Market Taiwan 2015 Leadership School MeetON Schedule

This weekend over twenty thousand UnFranchise Owners will come together to learn and grow at the 2015 Market Taiwan Leadership School. If you can’t attend the event but still want to take part, tune into MeetON this weekend to watch a live broadcast straight from Taiwan! See below for a schedule of broadcasts and links to each. Read More

Calling All Social Media Users!


Hey YOU, yes YOU!  The Market America social media team has brilliant ideas that require participation from our amazing UFOs such as yourself.  Each and every day we work diligently to provide our UFOs with useful, informative blog posts to help you succeed and grow your business.  No one knows the questions, struggles, and accomplishments in your UFO business better than you.  Our goal is to represent YOU the UFO in every post.  In other words, we need your help! Read More

Take a Bite Out of National Chocolate Day!

Only serious chocoholics may realize that today is National Chocolate Day.  While there are many specific chocolate related holidays throughout the year, National Chocolate Day celebrates all forms of chocolate.  Celebrated annually October 28th, the holiday is conveniently celebrated just in time for Halloween.  Market America recognizes the national popularity of chocolate and incorporated the beloved flavor into a few of our nutritious products.  Read on to learn more about our chocolate products. Read More

Attend this Moving Up Seminar in Miami Beach this December!

We’ve got another great Moving Up Seminar coming up in Miami Beach! Openings are extremely limited for our December 13-15 session so it’s imperative that you get you tickets to this exclusive event before they’re gone! This is the perfect chance for you to receive the high level training you need to build massive success with your UnFranchise Business. Read More

Hauntingly Healthy Halloween Treats

Every year around this time, many of us run out to buy bag-fulls of Halloween candy for those eager trick-or-treaters. We’ve all been there, answering the door to a group of smiling witches, superheroes and princesses- of course we love being the house on the block with the best Halloween candy!  But what if instead of inducing kids with an intense blood sugar spike and potential dental cavities, we opt for healthier choices that will still give you bragging rights on the block! Read on to see our delicious and fun alternatives to Halloween candy that are hauntingly healthy yet will have your trick-or-treaters returning for more!  Read More

2015 Asia Pacific Regional Convention Recap

This past weekend’s 2015 Asia Pacific Regional Convention in Singapore was an amazing experience for us and further proof of the tremendous growth we’re experiencing in the region. It was an honor to have the chance to speak with thousands of entrepreneurs from all corners of the globe at this event, as we celebrate their continued success and work together to build for the future. This event was inspirational and awe-inspiring but also an incredible learning experience for everyone involved. Read More

SHOP.COM Buying Guides

It is the last week in October and we already have the holidays on the brain. Because of our overwhelming excitement for the upcoming months, we wanted to share a sneak peek into one of the exciting enhancements that SHOP.COM is bringing you this holiday season. November and December are the top shopping months of every year and we continuously strive to bring you efficient way to shop and to help your customers shop, earn Cashback and save! Sharing the power of the Shopping Annuity this holiday season will help you and everyone around you enjoy a smart shopping season!

This year, we’re making buying easy with a fool-proof buying guide for each holiday! Read More

What You May Have Missed: October 25, 2015

As we near the end of October, we can certainly look back at an exciting month!  The corporate office has been like Grand Central Station with many top UFOs, executives, and even Loren and JR conducting meetings and trainings.  This week our office was graced with the dynamic duo- Jim Winkler and Andrew Weissman!  It was incredibly exciting to have The Andrew Weissman Show filmed live in the corporate office!  If you’ve been as busy as we have, you may have missed what’s been going on the corporate office. Catch up on all the important Market America | SHOP.COM related events and news you may have missed below. Read More

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