New Technology for the Next 20 Years

What Marc Ashley shared with the crowd this afternoon in 90 minutes will take barely three months to roll out, and yet it’s poised to reshape the way Market America UFOs do business for years to come. The name of the game at the corporate office has been simplification and perfection, and much of that has to do with the sleek new technologies coming now. Read More

Nutrametrix—Helping Health Professionals Set Themselves Apart

When Lorin Sourbeck, Director of Sales for nutraMetrix arrived onstage to the cheers of her consultants, she declared: “That’s the sound of the fastest-growing segment in Market America!” The program that offers  health professionals the ability to provide customized wellness solutions has become a juggernaut around the country.

Decreasing insurance reimbursements means doctors get less money for patients, and less revenue. They have to take out increased loans, spend less time with patients, and regular costs of business are going up as well. The patients are also changing—they’re more educated, their food habits are very commercialized, and they have more and new questions about maintaining their health. Our expertise helps health professionals provide them with answers. Read More

The New Pycnogenol® Benefits

Dr. Steven Lamm did a great job at explaining the new benefits of pycnogenol. Pycnogenol is the leading ingredient in Isotonix OPC-3®, Market America’s best-selling product. It has benefits that support the circulatory system – the body’s master communicator. “The body is an amazing orchestrated system,” explained Dr. Lamm*. Read More

Growing as a Team at #MAIC2012

Nothing is more powerful than someone’s personal story. When Cheyn Crangle stepped up to talk about his own experiences creating success and building a business, the power of his belief was contagious. As a veteran of the military, he knows that it’s important to act as a team, and that has made all the difference for him. Building as a team, from event to event has enabled him to accomplish things that most people only dream of. Read More

Creating Success Around the World

Market America is more than just a business. It’s an international family of opportunities. In just the past 12 months, Market America Worldwide has opened up operations in two new countries – and it’s showing no signs of stopping. When Chief Operating Officer Marc Ashley introduced the upcoming GLOBAL.SHOP.COM site, which will allow individuals around the world to purchase Market-America branded products, the International Convention audience was on their feet with excitement. Read More

Loren Ridinger and Steve Ashley Present The Golden Rules of Social Media

Over the last few years, Loren Ridinger and Steve Ashley have pushed social media as an essential part of the online marketing experience: “If you’re not doing it, you’re not doing the business,” says Steve. While 80% of the population shops online, and more than 50% have shopped more than once, e-commerce will be 1.4 trillion by the end of the year. People do it to save time, compare prices, and to have more variety.  So that means the next step is educating them about why your products are the ones they should buy online, and that’s where social media comes in. Read More

Creating Shopping Annuity with ma-Branded Products and Your Portal

The corporate sales team took the stage this morning to show just how easy it is to increase your shopping annuity by simply taking a look at your household items. Executive Vice President Dennis Franks, Executive Vice President Kevin Buckman, Vice President of Sales Jim Winkler, and Director of Field Development Andrew Weissman challenged everyone to look at the ‘negative products’ (non ma-branded products) in their respective households. Read More

Opuvita highlights Friday night at MAIC2012

While many danced the night away at last night’s Gala, a couple thousand more filtered in to hear from the Market America Product Management Team about some of the great new products launched at 2012 International Convention.

And, little did they know, some walked away holding one of the most coveted new product launches to date: Opuvita.

Throughout the great presentations from Eddie Riddle, International Products Supervisor, and Elizabeth Benton, US Health & Nutrition Supervisor, Benton awarded four lucky attendees with a sampling of this all-natural fusion that promotes overall wellness from head to toe.

MAIC2012 breakout attendees clamor for Opuvita

Who wants some Opuvita? All these people

Lucky attendee gets Opuvita Superfruit Fusion

A lucky Opuvita winner!

Are you looking for some Opuvita? Read More

MAIC 2012 Day 3 : List of Speakers and Topics

Day 3 of Market America’s 2012 International Convention is upon us, and we’ve saved the best for last. Loren Ridinger and Steve Ashley will take the stage this morning to show you how Market America is making strides as the social shopping company of the future. We’ll help you with some business building techniques. Marc will share some of the exciting enhancements to SHOP.COM amd Market America’s home page. Dr. Steven Lamm will share some of the secrets of Pycnogenol®. Then strap yourself in as our CEO and President JR Ridinger delivers his Keynote address. Read More

Total Support with iTransact, ma® Capital Resources and PatLive®

Day two of the 2012 International Convention came to an exciting close when Director of Internet Services Jeremy Fennema took the stage to showcase ma’s financial and business support products. This impactful presentation showcased just how much care, consideration and support is put into each and every service offered to entrepreneurs through Market America.

The financial services offered by Market America’s partnership with iTransact are designed to do more than just meet the needs of UnFranchise® Owners. Not only is iTransact preparing two brand-new coverage options for UFOs, it is also offering more rewards than ever for business referrals. Just by putting an interested company in contact with iTransact, a Market America entrepreneur can create ongoing Business Volume. Read More

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