Before You Go: Things You Don’t Want To Leave Home Without!

It’s time to start packing your bags for the 2012 Market America International Conference! A well thought out packing strategy can help you avoid leaving important items behind. With that in mind we have compiled a list of the Top 10 most important items you will need for MAIC2012.  Double and triple check these items against your luggage; it will give you peace of mind and help promote a stress-free travel experience. href="" class="read_more">Read More

Find Last-Minute Hotels for #MAIC2012

Still looking for a last-minute hotel for the 2012 Market America International Convention? If so, we hope this list of area hotels helps you in your search! Remember, to receive special pricing just mention the Market America at any of the following hotels: href="" class="read_more">Read More

MAIC Flashback Post: 1994 2nd Annual Convention

If you’ve attended one of Market America’s International Conventions in recent years you’ve no doubt seen the elaborate staging, firework displays and amazing performances. And don’t forget the tradeshow—all your favorite products and Partner Stores in one place. While each year gets bigger, better, faster and easier, 1994 proved to be a defining point for International Convention –  the year of our very the first Market America Tradeshow.

There were also several other ma milestones that year in Tysons Corner— all of which have become staples to the UnFranchise® Business. Market America expanded outside the United States for the first time, moving north of the border into Canada. Year Two also saw the implementation of National Meeting, Training and Seminar System (NMTSS), and the unveiling of the “The Sky’s the Limit” prospecting video. href="" class="read_more">Read More

Follow Market America and on Facebook and Twitter

As a distributor, you have many tools at your disposal to help you grow your business – and few of them are more effective than Social Media. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are great for interacting with your customers and finding new prospects – but they can also really help you get the word out about your business and the products you sell.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to participate in Market America and’s social media pages. Sharing our messages and engaging in the conversation is a great way to help spread the word about this amazing business, and it also helps you grow your business! href="" class="read_more">Read More

Social Media Guide: Using Social Media Tools to Grow Your Market America Business

Not sure what social media can do for your business? Not to worry, we’re here to help. As E-commerce continues to grow, keeping up with Social Media will be vital for your success in the digital age. In an effort to help you get the most out of Social Media, Market America’s developed this extremely useful guide. In it you will find a wealth of information that will help beginners and experienced social media users alike. href="" class="read_more">Read More

Come to Convention, Win a Cruise!

This year is Market America’s 20th Anniversary, and we want to celebrate with you. Those in attendance understand the extent of our excitement as we host an event that truly lives up to such a monumental achievement. To commemorate our 20 years of success, Market America will be giving away several amazing prizes throughout the event—but only those present are eligible to win! href="" class="read_more">Read More

MAIC 2012: Don’t Leave Home Without These Essentials

International Convention is right around the corner! On August 9-11, master builders from UnFranchise® Businesses across the nation and the ma® Corporate Team will be in Greensboro, North Carolina. Are you ready? href="" class="read_more">Read More

MAIC Flashback: Market America’s First Corporate Headquarters, 1992

It’s hard to believe it by looking at it, but this four-bedroom, 1500 square foot home in Greensboro, NC was the birth place of Market America. In 1992, the kitchen was the business center, the bedroom was the conference room and the garage was the warehouse. This is also where the Management Performance Compensation Plan (MPCP) was created, as well as Binomial Marketing, Product Brokerage System, and of course, the Mall Without Walls™.

href="" class="read_more">Read More

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