MAWC 2015 Survival Guide

We’re coming down to the wire! This time next week, we will be checking off the last items on our list and preparing to head down to Miami, Florida for the weekend! If you’re like us, you’re so excited – and a little bit anxious….maybe nervous? Well no need! With our help, MAWC 2015 is fool proof. We’ve laid out our top tips on how to survive MAWC, the essentials you need in the arena and the best ways to navigate Miami! Read on for our MAWC 2015 survival guide! Read More

Social Media Monday: Helpful Tips from Around the Web for UnFranchise® Owners

Have you been wondering what you should be doing each day on social media to build your business? Should you been on Facebook before breakfast? Should you be tweeting 10 times a day? Does this photo belong on your Instagram account? There are so many questions revolving around the world that is social media. With World Conference on the horizon, are you wondering how to best optimize social media to raise awareness of the event and grow your business? Well, you’re in luck! Today we are sharing some of the top tips from around the web that our UnFranchise® Owners can benefit more from! Read on: Read More

5 Minutes with Director of Motives Kim Ashley

Our product team is busy gearing up for World Conference next month, so I was lucky to score 5 quick minutes with Director of Motives Cosmetics Kim Ashley last week to discuss beauty, cosmetics and working for Market America. Read on for her interview and a preview of what’s to come from Motives at MAWC 2015: Read More

SHOP.COM Saturday: Partner Stores Update

There are so many big events on our agenda in the coming weeks! The big game next Sunday, MAWC is less than two weeks and Valentines Day right around the corner. An unlimited amount of reasons for amazing deals, new partner stores and increased Cashback! Read on to see what is new this week at SHOP.COM just in time: Read More

The Shopping Annuity Video Contest Bonus Round Has Been Extended!

Due to the overwhelming response to the newly released Shopping Annuity Assessment – we’ve decided to extend the Shopping Annuity Video Contest Bonus Round until January 28th! We wanted to be fair to all our UnFranchise Owners who are now doing the Assessment – so they can have time to join the fun and contribute to this amazing contest. Read More

The Power of Attending World Conference 2015

We are officially 2 weeks away from the opening day of the 2015 Market America World Conference in Miami, Florida. This powerful weekend is going to be packed full of UnFranchise® DNA, The Shopping Annuity and irreplaceable knowledge of how to take your business to the next level. There is no question about it – you need to be at #MAWC2015. If you’re looking for one last reason as to why your attendance is a must, we’ve got the answer! Read on to learn about some of the things you can expect from World Conference. Read More

Introducing the Shopping Annuity Social Media Sites

The Shopping Annuity is a revolutionary idea that’s taking the world by storm as we empower consumers with the ability to convert spending into earning. It’s an idea whose time has come – that’s why we created it’s very own website, and now I’m proud to announce – it’s very own social media channels as well! Read More

MAWC 2015 Travel Guide

Can you believe that we’re just two weeks away from Market America World Conference 2015? We can’t either, but we’re already making a list of essentials to bring with us. After all, now is the ideal time to place your orders on SHOP.COM to ensure everything arrives in time for the trip to Miami! Read on for our shopping list of essentials for MAWC2015. Read More

Get Game Time Ready with SHOP.COM

There are less than two weeks until the big game! If your team has made it to the championship, you are beyond excited for February 1st. Are you hosting this year’s party? From big screens to snacks, SHOP.COM has everything that you need in order to get ready for the big game! Read on to see why SHOP.COM is your big game headquarters! Read More

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