MAWC2012 Update: Cutting-Edge Advancements for a Social Shopping Revolution

The crowd went wild when Marc Ashley took center stage to show off the many cutting-edge advancements for Market America and SHOP.COM in 2012. These new tools and benefits will help you get bigger, better and faster – ultimately paving the way to your financial freedom!


Advancement: Alice.Com is live right now – offering home shopping with more products and more convenience than ever before! With 8,000 different grocery products, your customers will never have to leave the house. Offering instant Cashback and more IBV, delivers all your favorite brands, direct to your door!


Advancement: Enhanced OneCart Program

The new enhancements to the OneCart program are just the beginning of a OneCart experience that will blow your mind! Read More

MAWC2012 Update: Special Guest, Eva Longoria

The energy in American Airlines Arena has been electric throughout the entire 2012 Market America World Conference – so what could make the crowd even more pumped up? How about a special visit from none other than Eva Longoria!

That’s right – Eva Longoria made a special appearance this afternoon at #MAWC2012 – to share her love of Market America and to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit of this amazing company.

As an UnFranchise owner herself, Eva is a tremendous role model inspiration for entrepreneurs around the world – and is an amazing ambassador for Market America! What a special treat for everyone here! Read More

Breakout Sessions – Saturday, February 4th

8:00 – 9:30pm – The Scoop on SHOP.COM Phase 2 | Vince Hunt, Michael Brady, Eugene Wallace, Roger Ritchie (Symphony I/II)

8:00 – 9:30pm – Hispanic Distributors & Mexico Expansion | Dennis Franks (Symphony III/IV)

8:00 – 9:30pm – “Cash in” on ma Capital Resources & the NPO Program | Kevin Buckman (Concerto)

9:00 – 12:00am – Market America’s Official After Party (Nikki Beach) Read More

MAWC2012 Update: Awards & Rewards: The Symbols of Success

Jerry Siciliano Awards Presentation

“Market America was fortunate to have Jerry in the best years of his life. Everything he’d acquired he poured back into the company, knowing this was his legacy and his gift to his friends and family. He was and always will be the heart of Market America.”—Marty Weissman

The always-moving presentation of the Jerry Siciliano Award by Marty Weissman and Loren Ridinger honors the memory of a seminal figure in the Market America’s history, and is given to the person who best embodies the spirit of the Fighting Eagle. Winner Joanne Hsi spoke movingly about her experience coming to the United States with no language skills or job prospects, and making a prosperous career out of her work with Market America.

Read More

MAWC2012 Update: Using Social Media to Grow Your Business

Steve Ashley and Loren Ridinger delivered an incredible presentation that can take your business to a whole new level. Social media is all about doing the things you do anyway—being social! It’s fun and perfect for the kind of people who get involved with Market America, and social media is just a way of amplifying your voice. Social shopping is simply recommending something like a restaurant, a movie, or a makeup product, and with Market America, you’ll get paid on that recommendation.

“The way we make friends and influence people hasn’t changed, but where we do it has.”—Loren Ridinger

The daily online conversation on Facebook adds up to 1,330 years in time and involves your customers, your volunteers, your employees, your critics, your fans, and your competition. Read More

List of Speakers for Saturday, February 4th


General Session – American Airlines Arena (10:00am – 6:00pm)



Networking with Social Media, Home Shopping Parties & | Loren Ridinger, Steve Ashley

Jerry Sicilliano Award Presentation | Loren Ridinger, Marty Weissman

See You at the Top: Upper Pin Level Recognition | Steve Ashley, Joe Bolyard

Achieve by Getting Your 3 | Don Martin

Cutting – Edge Advancements: Market America / SHOP.COM Part 2 | Marc Ashley

The Future of Social Shopping Is Here | JR Ridinger

*Schedule subject to change Read More

MAWC2012 Update: Going Global in 2012

When Market America landed in Australia 10 years ago, growth was small but steady, and somewhat limited by the distance and lack of contact. When we arrived in Taiwan, thanks to Chinese distributors in the US and Canada who’d already gotten family and friends back home interested in our products, we experienced amazing growth—with Directors and Executive Directors (and their first Field Vice President just recently!) on teams that are approaching $100 million in annual production.

When word spread to Hong Kong, spread by distributors who’d encountered it in Taiwan, the leadership started to evolve, and within a short time there were a lot of up and coming directors. Market America’s model clearly works overseas, and this year will bring some big changes in our international opportunities! Read More

The Dollars [and Cents] of Building a Winning Team!

Dennis Franks, Kevin Buckman, Jim Winkler and Andrew Weissman delivered an incomparable training tonight – touching upon the arsenal of tools and skills necessary for recruiting a winning team! With unparalleled energy and perfect synergy, the presentation offered a captivating message with real-time steps to building the dream team!

Building a winning team requires a systematic and dynamic approach – offering incredible results through simplistic routine. Simple was the name of the game at this breakout session, when each presenter circled back to the basic steps for building a successful future.

Dennis Franks began the session with a bang, focusing on finding Generation Y’ers to add to your team. As the future of Market America, Generation Y is the key to tapping into previously untouched populations. Read More

MAWC2012 Update: Curing Healthcare with Market America and nutraMetrix

As many of you know, the medical field is in dire straits. Because of major changes in healthcare, such as lower insurance reimbursement and increased drug costs – doctors are finding it increasingly difficult to operate their businesses. Doctors have to spend less time with patients, while at the same time their practice revenue stream is decreasing. To be sure, the system is changing. Doctors are facing a tremendous battle, but they have a strong ally in Market America and nutraMetrix ®.

We had the chance to hear the stories of Dr. Perry Krichmar, Dr. Steven Schnur, Stan Pierce, DC; and Kasia Kines, MS CNS LDN – who each found nutraMetrix and Market America to be just the shot in the arm their businesses needed. Read More

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