Internet Retailer Ranks SHOP.COM Social Media #46 on 2015 Top 500

Social media has rapidly grown into one of the leading areas of the digital marketing world. SHOP.COM® and Market America® have proven in the past few years that social media is key to the company’s success, as well as the success of our UnFranchise® Owners. This year, Market America’s corporate social media channels have seen a 73% growth and it is no surprise that Internet Retailer took notice of this success. We are excited to share that SHOP.COM has been ranked #46 among the Social 500 in Internet Retailers’ 2015 Digital Marketing Report. Read More

Winter Skincare Product Picks for UnFranchise® Owners

The winter season is in full swing! Between harsh arctic winds and frigid temperatures, your skin is probably suffering. As we anticipate the winter months growing colder, we’ve compiled some Market America product picks for you to share with your customers to help them make the most of winter. Read More

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with SHOP.COM

Today marks one month until Valentine’s Day! And during these upcoming weeks, SHOP.COM is full of love. Celebrate your loved one, February 14th, with a gift that shows them just how much you care and adore them. Whether you are shopping for your girl or guy this Valentine’s Day, we have a surefire list of gifts that is perfect for the occasion. Read on for our top picks: Read More

2014 Market America® Corporate Awards

Last month, everyone had such a great time at the corporate holiday party. The holiday party is always an event to look forward to at the end of each year and 2014 was no different! On top of an exciting night of music, great food, photo booth fun, a surprise money booth and a speech from our COO Marc Ashley, the winners of the annual company awards were announced. More deserving than ever the following employees rose to accept their awards. Read on for the list of the 2014 employee award recipients:  Read More

News Alert: The Shopping Annuity Breakthrough

The Shopping Annuity is becoming a movement and a revolution. The response and momentum has been remarkable and the most powerful happening in Market America since the introduction of the binomial MPCP, NMTSS, UnFranchise System and Thermochrome 5000 in the Mall without Walls. This is equivalent to getting into the business at the beginning again like people like Elizabeth Weber and other pioneers who led the parade and became millionaires in the process.  Read More

Win Big in the #MyChoiceBar Instagram Contest!

Guess what? We’re giving our most dedicated followers fun ways to win free boxes of Choice Energy Bars! Starting tomorrow, the TLS® Weight Loss Solution team will be giving away one box of Choice Brownies & Cream Energy Bars and one box of Choice Vanilla Caramel Crunch Energy Bars with Greek Yogurt to individuals with creative Instagram posts that showcase their love of these delicious, protein-packed treats. Read on to find out how to win! Read More

Social Media Monday: Start Using the #MAWC2015 Hashtag to Build Your Business!

Have you noticed that our posts about World Conferece always include the #MAWC2015 hashtag? Now it’s time for YOU to start using it! Tagging your pre-event Facebook posts, tweets and Instagram pictures with #MAWC2015 makes it easier for other attendees to see your content and engage with you on social media. Not only that, but when you tag your posts with #MAWC2015, your friends who are not yet planning on attending the event can easily find out more about it – simply by clicking the hashtag!  Read More

What You May Have Missed: January 10th, 2015

Now that the holiday season is winding down, we are hoping that you spent some time catching up on anything you may have missed over the past few weeks! Now is the perfect time to be getting your business in order for 2015 and planning your trip to MAWC2015 next month! In the meantime, if this week got away from you – catch up on all the important Market America | SHOP.COM related events and news you may have missed: Read More

SHOP.COM Saturday: Partner Stores Update

January is off to a very chilly start! We’ve had some crazy weather this week here at Headquarters. If you’re experiencing cold weather like we are, you need to make sure you have the right gear! Check out some of the new things that have happened this week at SHOP.COM and find all of your winter essentials at new stores, with great deals and increased Cashback! Read on! Read More

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