Market Singapore: Open for Business!

I have some exciting news to share with our UnFranchise Owners around the world! We are very happy to announce the official opening of Market Singapore! This is an incredibly vibrant and diverse market – and is the perfect place for you to build success with the UnFranchise Business. As you can see, Singapore now has a specific SHOP site as well, This is a huge step for our company and is a great market for you to leverage! Read More

Snap into a new season with the Snap™ Pak

The first official day of fall is less than a week away! We are so excited for autumn to begin and cooler weather to arrive. A new season brings a shift in your daily schedule and is always a great opportunity to spend some time organizing and cleaning up your home. What better way to do so than with the environmentally friendly and efficient Snap™ Pak! This all-inclusive cleaning pack replaces numerous household cleaning products and is the compact solution for all of your household cleaning needs. Read on to learn more!  Read More

A Day in the Life: Sue Gilad

No two UnFranchise® Owners are alike, and neither are their daily lives! If you’ve ever wondered how other UnFranchise Owners spend their time, when they build their business, or which activities they enjoy in their free time, you’re in luck! Today, we’re sharing what a day in the life of 2014 WebVolume Contest Winner Sue Gilad is like. Read on to find out how Sue spends her days building her business and enjoying life as an entrepreneur.  Read More

Utilizing Your Resources: Pinterest Infographics

Social media is growing at a rapid pace and greatly influencing businesses, small and large. We talk about it every week in our ‘Social Media Monday’ blog series; it was heavily discussed at International Convention and you see great examples on our corporate pages daily. Social media should be your “go-to” tool when it comes to building your business, but learning to balance social media as fun engagement with your followers and as an educational tool that actually produces sales from your customers can be tricky.  How can you accomplish this you ask? Just check out the SHOP.COM Pinterest page for your answer. Read More

Get The Look: Motives® Products For Every Eye Color

If you’ve been following Motives on social media, then you know the last few days have been full of inspiration and excitement with Motives reaching 1 million followers on Instagram. We have been so inspired by all the looks and tutorials that we wanted to share with you the best Motives look to compliment your eye color! Read on to see our favorite color combinations, whether you have brown, green, gray, hazel or blue eyes. Read More

Social Media Monday: Are You Making One Of These 3 Social Media Mistakes?

Last week we shared three mistakes UnFranchise Owners make when using social media to build their business. You all loved the post so much, we’re continuing the theme in today’s post. Read on for three more mistakes we’ve seen UnFranchise Owners make on social media, plus quick fixes for each.  Read More

DNA Miracles™ OPC-3® Chews FAQ: How is Pycnogenol® beneficial to my child?

We’re incredibly excited about the various health and nutrition products launched last month at Market America International Convention 2014! That is why we’ve kicked off an all-new series on our blog to answer your most frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding new products.

For today’s post we sat down with Rebecca Eckenroth, Health & Nutrition Product Manager, to answer your top FAQs on the primary ingredients in DNA Miracles™ OPC-3® Chews. Read on to learn more! Read More

What You May Have Missed: September 14th, 2014

It’s been another great week here at Market America! If you were as busy as we were, you probably didn’t have time to read up on all the goings-on here, but that’s OK! Catch up on all the important ma- related events and news you may have missed: Read More

SHOP.COM Saturday: Partner Stores Update

The first day of fall is less than two weeks away! No matter what your fall must-haves are, SHOP.COM has everything you need to welcome the new season in style.  We’ve got new partner stores, hot deals, exclusive offers and more to help you say goodbye to summer and hello to fall! We even have a Fall Fashion Extra Cashback event going on right now. Read on to check out what’s new this week at SHOP.COM: Read More

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