National Eye Exam Month

It’s probably a little known fact that August is National Eye Exam Month.  The American Optometric Association recommends eye exams in adults ages 18-60 every two years and adults over 61 should go annually.  Often adults dread visiting the eye doctor for fear of the results.  Hearing your vision isn’t as flawless as you would hope can be an upsetting thing to hear.  Market America offers products to keep your vision healthy in between eye exams. Read on to find out about our products that will help keep your vision impeccable.  Read More

The Shopping Annuity Debuts in Times Square

This is a truly special time for our business and the UnFranchise Family, as the Shopping Annuity just made its official debut in Times Square! My symbolic crossing of Niagara Falls to help emphasize the importance of BELIEF was a magic moment at MAIC2015 – and now thanks to this incredible feature in Times Square, it would seem we are no longer the best kept secret in the industry! Read More

Optimize Your Shopping Search on SHOP.COM

SHOP.COM continues to strive to be the best shopping source on the web! With the Cashback incentive on SHOP.COM – the shopping site is the clear choice. We continue to listen to what our loyal customers are saying and work everyday to make improvements to the site where requested. We talked about a long list of SHOP.COM updates here and here at MAIC 2015, but have you taken the time to go and check them out yourself? Here is a first hand look at the updates to the new user-friendly SHOP.COM search pages: Read More

Social Media Monday: #MAIC2015 in the News

Over 20,000 entrepreuners flocked to Greensboro, NC earlier this month for a fast-paced and knowledge-packed 3 days in the Greensboro Coliseum. To see this many people coming together with a united purpose and unified goal is beyond inspirational – but the impact we make at International Convention reaches far beyond the walls of Greensboro Coliseum. Read More

Motives 2015 Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Continuing their partnership in the fight against breast cancer, Motives will work together with for their 2015 Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. promotes early detection of breast cancer, as it can reduce or prevent invasive surgery, minimize treatment and dramatically increase survival rates. Read More

What You May Have Missed August 16, 2015

What a week it’s been following Market America International Convention 2015!  There’s been so much buzz on social media and about the event, we’ve barely had time to slow down.  If you’ve been as busy as we have, you may have missed what’s been going on the corporate office. Catch up on all the important Market America | SHOP.COM related events and news you may have missed below.

WYMHM Aug 16

Top posts of the week on the Market America blog

MAIC 2015: Recapping an Incredible Event! If you missed MAIC 2015, you will certainly want to check out this blog post that recaps all of the major announcements and new product info. Read More

SHOP.COM Saturday: Partner Stores Update

We are still buzzing from the excitement of #MAIC2015 last week. We learned so much about SHOP.COM! There have been so many updates in the past several months to better the overall, comprehensive shopping experience of the best online shopping site around – and the updates continue each week! The Partner Stores Team works endlessly to bring your the hottest deals from new partner stores with the best Cashback opportunity. Read on to see what is new this week at SHOP.COM: Read More

#MAIC2015: Are You in the Wheelbarrow?

Hello UnFranchise team Market America and Shopping Annuity Evangelists and Ambassadors! I cannot recall a convention where there have been so many magic moments for people and such an overwhelming response.

A lot of you asked for the videos and the “Rest of the Story” commentary on this, so I am posting it for you to see now. Hopeful this will reignite some sparks. Many of you wanted to share it with your teams so here it is. I would love to know what you think and what your magic moments were as well as what your teams think of this! In exchange for this, can I ask you a few questions? Read More

Back to School Checklist

Whether you’re preparing for your little one’s first day of school or sending your eager teenager off to college, we’ve got all the back-to-school must haves that will make your shopping experience a breeze while feeding your shopping annuity! Read More

MAIC 2015: Recapping an Incredible Event!

Social media and UFOs everywhere are still buzzing with excitement about the 2015 Market America International Convention! We spent an incredible couple of days last week sharing new products, SHOP.COM enhancements, UnFranchise updates, and all things Shopping Annuity!  Thank you for coming to Greensboro to experience the event, learning more about Shopping Annuity, and getting “in the wheelbarrow”! If you didn’t have time to read our daily recap blog posts, or if you were unable to join us for the event, here’s a brief overview of what went on over the 3-day, life-changing event! Read More

More from the Market America blog:

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