A Day in the Life: Leanne Vaillancourt

No two UnFranchise® Owners are alike, and neither are their daily lives! If you’ve ever wondered how other UnFranchise Owners spend their time, when they build their business, or which activities they choose to enjoy in their free time, you’re in luck! Today, we’re sharing what a day in the life of Leanne Vaillancourt is like. Read on to find out how Leanne spends her days building her business and enjoying life as an entrepreneur. Read More

Top 5 eBooks for Entrepreneurs

No matter if you are just getting started in this business or you are a seasoned entrepreneur that has been with Market America for 10+ years, you are never too experienced to learn something new and grow your knowledge of this business even more. It is never a bad idea to seek advice from others who have paved the way for you, providing encouraging words that will help you grow and build your business into something even stronger! Check out our top eBooks that we recommend any UnFranchise® owner takes a look at! Read More

A New Tool for Getting More Customers: Custom Mini-Websites!

Announcing a brand new tool to help you acquire more customers and generate more traffic to your SHOP.COM site: the all-new Custom Mini-Websites! You’ll have the ability to pick the design of the site, choose which categories of products and brands are represented, pick which products are highlighted on the homepage, and even choose the vanity domain associated with the site. Have you always wanted to have a website that showed the Isotonix® line and Heart Health™ products together at a domain like OPC3.com? Well, with the new Custom Mini-Websites, that’s exactly what you have now. Read More

Motives® Spotlight: Laura Laire

Learning from the experience of other Motives® Certified Trainers and Motives® Beauty Advisors is a great way to build your Motives business, so we created a brand new blog feature that will help you do just that! This week, we have with us successful Motives® Certified Trainer and Director Laura Laire.  Want to know her tips and tricks for how you can do the same? Read on! Read More

Social Media Monday: Top 5 Tips From Around the Web

Today we’re switching it up a bit and sharing our favorite social media tips from around the web! From helpful suggestions for optimizing your LinkedIn profile to just-released info about using the newest Twitter photo feature, we’ve scoured the web for the best and most up-to-date tips our UnFranchise Owners can benefit the most from. Are you ready to see what they are? Read More

SHOP.COM Saturday: Partner Stores Update

What are your spring must haves? We’re craving anything from rain gear to running shoes, cooking supplies and gardening tools! Whatever you desire, we’ve been hard at work this week bringing you some amazing deals, new partner stores and increased Cashback to get you geared up for the new season! Read on to see what’s happened this week at SHOP.COM! Read More

REMINDER: Are you #TeamGrape or #TeamOrange?

Have you chosen a team yet? We are still torn here at Headquarters, but we are loving the creativity coming from both sides! Have you joined in on the #AwakeEnergy fun on social media yet? Over the next few weeks, the Market America Product and Social Media teams will be giving away Awake Energy Shots on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to followers who are creative and share their love of our newest health & nutrition product. Check out some of are lucky winners from the past few weeks: Read More

Recognizing Success: Reaching New Pin Levels, March 27, 2014

We know that UnFranchise® Owners work very hard to accomplish their business goals and succeed as entrepreneurs, so we want to take a moment to shine the spotlight on those who have recently reached new Pin Levels. This is a tremendous achievement and we’re so proud of what you have accomplished! Read on to hear from some of the hardest working entrepreneurs in the field. Read More

A Day in the Life: Recap Edition!

We started our “A Day in the Life” blog series only a few months ago, but it’s already a huge hit with our readers! Giving you a “behind the scenes” peek into the lives of other UnFranchise Owners goes far beyond being an interesting read; it’s also highly beneficial to your business. How so? Finding out how these individuals fit business building, family, and even a 9-5 job into their daily lives reminds us that we all experience challenges at one point or another – the important thing is to never, ever give up.

Read on for a recap of all our “A Day in the Life” posts, plus our favorite quotes from each! Read More

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