Join Me for MA University Orientation & Product Symposium!

Market America presents the first ever West Coast MA University Orientation and Product Symposium June 8th & 9th in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona! This is a two-day seminar that focuses on providing a total overview of the MA University and its majors offered to UnFranchise® Owners along with an in-depth product education on the most popular ma® branded products offered through SHOP.COM. Read More

Amber Ridinger Marries Duane McLaughlin in Puerto Rico!

Earlier we recapped an amazing week of business building in Puerto Rico. After several days of diligent work, meetings and presentations, the week ended with the incredible wedding of Amber Ridinger and Duane McLaughlin on April 6th. Read More

5 Foods That Help Keep You Energized

We know that UnFranchise® owners are very busy people who work from dawn to dusk – and then some! Since running out of energy just isn’t an option for you, feeding your body well is essential. So rather than reaching for yet another cup o’ joe, here is our list of 5 energy-rich foods you should incorporate into your diet. Read More

Building in Puerto Rico: Recapping an Amazing Week

Thank you to everyone who came to our events in Puerto Rico last week. We were excited to see such an amazing turnout at both the Motives® Cosmetics Overview and the UBP. Business is booming and giving entrepreneurs in Puerto Rico the chance to earn residual income and work towards financial freedom is a feat we were able to accomplish last week. Read More

Financial Feature: Cutting Wedding Costs

Our Market America family is buzzing with wedding fever this week, as our own CEO walked his daughter and founder of Lumière de Vie, Amber Ridinger down the aisle in Puerto Rico on Saturday.

Wedding season is exciting for everyone – the start of a new chapter for brides and grooms, the end of a long chapter for parents, and a big party for everyone else. Making memories is expensive business, however, and almost everyone comes out with a fat bill by the end. Whether you are celebrating, planning, or attending, here are some ways to cut costs: Read More

Social Media Monday: 10 Things to Stop Doing on Facebook. Right. Now.

If you use Facebook (and we hope that you do), you’ve probably witnessed your friends doing some pretty annoying or embarrassing things. But what if you’re the one who is committing serious Facebook offenses without even knowing it? Here’s our list of 10 things you need to stop doing right now on Facebook. Read More

Tips for Adding a Personal Touch to Your Business

As a Shop Consultant, you know that providing your customers with a personalized shopping experience is essential to your success. Your job is so much more than making them feel welcome; you must actively build relationships with your customers and make them feel important in order to earn their trust and loyalty. But other than giving them a one-on-one tour around the site, what else can you do to add a personal touch to your business and keep them coming back for more? Here are some ideas to get you started! Read More

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