Local Business Building Events to Leverage this Weekend: 6/19

We all know that attending our big events like World Conference and International Convention can have a huge impact on your UnFranchise Business – but making the most of small, local meetings is also a critical component of your success. This weekend we’ve got some great business building events going on for you to leverage, so make the most of this opportunity by attending the events in your area. Share this with your team so they’re aware of all the great Market America events going on this weekend! Read More

Did You Know…All About SHOPBOX

SHOP.COM continues to be a leader in online shopping. As the company begins to expand our role in the social shopping community, we continue to find innovative ways to improve on this concept. One of our favorite social shopping features is SHOP.COM’s SHOPBOX. This unique tool allows SHOP.COM and our UnFranchise Owner’s customers to shop from millions of SHOP.COM products without ever leaving Facebook. In this week’s Did You Know series, we are highlighting some of the key features and functions of this social shopping platform. Read on to learn more: Read More

TLS Summer Spotlight: TLS Detox Kit

For many people, summer tends to act as a push to become healthier.  Summer is the perfect chance for you take control of your body and health and kick any insecurities to the curb.  The first step is detoxifying your body of impurities and toxins.  Whether you’re considering jump-starting your weight loss goals, or you simply want to detoxify your system, read on to learn about the many benefits of TLS Detox KitRead More

Behind the Scenes of MAIC 2015 with Marty Weissman

As one would imagine an Executive Vice President of a large company, Marty Weissman is an incredibly busy man.  We caught up with him for a brief interview and got a glimpse of the man behind the desk.  Known to some as “The MAfather,” Marty Weissman is a very impressive man not only in his prodigious business sense, but also in character.  As essential and in demand as he may be, he makes it a point to stop by each morning and greet each person by name regardless of title or position.  Marty has been to every Market America conference and convention so he had phenomenal insights to provide. Read More

#ShoppingAnnuity Spotlight 6/16/2015

All over the globe UnFranchise Owners have been able to beat the system by converting their spending into earning with a revolutionary concept known as The Shopping Annuity. By making smarter shopping decisions and leveraging the incredible Cashback and BV/IBV generated through these purchases on SHOP.COM, UnFranchise Owners are building lasting success with an ongoing income.

You can take that success to a whole new level when you share The Shopping Annuity with others – and a big part of that effort involves creating awareness for this program by using our official hashtag #ShoppingAnnuity when posting about it on social media. It will not only create a buzz about the Shopping Annuity – but for your UnFranchise Business as well! Read More

Social Media Monday: Less than 2 months away from #MAIC2015

The countdown has officially begun! We are less that two months away from a powerful 3 day weekend in Greensboro, North Carolina. Market America International Convention 2015 will be an action packed event like no other. We are ready to learn from field leaders and corporate executives the latest tricks and tips of the UnFranchise® Business. Read More

What You May Have Missed: June 14, 2015

This week has been an extremely productive week at the corporate office. We have been hard at work to make sure that we are bringing you the latest and greatest at Market America | SHOP.COM. If you have been busy this week, now is your chance to catch up on the important things your may have missed: Read More

SHOP.COM Saturday: Partner Stores Update

We are creeping up on summer and we couldn’t be happier. There is quite a lot on our to-do list this season, and having fun is our number one priority. We want to help you make the most of the summer months. We’ve been busy this week working up the best deals and Cashback opportunities on SHOP.COM. Read on to see what is new this week: Read More

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