Winter Skin Survival Guide

Ever wonder what it would feel like to wear shorts and tank tops in the middle of winter? Of course not! No one is interested in knowing what freezing feels like. Most of us living in cities that experience cold weather seasons, usually begin transitioning our closets in the fall to accommodate for the cold temperatures approaching. Just as we switch out our wardrobes, we should be doing the same with our skincare products! As the cold weather gets cooler and air gets dryer, it’s time to put away all your oil fighting skincare products and focus more on hydration boosting products. Read on for complete survival guide for winter skincare!

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MAWC 2016 Travel Guide

We can hardly believe that two weeks from today we’ll be at opening day of Market America World Conference 2016 with 20,000 of the best entrepreneurs in the world! We understand how exciting and hectic the next two weeks can be so we’ve put together a brief list of MUST-HAVES for your packing list. Now is the perfect time to place your orders on SHOP.COM to ensure everything arrives in time for the trip to Miami! Read on for our shopping list of essentials for MAWC2016. Read More

SHOP.COM Supercharges Merchandising with Thousands of New Products from New Suppliers

We don’t lead the parade by being passive. We lead the parade by constantly seeking out new ways to improve our business and diversify the products we offer because in the end we know it’s all about connecting people with the right products at the right prices.

I’m thrilled to announce SHOP.COM just finalized a new deal that will help bring over 100,000 new products to our site from 40 new drop-ship suppliers – meaning new products, new ways to save, and new opportunities to build your UnFranchise and fuel your Shopping Annuity! Read More

Reach your 2016 Goals with the TLS 21 Day Challenge

You’d be happy to know your Market America family is looking better each day! What has us looking so good? It’s real simple, commitment! That’s right folks, here at the corporate office, many have joined you in the TLS 21 Day Challenge and we’re not only looking, but also feeling better than ever! What we love about TLS is that weight loss is simple, which is exactly what we need as we’re busy preparing for one of the best World Conferences yet! Who has time for a complex weight loss regimen these days anyways? Getting in shape should be stress-free so we can actually reach our goals in 2016 and that’s exactly why we’ve joined the TLS 21-Day Challenge! Read on to see how you can make a personal transformation in just 21 days!
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SHOP.COM Customer Favorites

It is hard to choose just one Market America exclusive branded item to call your favorite. There are so many unique and effective products on SHOP.COM for every aspect of our lives: home & garden, weight loss, beauty, health & nutrition, pet items…we could go on and on! We love reading rave reviews from our customers on their favorite products that they are loyal to. Check out some of these customer favorites: Read More

Honoring the Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

Today we celebrate a truly remarkable person who stood up for what’s right in the face of unbearable injustice – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. King led a cultural revolution that helped bring abought a new age of equality and the end to segregation in America. Though his life was tragically cut short, he did more with his brief time here than most people could do with ten lifetimes. Read More

What You May Have Missed: January 17, 2016

It’s the first long weekend of 2016 and it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time! We can all use an extra day to catch up on life post the holidays. Whether you’ve been busy taking down the Christmas tree or catching up on work, you may have missed what’s been going on in the corporate office. Catch up on all the important Market America | SHOP.COM related events and news you may have missed below.

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SHOP.COM Saturday: Partner Stores Update

New Year, New You: that is our motto for 2016. In all aspects of our life, we are bettering ourselves and working on making this year the best year yet. Whether your resolutions are to get fit, eat healthy or save money…we can help you. See what is new at SHOP.COM this week to make those resolutions stick: Read More

Leverage UBP Videos for World Conference

How many prospects and potential business partners are you bringing with you to World Conference in a couple of weeks? The answer should be at least two. Do you remember when the crowd at International Conference 2015 began chanting “Get two, get two, get two?” The key to success in the UnFranchise business is growing your team to build a strong foundation that will result in residual income as everyone works together. Market America provides a plethora of resources for UFOs to use to learn and grow your business. Read More

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