Good Cop, Bad Money available exclusively through Market America

Just before our world conference, I was fortunate to meet Glen Morisano, former Deputy Inspector for the NYPD. In case you’re not familiar with Glen’s story, Glen was the person responsible for putting Jacob Arabov aka Jacob the Jeweler behind bars for a money laundering scheme with the Black Mafia.

Upon meeting Glen, he immediately starting filling me on on his story and why he chose to write his first book, Good Cop, Bad Money. You see, Glen has faced numerous obstacles throughout his life. He didn’t just get to be the Deputy Inspector by arresting a couple of bad guys.

Instead, Glen worked at it – he worked hard on the cases he was provided, made bold moves to bust some of the most high-profile criminals on others, and built off life’s past experiences — his childhood, his upbringing, along with those people that played a major role in his development. Read More

New Loren Ridinger sizzle reel now available!

As Market America’s social media manger, I get ecstatic every time we release a new video. One, videos are one of the primary forms of social media to help engage with your audience.  Two, our video department does an exceptional job.

At the 2011 Market America World Conference, we played the newest sizzle reel for Market America’s Senior Vice President, Loren Ridinger. Take a moment to watch it.

Although it has been only about a week since I was in Miami, Florida, watching this video really makes me feel like I’m there all over again. What feelings does Loren’s sizzle reel evoke in you?


Note: Want to connect with Loren Ridinger? Read More

2011 Market America World Conference highlight video now available!

Each year, Market America compiles a highlight video of the magic moments that took place at our conferences.  Below is this year’s highlight video from the 2011 ma® World Conference.

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2011 Market America World Conference audios now available!

For those that were unable to make it to the 2011 ma® World Conference in Miami or wanted to hear the presentations again, you’re in luck! The 2011 Market America World Conference audios are now available for you to download and take with you when you’re on the go — or when you want to relive some of the moments from this year’s exciting conference.

JR Ridinger listening to his favorite audios on his Market America mp3 player

The following audios are now available for download from your account. Read More

2011 Market America World Conference Press

Hope everyone is getting settled back in after a whirlwind and amazing week at the 2011 ma® World Conference by Market America.

Below is a collection of various press that this year’s conference generated. If you see something you like, consider clicking the ‘like’ button above and sharing this article with your friends on Facebook. For Twitter users, there’s also a convenient ‘tweet’ button as well.

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Event Coverage:





Motives® by Loren Ridinger featured in US Weekly Magazine

Hope everyone had a chance to stop by the Motives by Loren Ridinger booth at the 2011 ma® World Conference. If not, you missed out on trying out the latest cosmetics from Motives by Loren Ridinger — you even missed seeing Sammi Sweetheart from Jersey Shore, who stopped by for a quick visit.

Sammi Sweetheart with Loren Ridinger at the Motives by Loren Ridinger booth

Sammi Sweetheart is also a Motives by Loren Ridinger cosmetics user. In fact, she was recently quoted in an issue of US Weekly, where she proclaimed her love for Motives by Loren Ridinger bronzer, eyeliner and Read More

Market America updates ma® Widgets program – now more user friendly!

I’m excited to announce that Market America has updated the ma Widgets program. Now, it is much easier to add ma Widgets to your blog or third-party website. With ma Widgets, you now have additional opportunities to network and drive additional traffic back to your Market America web portal.

Why add ma Widgets?

  • Helps increase exposure of your favorite products to new customers
  • Allows users on other blogs or websites to search your web portal from their own website
  • Drive new traffic to your web portal
  • Increased networking opportunities
    • Know a website or blog owner? Ask them to add an ma Widget to their website! They’ll earn cash back in the process on purchases made through the ma Widget.
  • Read More

How to stay connected via social media at the 2011 ma® World Conference

2011 Market America World Conference

In just a few short day’s, we’ll be at the 2011 ma® World Conference in Miami, Florida, to announce a number of exciting new products and to share invaluable news with current UnFranchise® owners about the latest business developments at Market America.

You definitely don’t want to miss this years conference – it should be our best conference yet!

In order to help you keep up with everything at World Conference via social media, here are a the best way’s to connect with us at conference!

If you have additonal questions, email me Read More

Giveaway – Tickets to the 2011 ma® World Conference

Market America’s 2011 ma® World Conference kicks-off next week! Although the conference is sold-out, a few lucky UnFranchise® owners (six to be exact), will have the opportunity to win a ticket to what is expected to be our most historic conference ever!

This giveaway takes just a few minutes to complete.

Here’s what you need to do to enter:

  • First, leave a comment on our Facebook page, telling us what you’re most excited about at this years’s World Conference.
  • Second, send an email to and include your name and phone number.
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Got a testimonial about Market America? Stop by our video booth!

Share your video testimonial with Market America

Are you passionate about Market America, the UnFranchise® business system, our products, our amazing cashback program or another facet of our company?  Do you plan to be at next week’s 2011 ma® World Conference? If so, take a moment and stop by and share your video testimonial with us!

Our video crew will be at the social media booth collecting your video testimonials! All you need to do is stop-by and tell us your story!

Remember, this is your chance to share your story, so on your flight or drive down to Miami, Florida, give it some thought.

What is it about Market America that  you’re most passionate about?

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