MAWC 2016 Exclusive Partner Store Deals & Building Your Shopping Annuity

In addition to the amazing knowledge that you will gain attending Market America World Conference 2016, attendees will have access to amazing MAWC exclusive hot deals from SHOP.COM Partner Stores! Take advantage of these exclusive offers from OneCart stores and Partner Stores and score huge savings for a limited time!  Read More

MAWC2016: Celebrating with our President’s Challenge Award Winners

Tonight we kicked off the Market America 2016 World Conference in style with an amazing celebration with the leaders of our company. What a perfect way to start #MAWC2016 by recognizing the UnFranchise Owners who’ve been going above and beyond to share the UnFranchise with the world and to show people just how easy it is to convert their spending into earning with the Shopping Annuity! Read More

Watch MAWC 2016 Live on MeetON!

The 2016 Market America World Conference is finally here, and we’re so excited to see all of you for what is sure to be an incredible event! However, if you’re unable to join us in Miami, Florida for the big event, we’ve got you covered! We will be broadcasting both the morning and afternoon sessions live on MeetON, as well as an evening breakout session! Here’s a schedule of what you’ll be able to watch from home: Read More

Time to SHOP: A FOOH Special Deal

As we kick off the week for MAWC 2016, I hope you’re feeling as excited as I am to get to it with a running start! However, sometimes that means if you’re running in heels, you’ll need a backup pair. If you’re familiar with Dawn Dickson’s foldable line of flats, Flat Out of Heels, you already know how comfy and cute they are. But now, we are also going to be offering them for a very chic price. Read ahead for more details!  Read More

Download the Market America World Conference 2016 Agenda!

Can you believe it – the Market America 2016 World Conference is just two days away! We are so excited to learn all about about building our Shopping Annuity, we can hardly wait. As you and your team travel from all parts of the world to join thousands of UnFranchise Owners for the most powerful week of your life, we wanted to give you a sneak peek of what is ahead in a downloadable version of the #MAWC2016 daily agenda* and evening schedule!

We have some exciting things planned for these three days, with some amazing entrepreneurs,  in Miami, FL:



After downloading your agenda, be sure to share it with your team and business partners. Read More

2016 International Convention Ticket Special

Don’t miss your chance to purchase tickets to the Market America 2016 International Convention early! When you purchase early not only do you guarantee having tickets before they sell out, you will also be rewarded for being an early bird. We know how important it is to plan ahead for attending major events. There is a lot to take into account such as travel, hotel, and gathering prospects. That is why we suggest securing your spot and the spot of future business partners by buying in advance. Check out the great bonus we are offering to those who purchase their three tickets to the 2016 Market America International Convention.    Read More

Save on New Products & More with MasterPass!

Just in time for World Conference, SHOP.COM has another exciting offer to share! What a better way to shop for the things that you need for the new month, a spring season quickly approaching, and all the new products that are coming your way with MAWC 2016 right around the corner! Don’t miss this offer: Read More

Social Media Monday: Channels to Follow for #MAWC2016

It is finally here! MAWC 2016 is this week! We’ve been looking forward to February since we left the Greensboro Coliseum last August. The corporate team has been busy preparing for the event and we are promising our UnFranchise Owners and smart shoppers that is will be the best one yet. We sure hope that you will be joining us in Miami, Florida this week at the America Airlines Arena!

If you’re attending MAWC 2016 make sure that you follow along with our executives and corporate channels for updates and happenings on social media! If you can’t make it this year, follow along for recaps and announcements from the arena! Here is a complete list of the social media channels to follow for World Conference:  Read More

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