Social Media Monday: Are You Making One Of These 3 Social Media Mistakes?

Last week we shared three mistakes UnFranchise Owners make when using social media to build their business. You all loved the post so much, we’re continuing the theme in today’s post. Read on for three more mistakes we’ve seen UnFranchise Owners make on social media, plus quick fixes for each.  Read More

DNA Miracles™ OPC-3® Chews FAQ: How is Pycnogenol® beneficial to my child?

We’re incredibly excited about the various health and nutrition products launched last month at Market America International Convention 2014! That is why we’ve kicked off an all-new series on our blog to answer your most frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding new products.

For today’s post we sat down with Rebecca Eckenroth, Health & Nutrition Product Manager, to answer your top FAQs on the primary ingredients in DNA Miracles™ OPC-3® Chews. Read on to learn more! Read More

What You May Have Missed: September 14th, 2014

It’s been another great week here at Market America! If you were as busy as we were, you probably didn’t have time to read up on all the goings-on here, but that’s OK! Catch up on all the important ma- related events and news you may have missed: Read More

SHOP.COM Saturday: Partner Stores Update

The first day of fall is less than two weeks away! No matter what your fall must-haves are, SHOP.COM has everything you need to welcome the new season in style.  We’ve got new partner stores, hot deals, exclusive offers and more to help you say goodbye to summer and hello to fall! We even have a Fall Fashion Extra Cashback event going on right now. Read on to check out what’s new this week at SHOP.COM: Read More

Recap of the Behind The Bench Luncheon and Award Ceremony

It was a pleasure speaking in front of the members of the NBA Wives Association at the Behind the Bench Annual Conference in New York City. It was also amazing to be honored with the “Build An Empire” Award. I wanted to share some great photos my team took of the event and share my pearls of wisdom from the speech that I gave. I hope these words will  inspire you and help transform your own life, because they came not only from my personal life experience but from my heart. Read More

Share Your Survival Story and Help Spread Hope

Most everyone has been touched by breast cancer in some way. One in eight women will get breast cancer in her lifetime. One woman dies every 13 minutes from breast cancer. The best chance of survival lies in early detection. Market America is passionate about spreading awareness about this important cause. That’s why we’ve partnered with, a charity whose mission is to promote early detection of breast cancer for increased odds of survival.  Read More

Loren Ridinger Honored by Behind the Bench

Today has been such a special experience for Loren and me – as she was honored at the Behind the Bench 2014 Annual Conference for her incredible contributions to the business community. This beautiful event was organized by The National Basketball Wives Association, who offered Loren the opportunity to speak to the crowd about her success story, and all the challenges she overcame to get where she is today. In addition to having the chance to speak, Loren also received the Building an Empire Award to celebrate her incredible success in business and her tireless work ethic. Read More

Did You Know…All About Isotonix® Bromelain Plus

In this week’s edition of, “Did You Know,” we are focusing on protecting and supporting our bodies from the inside, out. This exact reason is why we’ve developed Isotonix® Bromelain Plus: to help support your body, letting you take action to help your body face what life puts in front of you. There are many unique benefits of this powerful formula that go beyond the scope of normal health supplements. Read on to learn all that you need to know about Isotonix® Bromelain Plus! Read More

UnFranchise® TV: New Training Videos to Watch

Have you tuned into UnFranchise® TV on MeetON yet? If you have, you know how valuable the information is that is provided by the field leaders featured in the training videos. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?! Lucky for you, there’s never been a better time to jump in with both feet and experience UnFranchise® TV for yourself. Read on for information about newest training videos to be added to and links to where you can watch them online. Read More

A Day in the Life: Larry Rogowsky

No two UnFranchise® Owners are alike, and neither are their daily lives! If you’ve ever wondered how other UnFranchise Owners spend their time, when they build their business, or which activities they enjoy in their free time, you’re in luck! Today, we’re sharing what a day in the life of nutraMetrix™ Challenge Winner Larry Rogowsky is like. Read on to find out how Larry spends his days building his business and enjoying life as an entrepreneur. Read More

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