Day 3 Morning Session of MAIC 2014: Social Media, DNA Miracles and Fat Joe!

Can you believe that we are already into the last day of MAIC 2014? What an incredible morning it was! Recording Artist and Co-Founder/Creator of DNA Miracles, Duane McLaughlin, opened day 3 with a bang! After exciting the crowd with three of his hit songs and inspiring a giant dance party, 20,000 plus entrepreneurs took their seats for a powerful morning of business building. Read on for a full recap of this mornings events: Read More

DNA Miracles™ Announces New Additions to the Family at MAIC 2014

Just like children grow, so does our family of products, which is why DNA Miracles™ is proud to announce the addition of a complete line of children’s nutritional products.  Read on to learn more about the newest additions to the the DNA Miracles™ family! Read More

Everything You Need To Know About Motives® Online Parties!

The Motives surprises aren’t over yet at Market America International Convention 2014! Loren Ridinger and Steve Ashley take the stage on Day 3 to talk to us about an exciting new interactive tool they have been working on: Motives Online Parties!  Read on to find out how you can host an online party and earn free cosmetics and discounts on Read More

Congratulations to the MAIC 2014 Gala Award Winners!

Day 2 of the 2014 Market America International Convention was brimming with exciting announcements, priceless business training, and inspiring testimonials from top Field Leaders. Who could ask for more? But as you all know, Day 2 of MAIC 2014 also means attending one of the most talked about events of the year: the MAIC Gala Awards Dinner! Read More

Day 2 Morning Session of MAIC 2014: SHOP Mobile, International Expansion and Marley Coffee

Day 1 was hard to beat, but day 2 of MAIC 2014 was more upbeat and exciting than ever! 20,000-something UnFranchise® Owners joined us for a day filled with exciting mobile site enhancements, international developments, product knowledge and more! After an energy boosting performance by Conquer Entertainment Artist, Jeneen Tarrana, we kicked off day 2 of International Convention. Take a look at this morning’s excitement in today’s recap below: Read More

Day 1 Afternoon Session of MAIC 2014: New Motives Products, Additions to the TLS Line & Jamie Foxx Performance

There’s no doubt about it: the morning session of day 1 at MAIC 2014 was a hard one to top! Even so, the afternoon session was equally exciting and jam-packed with important information. Take a look at the following recap for a rundown of the events that transpired this afternoon. Read More

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