Day 2 Afternoon Session of MAWC 2015: Shopping Annuity, The Digital Bishop Ignites the Crowd and Business-Building Tips

There’s no doubt about it: the morning session of Day 2 was a hard one to top! Even so, the afternoon session was equally exciting and jam-packed with important information. Take a look at the following recap for a rundown of the events that transpired this afternoon. Read More

The Shopping Annuity: It’s All About Teamwork

Building a successful UnFranchise Business all boils down to one simple concept: Teamwork. Teams are unified by a common cause and a common purpose, and the degree to which they are unified will determine their success. This is especially true when you are talking about the Shopping Annuity, as it has the propensity to magnify your team’s success. It’s all about teamwork and team building in this business, and the relationships you form with your teammates serve as the very fabric of your success. Read More

Day 2 Morning Session of MAWC 2015: Motives Mobile Website, New Technology and Building The Shopping Annuity

Day 1 was a hard act to follow but the day 2 did not disappoint. Our UnFranchise Owners flooded back into the arena with even more energy that yesterday. If you were in the arena this morning, you heard all about mobile technology, Shopping Annuity Technology Advancements and learned how to build your Shopping Annuity with JR! Read on for a full recap of this mornings lineup:  Read More

Day 1 Afternoon Session of MAWC 2015: Motives® Launches New Products, TLS® Awards $50,000 and More!

This amazing event has only just begun! Take a look at all the excitement that happened during the afternoon session on Day 1 of MAWC 2015 below! Read More

TLS® Weight Loss Awards $50,000 to Find Your Fit Winners

It was an amazing afternoon here in Miami, as Executive Vice President, Dennis Franks, and Director of TLS® Field Development and Sales, Sue Pasqual, announced the winners of the 2014  $50,000 Fall Find Your Fit Challenge! Read on for an exciting recap of the presentation. Read More

Lumière de Vie® Launches a Brand New Product at Market America World Conference 2015!

Market America is excited to announce the brand new Lumière de Vie® Advanced Firming Neck Crème, which will help give you the complexion of a younger, lifted, firmer look. Give your beauty routine a boost and read on to find out more! Read More

Motives® Cosmetics and Motives® for La La Get New Packaging!

We have some exciting news to share with you! The Motives Cosmetics brand now has an exciting NEW PACKAGING LOOK and it will be available with the new products we launch at MAWC 2015! We put a lot of hard work into designing this new look, and we want YOU to check it out and tell us what you think! With a luxurious color palette of navy and gold, this new look is sure to take our brand to the NEXT level! Read More

Motives® Launches New Products at Market America World Conference 2015!

Today is the first day of Market America World Conference 2015 and Motives® stole the show with a gorgeous Motives Mavens presentation and new products announcement! Motives Brand Director Kim Ashley and Motives Creative Consultant Maria Checa took the stage and shared new Motives products with the crowd. Read More

INTRODUCING: Loren Ridinger Launches a Limited Edition Flat Out Of Heels Collection

Flat Out of Heels is famous for saving feet in style! They offer rollable flats that are stylish, comfortable, durable and compact enough to fit in a small clutch purse, perfect for all formal occasions. Our very own Senior VP, Loren Ridinger has partnered with Flat Out of Heels and is excited to share some big news! Read More

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