Product Spotlight: Isotonix Magnesium

The human body is composed of many minerals, one of the most abundant being magnesium.  A busy mineral, magnesium has many duties to fill as a support system to many functions in the human body.  With the innovative Isotonix Delivery System, you’re providing your body the magnesium supplement benefits it needs quickly and effectively. There are many benefits of including Isotonix Magnesium to your daily Isotonix cocktail. Click HERE to see our entire Isotonix product line sold on SHOP.COM. Read More

2015 Chinese Boot Camp Recap

Making the most of opportunities to learn is what sets successful entrepreneurs apart from everyone else – and that’s exactly what happened this past weekend at the 2015 Chinese Boot Camp in Las Vegas! We had a great turnout for #CBC2015 with people coming from all over the world to take part in this incredible event as they learned from some of the most successful field leaders as well as members of our corporate team. Read More

Behind the Scenes of MAIC 2015 with Dennis Franks

This week we are going behind the scenes of MAIC 2015 with the one and only Dennis Franks!  Most people know the Executive Vice President as the offensive center on the University of Michigan’s “Team of the Decade” for most wins and later played in the NFL for six seasons, helping to build the Philadelphia Eagle’s 1981 Super Bowl team.  Read More

#ShoppingAnnuity Spotlight June 23, 2015

All over the globe UnFranchise Owners have been able to beat the system by converting their spending into earning with a revolutionary concept known as The Shopping Annuity. By making smarter shopping decisions and leveraging the incredible Cashback and BV/IBV generated through these purchases on SHOP.COM, UnFranchise Owners are building lasting success with an ongoing income. Read More

Sip Something Sweet with SHOP.COM Groceries

It is National Iced Tea Month and we are craving something sweet and refreshing. SHOP.COM Groceries allows us to easily sip on our favorite iced tea brews and flavors all summer long. With $5.99 flat rate shipping and 2% Cashback on all orders, we’re buying in bulk and stocking up on our iced tea supply in preparation of the hot summer ahead packed with barbecues, picnics and parties! Read on the see what sweet drinks we’re sipping on this summer: Read More

Stay Hydrated This Summer With PUREH2O™!

It’s no lie that it is hot, hot, HOT outside. If you’re like us, you look for every excuse to be outdoors during the warmer, longer days of summer. Whether your list of activities includes the salt water and the sand, mountain trails and campgrounds or just a backyard barbecue with your neighbors, it’s a scorcher out there! It is important to stay hydrated, especially during the summer months. The secret to doing just that: an ample amount of refreshing drinking water. Read More

Social Media Monday: Top Social Media News Stories from the Web

The world of social media is ever changing.  There’s always something new and exciting for consumers and business owners alike, whether it’s an app or new marketing tools.  Keeping up with all of the latest social media news can be overwhelming, so here’s a quick run-down of some of the top social media news stories you should know about. Read More

Summer Bucket List with SHOP.COM

Today is the first official day of summer which means it’s time to start checking off items on your summer bucket list.  If you haven’t already created one, you should grab a pen and paper and start jotting ideas down.  Your bucket list doesn’t have to be anything elaborate or expensive, rather simple things you would like to have done by the end of summer. Once you have your list prepared, visit SHOP.COM where you will find everything you need to make this the most memorable summer ever including groceries, backyard furniture, SHOPtravel, camping gear and more!  Keep in mind, not only will you create an unforgettable summer, you will also earn Cashback by shopping through SHOP.COM! Read More

What You May Have Missed June 21, 2015

Today is the first official day of summer and that means we’re less than two months away from #MAIC2015!  We’ve got much to attend to and prepare for as August gets closer.  If you’ve been as busy as we have, you may have missed what’s been going on at the corporate office. Catch up on all the important Market America | SHOP.COM related events and news you may have missed below. Read More

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