Motives Reaches Two Million Followers on Instagram!

We did it again! TWO MILLION followers on Instagram is such an incredible achievement, and shows what’s possible when you use social media to build brand recognition and engage with your customers. Read on for a special message from Loren Ridinger, the Motives Mavens and La La Anthony. Read More

Moving Up Seminars: September & November

If you attended Market America International Convention 2015, or even watched it on, you heard how passionately Jim Winkler and Andrew Weissman spoke about attending training events.  The large scale events (International Convention and World Conference) are an incredible 3 day experience full of training, motivation, and The Moving Up Seminars are training on a smaller scale, with much less than the 20,000+ entrepreneurs you were surrounded by at International Convention. This interactive training is truly a favorite among the top money earners in the company. Read on to find out why you should attend.  Read More

#ShoppingAnnuity Spotlight August 21, 2015

All over the globe UnFranchise Owners have been able to beat the system by converting their spending into earning with a revolutionary concept known as The Shopping Annuity. By making smarter shopping decisions and leveraging the incredible Cashback and BV/IBV generated through these purchases on SHOP.COM, UnFranchise Owners are building lasting success with an ongoing income. Read More

Local Business Building Events this Weekend: 8/21/15

We all know that attending our big events like World Conference and International Convention can have a huge impact on your UnFranchise Business – but making the most of small, local meetings is also a critical component of your success. This weekend we’ve got some great business building events going on for you to leverage, so make the most of this opportunity by attending the events in your area. Share this with your team so they’re aware of all the great Market America events going on this weekend! Attending these local events is a great way to keep the momentum going from #MAIC2015! Read More

Beauty Spotlight – New Motives Products

It’s been two weeks since the launch of Motives Cosmetics’ new Fall/Winter 2015 line- ‘Time Stands Still’ and the feedback has been incredible! Many of you have already received your orders of new Motives products and have posted your favorite looks on your social media channels! We’ve been tracking the conversations online and we must say, we are impressed! Read on to find out what Motives announcement we have for you today! Read More

Did You Know…All About SHOP.COM’s Print Center

Have you been surfing the web, searching for the best deal for your custom printing needs? Well look no further — SHOP.COM’s Print Center is the place for you! Today we are taking a first hand look at the custom printing on envelopes, business cards and more, available at Print Center! Read on to learn how you can earn Cashback on your printing needs: Read More

PayPal and PayPal Credit Come to SHOP.COM and

We are constantly searching for new ways to deliver the best possible shopping experience with SHOP.COM – and offering different payment options is a key component of that which is often overlooked. But not at SHOP.COM! We’re proud to announce that PayPal and PayPal Credit have come to SHOP.COM and! Read More

National Eye Exam Month

It’s probably a little known fact that August is National Eye Exam Month.  The American Optometric Association recommends eye exams in adults ages 18-60 every two years and adults over 61 should go annually.  Often adults dread visiting the eye doctor for fear of the results.  Hearing your vision isn’t as flawless as you would hope can be an upsetting thing to hear.  Market America offers products to keep your vision healthy in between eye exams. Read on to find out about our products that will help keep your vision impeccable.  Read More

The Shopping Annuity Debuts in Times Square

This is a truly special time for our business and the UnFranchise Family, as the Shopping Annuity just made its official debut in Times Square! My symbolic crossing of Niagara Falls to help emphasize the importance of BELIEF was a magic moment at MAIC2015 – and now thanks to this incredible feature in Times Square, it would seem we are no longer the best kept secret in the industry! Read More

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