at MAWC 2013

Wow, what a start to Day Two! We have some INCREDIBLE news about global expansions and ground breaking technology to expand your business. Between CFO Marc Ashley and CEO JR Ridinger, this morning may be the most informative few hours for UnFranchise® owners yet! Here’s a recap of this morning’s topics: Read More

MAWC 2013 Day Two: Friday Night Breakouts

We learned a lot yesterday during day one of MAWC 2013, including utilizing Partner Now and Waiting Room, the new TLS Find Your Fit challenge, and new products for Health & Nutrition, Motives, and the revolutionary skin care system Lumière de Vie  by Amber Ridinger. We have much more coming your way for Day Two, and essential breakouts to expand on each topic, so make sure you plan your evening accordingly! Here is the breakout schedule for Friday evening. Read More

“Watercolors” debuts for Motives, Motives for La La at MAWC 2013

We’ve always said that Motives provides Beauty in Every Shade. Now that includes pastels, just in time for Spring/Summer 2013.

“Watercolors,” the Spring/Summer 2013 collection from the award-winning Motives by Loren Ridinger cosmetics line created by Market America/SHOP.COM Senior Vice President Loren Ridinger, was unveiled here in Miami at Market America 2013 World Conference in Miami. Read More

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