The True Power of the Portal

This is an incredible testimonial showing the true power of the portal, and how important it is for you to step up and become a full service product broker, one to one marketer and Independent Shop Consultant for your preferred customers, friends and acquaintances. It’s all about helping them get the most out of their shopping experience!

This example shows the power of FREE SHIPPING and Cashback, and what they can do for your customers. It also shows the incredible power of our unique business opportunity, SHOP.COM and Market America products!

Take a look at this incredible example, and ask yourself: “What would happen if I did this with all of my customers, and got everyone in my organization to do the same?” All you have to do is get with the program and make it happen! Read More

Launching Today: the maCARES Website!

Now there’s a home on the internet for MACares: a charitable giving and fundraising organization! Visit the site regularly to learn about upcoming projects, and check in on ongoing volunteer efforts, like the Patriot Rovers, Victory Junction and

For more than a decade, Market America has been working to:

  • Provide disaster relief
  • Donate to the cause of disease prevention and intervention
  • Raise awareness and donations for organizations that assist abandoned and abused animals
  • Organize events to raise support for children that are less fortunate or struggling with illness
  • Assist a variety of non-profit organizations through donations
  • Send teams of volunteers to support community projects

We’re proud of the work we do to give back, and we’d love to have your support behind us! Read More

Leading the Parade in Mobile Platforms

Our mobile team has been hard at work developing a state of the art platform that will keep us ahead of the curve, and it would seem we’re drawing some well-deserved attention.

In this recent article from, Up the Mobile Ladder, Market America’s Vice President of Internet Marketing and Social Media, Steve Ashley offered his insights into the cutting-edge work we’ve been doing in terms of Mobile Technology, and how we’re leading the parade in mobile platforms.

It’s quite an honor to be featured in such a great publication, and I’m so proud of all the work Steve and his team have been doing. They really have positioned our company for tremendous success as mobile commerce continues to develop in the coming years. Read More

More BIG NEWS about 2012 International Convention!

This year is Market America’s 20th Anniversary, and we want to celebrate with you. Those in attendance at the 2012 International Convention, August 9-11, will understand the extent of our excitement as we host an event that truly lives up to such a monumental achievement. To commemorate our 20 years of success, Market America will be giving away several amazing prizes throughout the event—but you must be present to win, so solidify your travel plans now.

Prizes include:

-Three (3) FREE three-day vacation cruises for two (2) people.

-One (1) ma® University training package for up to two (2) people from the winning distributorship, allowing FREE access to 2013 World Conference and International Convention, Regional Conventions, Specialty Trainings, one (1) Special Business Building Seminar of your choice, along with other select NMTSS events and  up to $3,000 in travel expenses. Read More

For a limited time: SHOP.COM is pleased to offer SHIPFREE

Big news from SHOP.COM: Presenting SHIPFREE, a campaign that provides free shipping for any SHOP.COM Market America product orders of $99 or more (and $5 flat rate shipping for orders under $99). Many of our UFOs had questions about what this means, so two hours after the announcement went live on SHOP.COM’s Facebook page, we hosted a live Facebook chat with Director of Social Media Steve Ashley, and Director of Marketing Mark Ward, who answered questions in real-time as they were asked.

Starting May 21, 2012 until June 21, 2012, use the code SHIPFREE when checking out and the discounts will be applied to eligible orders. This will only be around for a brief time, so take advantage while you can! Read More

National Conference Call with Jim Winkler Sunday, June 3 @ 8:30 p.m. EDT

Join Jim Winkler, Vice President of Sales, Million Dollar Club achiever and successful Unfranchise® owner, as he shares how Market America has changed his life and has given his family the opportunity to create their own financial lifestyle. Jim will also announce updates to the 20th anniversary International Convention, and why you need to be present and leverage this incredible event. Jim will also announce the special meet-and-greet Million Dollar Social for your guests and Independent Distributors that have started their Market America business less than one year ago.

When have you ever had the opportunity to meet and learn from over 225 plus millionaires that started their UnFranchise business just like you, and have achieved this financial status? Read More

LinkedIn: Jump in!

Have you created a LinkedIn profile yet? If not, you should consider it. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn is limited to professionals and streamlines networking based on both personal connections, as well as by industry and company. It’s essentially an online resume, and is often one of the first searches performed by a potential employer when researching you as an applicant. With three new users every second, LinkedIn is the sleeping giant of social media and is quickly scrambling to the top of professional users’ daily internet repertoire.

Mashable has provided a fantastic walkthrough to create your profile, and to make those first steps forward in developing your network. We recommend that you use this guide to get started! Read More

10 Time Management Techniques for Entrepreneurs

When you work a standard 9-5 office job, your own ideas about time management are rarely considered as you work away on someone else’s clock, under someone else’s priorities (which of course, become your own). But for those of us that have succeeded at breaking away from that cycle (or come home after a day at the office and then go to work on your own business), you’re working on your OWN clock, at your OWN goals, and this freedom can be overwhelming. Knowing that each second now matters and is directly linked to your own potential income, versus getting paid a flat rate no matter what you accomplish, is incredibly daunting. Read More

MarketTaiwan now among the Top 25 Most-Visited Sites!

Great news for MarketTaiwan! We just received news that is the 25th largest website in Taiwan.  This rapid and impressive growth is only the beginning; with the new and look and feel of the site, combined with the SHOP name and now over 1 million products in the search, we expect more achievements on the horizon and news like this to keep rolling in!

Just this past March, the MarketTaiwan Powerline Magazine ran an article about how the site was in the top FIFTY largest in Taiwan, according to Alexa. The following is an excerpt from that article:

A known resource for analyzing web traffic and patterns, Alexa examines user and traffic statistics through the collection of data from a diverse range of traffic data sources. Read More

A Special Invitation from LaLa Anthony to Learn About the Business of Beauty

Hey Everybody!

My friend and business partner, Loren Ridinger, Senior Vice President of Internet retail giant Market America and SHOP.COM, creator of the award winning cosmetic line, Motives® by Loren Ridinger will be hosting a special Motives event in London on Thursday!

I am so excited about my partnership with Loren, which was a result of our shared love of makeup and beauty.  Motives for La La emphasizes colors and products for darker skin tones thanks to products that last long and won’t turn ashy on skin.

Join Loren this Thursday, May 31st at the Charing Cross in London from 7pm-9pm. You are all invited to meet and chat with my friend about products and makeup, while also learning a little more about how you can earn substantial income in the business of beauty! Read More

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