Happy Thanksgiving!

In today’s fast-paced world it’s rare for us to really pause and reflect on all the things we are grateful for – but that’s exactly what this special day is for. This Thanksgiving I have so much to be thankful for – a beautiful and brilliant wife who inspires me on a daily basis, two incredible daughters who’ve grown to become amazing young women, brothers and friends who are always there for me, my son Duane and my grandson Ayden – all of these things mean the world to me. I am beyond blessed and truly thankful for all the amazing people in my life, and all the opportunities I have to share the UnFranchise Business with the world. Read More

Build Your Shopping Annuity This Holiday With MyLists!

Are you still shopping for that picky relative that you can never find the perfect gift for? Don’t you wish that you had a list of their favorite items to choose from! Well, your wish is our command! The MyLists feature on SHOP.COM allows for just that! Read on to learn why you should make MyLists part of your holiday shopping! Read More

Holiday Wish List 2014: Top Gifts for Babies

If you are not a parent yourself, shopping for babies can prove to be quite difficult. If you are out of touch with the development of a baby, it is hard to know which age-appropriate toys will suit the baby on your list. Just any toy wont due, it is important to find a gift that is entertaining, yet educational and a product that you can trust and is safe for baby! Ensuring that a toy can hold babies short attention span is a tough task, but we’re here to help! This week, we’re taking you through the top gifts of 2014 for babies! Read More

Relieve Holiday Stress with the Anti-Stress Kit

The holiday season is typically associated with family, food and fun. However, as we all know, a totally stress-free holiday break can be sometimes hard to attain. Fortunately, the Anti-Stress Kit can help you reduce the amount of stress that you might experience this season. Read on to learn how three Market America products work together to promote relaxation, while giving you the energy you need to make it through each day. Read More

Important News about the Shopping Annuity Bonus Pool

UnFranchise Owners – have you heard the news? With the holiday shopping season ramping up, you’ve got a tremendous opportunity to score with the Shopping Annuity Bonus Pool! Now is the perfect time to sit down with your family, friends, and customers and help them with their holiday wish lists on SHOP.COM. This is your chance to play Santa while also feeding the Shopping Annuity by finding them great deals through your SHOP.COM site. And while you’re at it – suggest great Market America Brands like Motives CosmeticsLumière de Vie, or DNA Miracles to help build your Shopping Annuity even faster! How cool is that? Read More

#ShoppingAnnuity Success Stories: Hitting the Shopping Annuity Bonus Pool

The Shopping Annuity Bonus Pool has been live for less than two months, and there’s already a handful of UnFranchise Owner’s who’ve hit the bonus pool requirements! Converting spending into earning with the Shopping Annuity is an incredible opportunity for you to leverage – especially during the Holiday Shopping Season! The incredible part is these UnFranchise Owners have already hit the #ShoppingAnnuity Bonus Pool before the holiday shopping rush really kicks in: Read More

Social Media Monday: Tips for Success During The Holidays (Part 2)

The holidays are upon us, and shoppers across the globe are turning to social media to find the best deals on gifts for everyone on their list. But they’re not just looking at profiles and pages of big brands; they’re also looking to their friends and followers for holiday gift-giving inspiration! Studies have shown that a whopping 90% of consumers trust recommendations from their social media contacts more than any other form of advertising. To make the most of the holiday shopping season, check out part 2 of our 2-part series on social media success during the holidays! Read More

What You May Have Missed: November 23, 2014

It’s been another great week here at Market America! If you were as busy as we were, you probably didn’t have time to read up on all the goings-on at the corporate office, but that’s OK! Catch up on all the important Market America | SHOP.COM related events and news you may have missed: Read More

SHOP.COM Saturday: Convert Spending Into Earning this Holiday Season

The holidays are a time of joy, family gatherings and gift giving, but they can also be notorious for credit card bills, financial pressure and stress. Don’t let the holidays get the best of your wallet this year! Convert your spending into earning with SHOP.COM and build your Shopping Annuity with your favorite Market America products all season long. Read on to see how we are decking our halls with ma® brands this year, earning Cashback and building our Shopping Annuity! Read More

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